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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 28th – Period!

Cassidy Corder, 22, of Forth Worth, Texas, has been dancing for six or seven years now, having been a cheerleader until she realized the dancing part of that was what she liked the most. Her signature moves are her body rolls and Mariah shaking. I’m worried Adam mentions he’s never seen anything like it before, but all he has to do is watch the sidelines of any football game.

Nigel is told by Cassidy she was nervous and replies it’s one of the worst auditions they’ve seen. He’s not sure what she expects to hear, as she admits to being intimidated. Mary tells her it was more just throwing her hair about, prompting Cassidy to say she knows she can do better. Nigel asks what they should do, and Cassidy thinks she should go on through to choreography, as she would try, which Mary says everyone there will do. Adam tells her it was a tank. Outside, she knows she’s not the worst dancer, and is very upset.

Brianna Gardner, 18, of Dallas, sits on the floor holding her head through most of the dance, then crawls around, with Nigel calling her an awkward stripper. Kayleigh, Darling, 18, Denton, Texas, does some dancing that should really have been left being done in her bedroom in front of the mirror, never seeing the light of day.

John Dix, 23, and Arielle Cooker, 18, of Corpus, Christi, Texas, are auditioning because she loves the show, screaming when it comes on. She wants to be a part of all that. He was surprised she wanted him to audition with her, and it seems she asks him to do a lot of stuff he doesn’t want to. They dance beautifully together, and I can’t wait to see what the choreographers could do with them on the show.

Nigel calls it funny that Adam is here for this, as he choreographed both Step Up 1 and Step Up 2, and this was that same Beauty and Beast thing. While John was under-rehearsed, he was very strong, and Arielle was absolutely beautiful. Nigel thinks every guy watching should start dancing to meet girls like her. Mary calls it great partnering work with unique moves. Adam enjoyed it, saying John could’ve dropped her, but didn’t. Nigel admits to beingg disappointed by John and says no, but Mary says yes to both. They resolve this by sending John to choreography later, but Arielle gets straight through. I’m not sure why, but these two bring out the emotions in me.

It’s a guy with Mickey Mouse styled hair, who thinks he’ll be good, Steven Arner, 19, Forest Hill, Texas, s no one else is going to be doing a chair dance. He moves well, but has no training whatsoever, just moving around lightly around the chair. Nigel asks him what the hell he was doing, and Steven admits he got lost. He argues with Nigel, who vows to not even watch the Mickey use Club again, and Steven replies he won’t watch Nigel anymore either, but the problem is, Nigel’s here to judge him. Mary calls this terrible, and Adam tells him he looked like he was sleepwalking, and worst of all gave them the impression he didn’t want to be there.

Nigel asks how to put him on the right track, and Steven asks to go to choreography. He thinks he needs ballet or something, as all he knows is hip hop, but Mary argues what he was doing was no hip hop. Steven thinks he’s just as good as anyone there. Mary tells him if he tells her “no” one more time, he’s delusional. He starts out, “Girl …” and she asks if he wants to get in her face. He tells her she is perhaps the delusional one, and she waves bye-bye.

Nigel asks him as he’s walking off if he’s noticed he hasn’t even gotten a round of applause from his colleagues, as they’re showing him a lack of respect. As he argues, Mary explains again all they said was he needs training, and a proper response would have been to say thank you. She tells him to leave the auditorium now, but before he does, Nigel asks if he’d put his chair back. I’m guessing he won’t be on Mary’s hot tamale train, but do have to say if Nigel would have shut up, it would have been over much sooner.

In the choreography round, we have Paige, Joshua, and John. Joshua does exceedingly well. John is told by Adam he was a great partner for Arielle, but unfortunately he’s not going through. Mary tells Paige she knows she worked really hard today, but … keep smiling, as she’s going to Vegas! Nigel tells Joshua he did really well for his style being what it was. It’s given them the hope that he’ll do well in Vegas, as he’s through, too.

I’m glad I’m getting to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and seeing Nigel so much, as I was a little upset with him by the end of the American Idol season with the way some of the things played out. However, he has to learn to let things go. That whole thing with Mary and the Mickey Mouse hair guy would have been over much sooner if he would have just let the guy leave.

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