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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 22nd – Another Year, And Sex Is Back!

It’s time to see the choreography on those held for that, and teaching it to them is Travis Wall from season two. Philip is up first, followed by Jonathan and William. Jonathan’s partner jumps on him, and Mary mentions she can’t blame her. Nigel addresses Jonathan first, and says he still doesn’t know what to say, but he needs to take away some of the arrogance, as he’s just not good enough yet. Outside, Jonathan thinks he’s too beautiful for the competition, and asks the camera if they want to follow him home, but they just watch him walk away … slowly. Yeah. Oh wait. I have a job to do. Philip and William do get through to Vegas, along with sixteen others.

It’s day two in Los Angeles, and another dancer is back to try out for the show again, this being her third try. Erica Gee, 22, of New York City is a starving professional dancer. She admits to going to every audition doing her best, but there’s something about this one that always “scares the crap” out of her. She does a very pretty lyrical dance, and she certainly has the look, so if she doesn’t make it through, it’s because of talent. Mia feels she has a lot of wonderful qualities, and she remembers her as being all over the place last year. Erica admits to doing musical theatre flamenco baton twirler, and had she not been cut, she’d probably still be doing it, but she felt it was a learning experience.

Mary absolutely loves Erica this year and admits to always being a fan of hers, but today, she’s just blowing her away. Erica starts to cry here, as Mary says she’s glad she came back. Erica tells the judges she didn’t care what happened. She had to prove she could come and be herself. Nigel says they always thought she was beautiful and a great dancer, but then she would try to be something else, and it never worked. But something that always happened, was she’d go to Vegas, so he doesn’t want to stop that now. Wow, another emotional one for us.

Aliona Vetrenko, 24, and Leonidas Proskurov, 23, both of Northridge, CA, are a ballroom pair that is together professionally and as a couple living together, and she says it takes a lot of understanding of each other, but they feel they are the same person, just female and male bodies, and it works. It’s hard to date and dance professionally but they’re happy to have found each other. It’s clear they’re very comfortable with each other as they dance. Mary and Mia even start fanning Nigel to cool him down.

Nigel admits he’ll be surprised if it’s not on Mary’s hot tamale train, as it’s definitely on his hot tamale trolley car. He thought they were terrific and liked Aliona’s legs and their great lines together. Mary issues a hallelujah and tells them she’s happy to see them. She thinks he danced with muscle and thought they had a class about them. Mia calls it hot, hot hot, smoking. They are sent straight through to Las Vegas.

Randy Lewis, 25, of El CAjon, California, auditions, and it’s basically like hip hop that you do when you’ve had a few beers and think you’re good. Edwin Martin, 18, of Long Beach, California, shakes his butt at the judges, then does a necklace swinging thing. He throws his hat on the floor, then himself, and struggles to get up … purposely. Edwin leaves the judges in hysterics, as Mia tells him it lacked a little energy.

Victor Kim, 21, Irvine, California is a B boy with some great tricks, including a handstand where he bends backwards, very uncomfortably, or at least it looks like it. He also handstands down the stairs into the audience, and sits down supposedly watching his own audition with Cat, then runs back up to finish, and bows. Nigel isn’t sure what more they could ask for, as he had great moves and great steps, with unique actions and comedy.

Mary tells him he had them going from the beginning. Mia asks for confirmation that he’s a goofball, and Nigel adds that Victor is studying economics and business. Victor replies he doesn’t want to be an accountant pushing numbers, and he hopes this will help him achieve the dream. He is hungry and calls this humbling. He’s willing to look stupid and learn. All three judges send him to the choreography round wanting to see him make a fool of himself again.

Some of the B Boys from last year, including Hok and Dominic, show up to check out their new competition, and Gold Inferno, 22, from Los Angeles, is back as well. He auditioned last year, not knowing what he was getting into, as he had very little dance experience. He calls himself a practitioner of jump style, and knows his lack of versatility led to his demise. He claims to have been told he was the only thing people liked about the show last year. I wonder who told him that, Sex? He says his fans ask him nearly every day to go back on. Nigel tells him it’s great see him back again, as he looks taller and skinnier.

Nigel stops Gold’s dance right away, saying he’s looking at the floor too much. He starts again, and does his jump style to Russian music, basically just bouncing around, but still looking down. He admits to doing this for sixteen months, and Nigel tells the others he was 480 pounds before he started the jump style, and now he is slowly disappearing. Mia wants to know what it is about this style of dance that turns him on, and all Gold can say is it’s cool and he likes the way it looks. Nigel points out another positive. You an wear the mask and not have to worry about makeup. Mary would have liked to see improvement, so she and Mia say no, and Nigel tries to say it would have been a yes for him, then tells the producers to cue the sad music as Gold walks off the stage. He walks off dejected, disappointed, and angry, hoping for someone to cheer him up.

Asuka Kondoh, 24, Irvine, California, feels like crap and has been sick since the Wednesday before. She’s nervous about coughing and hacking, and collapsing onstage. Her partner, Ricky Sun, 27, Arcadia, California, jokes about forcing her to come, then says he watched the show for a few years and always wanted to try out. They do a beautiful Latin routine together, and Nigel tells them it looked like they wanted to dance with each other. It looked great to watch with the technique being there, and he was delighted.


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