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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 28th – Period!

Thayne Jasperson, 27, Mapleton, Utah, is another great lyrical/contemporary dancer. He has absolutely beautifu lines, as Mandy tells him he’s a beautifully trained dancer, and Mary admits she’s sold. He’s straight through.

Two friends, Korrtney Perason 25, Lindon, Utah, and Michelle Stringham, 25, of Salt Lake City, are here together. They’ve been best friends for about five years when they both got married about the same time, then got divorced around the same time. Kortney has a 5 year old son that keeps her busy, and Michelle is a fitness instructor. Kortney came to her for help, and now they both work together.

I can’t understand why Kortney is auditioning in jeans, a sweater, and a scarf. I realize it’s Utah, but … why couldn’t she have worn the clothes she teaches fitness in? She tells Nigel she hasn’t danced in five years, because she lost her passion for it, and kind of forgot why she loves it. It took her all this time to realize she doesn’t have to be the best to just love it. Nigel thinks only certain moves were impressive, and he wants her to remember what she once had. Mary sees a lot of possibilities, and Mandy agrees. They agree to send her on to the choreography round.

Michelle looks like she has kept up with her dancing much more, but in the end, I don’t think she’s as good of a dancer as Kortney, as she doesn’t seem to feel it as deeply. Michelle tells Nigel she too has been out of dancing for five years, and she laughs, saying she doesn’t know why they follow the same. Nigel tells her she is strong, but was slipping, wearing socks on the stage. Mary can tell she is a strong and beautiful dancer and enjoyed it, despite the slipping around. Mandy agrees, and she’s through to choreography.

It’s former finalist Travis Wall leading the potential dancers in the choreography round. Michelle admits to having a lot of fun with it, and Mary agrees, sending her through to Las Vegas. Best friend Kortney is told by NIgel she’s much more attractive without the scarf, not looking like Miss Piggy. Amazingly, the two friends are through together, prompting a very girlie looking chest bump. Ryann is asked how he thought he did, and makes a nose dive sound. Nigel tells him they realize he hasn’t had the experience, so it was tough, but they appreciate his hard work, and he hopes he enjoys himself in Vegas, prompting the DJ to break into Viva Las Vegas. He celebrates with is mom and no chest bump.

With forty-five minutes left of the show tonight, it’s on to Dallas, Texas. Amazingly, it’s cold here. They’ve sure had a lot of cold at this year’s auditions. Salt Lake City, understandable, but Dallas and Los Angeles? Judging tonight is Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman, the man behind last year’s Hairspray, a man who all the finalists had fun being choreographed for in a group number last season.

Reminding me of an older, heavier Mike Myers, Brian Davidson, 30, (hmm, he’s younger not older) of Dallas, says the judges can expect to see out of him whatever he feels. It’s like that. “Period.” He never gets nervous, as it’s just not part of him anymore. “Period.” He basically just comes out and does a little shuffling and moving his fists, before Nigel stops him, not sure what he was doing. He argues with Nigel a little, as he says Brian looked more like he was ready to fight with Muhammad Ali. He wants him to work harder, and says if he doesn’t understand, go home. Brian chooses to leave, saying if Nigel doesn’t like it, he can kiss his … . He won’t follow anyone, and he knows he’s a good dancer. He’s a bull in a china shop, but he’s got groove. “Period.” And you’re gone. Period.

Chad Agnor, 29 of McKinney, Texas, is a real fighter, a full contact fighter, a past fighter himself and now an instructor. There’s a lot of ground grappling in what they show, leading to much admiration from me, as that’s an area of martial arts where I definitely struggle. He owns his own dance instruction business, teaching country/western line dancing and hip hop, odd mix that. He didn’t find out about the auditions today until 2 AM. His slogan is anything in life that is perfect, is a series of mistakes. While practicing and waiting to audition, he twists his foot, ripping his hamstring. He’s here to dance, though, even if he has to be on stage and cry.

Nigel acknowledges the opportunity, but advises Chad not to audition on the bad hamstring. Chad means no offense, but to him this is serious, and he guarantees that what he’ll do now, even on a bad hamstring, will wow the judges. With a C&W beat, he does a very unique choreography. There’s some definite line dancing techniques, and for a big guy, he moves fairly well, even on the hamstring. Nigel stops him, saying he’s not enjoying it, and he has to know he didn’t do his best, with the pain in his face. It’s hard for him to critique him watching him in pain, and he can’t. Mary says if he’s injured, she still couldn’t put him through. Chad explains it’s his last year, as he’s 29, and Nigel tells him he still has one year of eligibility, and he’ll see him next year. Chad leaves with hope, yet disappointed in himself.

Paige Jones, 19, Dallas, is very sweet and sunshiny, showing us around her pink apartment, while wearing a tiara on her head. She’s a full time student, maintaining a 4.0 in business school. She also does pageants, working with an instructor on evening gown, interviews, and swimsuit. Today she’s on her own in a rhinestone dance outfit and dances just as perky. Nigel asks if she and Mary Murphy visit the same dentist., calling Paige a cute apple pie girl. It’s a bit dance school for him, and he doesn’t like that stye, as it doesn’t come from the heart, more like Stepford dancing, but he likes her. Mary refers to it as a bit like competition style. Adam finds n0 passion and n0 heart, yet he found perk and zeal, and if through to choreography, he wants her to throw away everything she knows. Mary and Nigel agree.

Joshua Allen, 18, Fort Worth, vows to do his best, saying if you don’t come big, don’t come at all. He does a fun hip hop/popping routine, and is the type you can’t take your eyes off. Nigel tells him if he had to fight for his life, he’d get through, and he even saw some stuff he hasn’t seen before, yet he was reminded of Jemiah, a pass contestant. He’s also impressed by his elevation. Mary tells Joshua she just fell in love … with his dancing, and he has them fired up now. Adam notices he has wings and formally puts him through. Nigel warns him to just do his best in choreography later.


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