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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 22nd – Another Year, And Sex Is Back!

Mia, through tears, tells Laura she is a true inspiration, and admits to being close to a dancer that lost their sight, so her heart is with Laura. She has more passion than 90% of dancers Mia sees, and Mia is thankful for that. Yet, in this competition, it’s so difficult. She has potential to be a great artist, despite technique that is a little lacking, but Mia loves her. Nigel tells Laura moving her on would only be to patronize her, and it would be using her. He wants her to continue dancing, but he thinks she’ll find it difficult in competitions. She is helped off the stage, and she has definitely touched many, and I can’t even keep myself composed through this.

Drawing a crowd around him is Twitch, aka Stephen Boss, 25, Montgomery, Alabama, who auditioned last year and made it to Las Vegas, but it was between him and Hook for the last spot, and Hok was the one that made it. He’s back to try again with a slightly different approach. Instead of relying on humor, he won’t be all serious, but won’t make it a total joke, either. As soon as he walks in, Nigel tells him if he doesn’t make it through Las Vegas this year, he’s going to kick his ass. Mia makes a face during his dance that has me wondering if she isn’t liking him. I do. He’s just different and unique. And I always like that. He still mangoes to crack them up, too.

Mary tells Twitch he’s sick, he’s frozen, and yells at him that he’s stupid. She tells him it’s a treat to watch him and she’s glad he’s back. Mia explains that face of hers was be cause he was so good he stank. Nigel calls him magic, and pulls a ticket out of thin air, more magic, and sends him to Vegas. He hugs Cat and gets her all sweaty. I can’t decide whether I would mind that or not.

Hamilton Moreno, 22, of Las Vegas, Nevada, dancing in an ear flap hat, picks up his shirt shaking his large belly. Mia asks him why it says in his notes that he doesn’t want to lose too muchweight, because it wouldn’t let him stand out as a human being. He admits if he auditioned skinny, he wouldn’t make it this far, and Nigel agrees that’s probably true. Mia thinks this is a terrible, unhealthy niche, and says it’s not about the weight. She wants him to walk away and take a serious look at that and see he’s perfect inside and that should come out. “This other stuff is nonsense.” Mary agrees she’d like to see him be healthy. Nigel tells Hamilton everyone gets out of breath when they dance, but he’s still panting away. He wants him to take care of himself. Hamilton cracks as he leaves that he’s going back to Vegas.

Irina Korenkov-Eller, 46, of Russia, does a dance that I can’t even quite describe, crawling on the floor at the end, picking up one leg. She tells Nigel she has been dancing all her life, but admits it was never professional. I don’t think that was necessary to tell anyone. She dances from her heart. He asks if she’s married, and she admits to being separated. Nigel thinks her husband will see this and call her to come back. She doesn’t think so, as she’ll “never come back to that man.” She left a half million dollar home just to be free and look for happiness. Nigel is pleased for her, but wants her to know the competition isn’t right for her. Mary agrees, saying she’s not strong enough. Irina tells them she appreciates it and loves them, watching the show forever. Nigel, stop pulling at my heart strings, please.

Philip Chbeeb, 19, Los Angeles, also got cut last year in Las Vegas, and calls it a big wakeup call. It taught him to diversify himself to start working on being a dancer and not just a trick artist. He does amazing things with his hands. That doesn’t sound right, so you’ll just have to trust me on that. He’s a true entertainer and I think he’s more rubber than even Dick Van Dyke.

Nigel finds it incredible to watch, saying he can see his concentration and doesn’t know how he even starts to choreograph it. He wants to know what Philip has done in the last year to help himself in this competition. Philip replies that the last time, Nigel told him he needs to move his legs more, and being an engineer, he worked on that. If he had to be in his bedroom to practice that’s what he did. Mary tells him that whenever she goes around the country, over time they start talking about hands and arms, and he’s the person she remembers. Mia calls him brilliant, and the best she’s seen at that genre. She prays he can actually do other styles even a little bit, because if he can, everyone else should be really scared. It’s three yeses, as he’s moved on to the choreography.

William Wingfield, 21, of Nashville, Tennessee is a professional dancer, moving around to different places, referring to himself as a gypsy. He came here, as he needed something different, feeling it’s amazing to come to an event where you have to show all of your versatility as an artist. He does his dance to a political commentary, a spoken political commentary. I’m not sure how to describe his style.

Nigel tells William it was clever and cool, but he’s not sure if it was a great audition for this program. He’s coming to audition to have them believe he’s capable of doing all the different dance styles, and in order to do that, they need to see some dancing, as well as the clever stuff. However, he thinks it was really, really good. Mary calls it just way too short. Mia calls it beautiful, but agrees it was lacking, yet she liked his statement of dance. They agree to let him stick around for the choreography.

Rijiy Ames, 24, Fremont, California, strips down to his tighty wighties and dance shoes and does a contemporary routine. I can’t figure out why this pale, red-haired guy is stripped down, and his contemporary isn’t that great, just average. He rolls along the floor and we get the Dance logo covering something again, so I can imagine his underwear was adjusting and exposing him. Nigel tells him he can’t concentrate on his dance, because he’s running around in his underpants. He calls it the wrong thing to do, as there were other costumes he could have worn.

Mary asks why he was running around in his underpants. Rijiy explains it was to present a clean slate, as he knows they like to mold, and Nigel tells him he saw nothing he wanted to mold. Mia gets it, but tells him there are other ways of allowing them to know he’s a clean slate. He gets two noes from the women, and vows to trying something different … clothed … next year.


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