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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 28th – Period!

We do a bit with the number of contestants that are married and/or have kids, and this leads up to Nicole Downer (at least her name isn’t Debbie), 27, Pleasant Grove, Utah, who shows up at the audition with all four of her kids, all under 6 years old. She calls her life fun, but tough, taking the show through one of her typical days, walking to the bus stop twice a day with the four kids. If she makes it to Las Vegas, her mom will come out and stay in Vegas with her for the week, and possibly her husband as well. That’s all well and good, but what if she makes the show, then what will she do with the kids?

Watching Nicole audition, she seems a bit rusty. Those four kids have taken a little toll on her, and her body probably isn’t quite what it was before the four kids. Nigel wonders if she’s laying on the floor at the end to get a little sleep, and with four young kids, I can only imagine she is. She explains she was doing tap from the age of 4 to 14, but she can’t pick it up again as it was too hard, so she decided to just come and have fun. Nigel tells her it was fun, yet something you see in a sitcom or commercial.

Mary agrees Nicole is fun with a great personality, and she thinks she should get the moms together in the neighborhood and do dance together. Mandy tells her to keep it up, as if she has dance in her life, she’ll away be great. Nicole explains to Nigel her husband thinks she’s crazy, as he’s a financial advisor. Nigel thinks it would be funny for someone to be being advised by him, and for them to then be introduced to Nicole who comes out all crazy like this. In the end she is turned away, but I have to give this fellow mom credit for coming out and trying it. I also think in the long run, twill be good for her kids, the knowledge that her mom is willing to go out and try new things and go for it.

Kelli Baker, 18, of Salty Lake City, has done quite a few auditions before, having even been in High School Musical, which her mother, Bonnie Story, happened to win an Emmy for choreographing as well. Bonnie admits her daughter has danced for her before, but it’s harder for the daughter of the choreographer. Kellie agrees it’s harder of her to prove herself more. After this, I didn’t want to like her, but she expresses herself beautifully. Too bad Mia Michaels isn’t here to see her. She’d in tears just watching.

Nigel hopes Kellie’s mother is proud of her, calling her one of the best dancers he’s seen so far this season. Mary tells her everybody in life has to find their own way, but she had a wow moment here. She thinks Kellie’s extraordinary and the best dancer she’s seen this season as well, and admitting to being too emotional to express much more. Mandy had goosebumps, and she could tell it’s just in Kellie’s blood. If Nigel wouldn’t have stopped her, she thinks she would have kept going.Nigel asks Kellie if she’s a gambler, as they’re gambling on her, and the best place to do that is … Las Vegas. She’s straight through. All she can say after is her mom is going to be so proud of her, making me hope she’s doing it more for herself than her mom’s praises.

It’s time to see the dancers held over for choreography. After just a half hour of learning this new routine, they set out to prove themselves one last time. Gev is asked if he carried on, could he improve to come back another year. He isn’t sure what to say, but thinks he could, but it doesn’t matter, as Nigel is sending him to Las Vegas now. I still say I would have done it to begin with.

We’re back for another day in Salt Lake City, and Naomie Christianson, 31, Salt Lake City, tells Cat her day job is acting and financial advisor. Umm, acting would be your night job. This one’s missing a few bricks. She had a small role in a post-apocalyptical film. Seeing So You Think You Can Dance on TV, Naomie thought it would be interesting if she could get on, as she can dance. Her dancing is basic at best, but I have to give her credit for the old college try. Nigel demands they stop this, and asks what Naomie was doing. Hearing what she does for a living, he asks if she would invest in herself as a dancer. He tells her she’s bad at her job when she replies she would. Naomie blames the floor, and he can’t believe her excuses, asking what planet she’s on.

Mary gives Naomie a reality check, saying there were no steps, and the grapevines were like that of a 3 year old. She doesn’t want to be mean, but there’s talent in the room with people who really care about dancing. What really gets to her is that Naomie is looking at her like Mary’s the crazy one (I don’t personally think so, but many others would argue that one out). Mandy feels like they’re being punched or something, as there isn’t anything there that even begins to resemble dance. Naomie resolves to go back to financial advising, along with many auditioners after who are all resolving to go back to school or work.

Ryann Race, 26, of Salt Lake City, is a DJ at a strip club. He admits his job is pretty fun and says he loves playing music, living a life most people would be envious of. Until two weeks ago he was dating a dancer at the club, which he calls tough. He expresses himself beautifully, yet he’s an awkward person, making the dance look awkward. Nigel tells him he has a great unique style, a bit like Reed of the Fantastic Four. Nigel tells him being a strip club DJ is a fantastic job. Mary loved the dancing and thinks he has something there Mandy asks about Ryann’s choreography, saying he has a great dynamic, because of his body and the way he moves. He is sent through to the choreography round, and says outside he’ll stretch a lot and try to fake his way through, looking ilk the other pros.

Matt Dorame, 21, Salt Lake City, hopes if he just goes out there to do what he’s trained to do, his nerves will disappear and he’ll be okay. He does a nice lyrical routine, that has a few odd moments choreographed into it, yet you can tell he’d do beautifully with someone else’s choreography. Nigel likes his great lines, but asks if he normally does his competitions in the baggy shorts, as it doesn’t help with his lines and looks like he’s going to play soccer. Mary would pick up a telephone for Matt, and Mandy calls him awesome. Nigel makes a deal that if he doesn’t wear the shorts again, he’ll get a ticket to Las Vegas. What’s that smell? Oh, it’s the nylon of Matt’s shorts burning in the dumpster outside.


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