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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 22nd – Another Year, And Sex Is Back!

Asuka admits to Mary they have only danced together three months, and Mary says it doesn’t matter as they showed a partnership, and she has great legs to back it up with as well. Mia likes Asuka’s fluidity, although she would like more from Ricky. Nigel noticed they looked in each other’s eyes, where many don’t. They would like them to stay for choreography, where he’ll break them up as partners to see how they do with others. Asuks is feeling worse afterwards, but still has lots of work to do.

Kherington Payne, 18, Placentia, California, has been playing soccer since she was five. She got yellow-carded a couple times, hitting a girl, then having to be taken off the field as she gets too aggressive. Despite this, she’s also a girly girl, loving makeup and getting beautified. A ticket to Las Vegas would be everything to her. She does a beautiful, yet strong, lyrical routine, showing both of those sides to her.

Nigel likes Kherington’s commercial face, noting that her eyes come alive. He noticed Dominic’s face especially while watching her, saying it was that dumb look guys get when they watch a beautiful girl. Plus, she danced really well and brought joy to it, which is a great ability. Mary says when they talk about someone having it, they’re talking about her, with her beautiful eyes and having a beautiful way she moves. Mia agrees about the it factor with her honest face, saying she believed everything she put out there. Everyone agrees to send her to Las Vegas. Thank God they dint ell her no, she wouldn’t want to be taken off this field.

Robert Muraine, 20, Los Angeles, a popper, says he just dances in the street, having done it for two years. He started with a group, then eventually made his way into doing it solo. He has no training, and uses a lot of contortion and flexibility, and gives it a poppy feel, so it’s not just flexibility. This means opportunity to him. He does things wish his body I can’t even explain. Flexible doesn’t even begin to explain it. Philip has his arms and hands, and this guy has the whole rest of his body, along with a great comedy thing attached, as he does a bit rubbing his nipple.

Nigel tells Robert he is officially his favorite dancer in 2008. He honestly doesn’t know how he’ll do with the choreography or if he’s right for the show, but he does know he’s right for dancing. He hopes if he doesn’t make it through, that he’ll be noticed by someone. Mary admits to feeling like shei was on a roller coaster, saying she and America haven’t seen the likes of him. Mia was waiting for him to unzip his skin and come out as an alien, as he wasn’t normal. She calls him brilliant. Nigel asks to see a certain move again and Robert tells him only if he takes him to Vegas. Nigel asks if he wants to risk not doing it, and after watching, gives him the ticket to Vegas, not even asking him to do choreography. He and Nigel do a hilarious routine of slow mo. from stage and judge’s seat to get the ticket exchanged in their hands. It ends in a slow mo. hug.

Very quickly after this, Cat explains to us that Victor didn’t make it thorough the choreography, but Asuka and Ricky did make it through, despite her illness.

With the image of David Cook winning barely set in my mind, we are now officially off and running with So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight certainly didn’t disappoint, and the producers seem intent on following suit with American Idol, trying to pull out the people in the show that have a great back story to follow or that can pull out that emotion from us. Let’s just hope Mary doesn’t start critiquing dances before they happen.

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