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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 22nd – Another Year, And Sex Is Back!

I love it that So You Think You Can Dance is starting up again the night after the American Idol winner was crowned. You’d think I’d want a break or something, but no. I’m a glutton for punishment, and I want more. In addition, while watching American Idol this week, we saw a commercial for what we affectionately sometimes call Dance Idol, and my son broke into the theme song, “So you think you can dance, dance, dance, dance.” There was just something about hearing it. I immediately thought summer. I wanted to rip open the windows, don a pair of shorts, and not worry about telling the kids to make their lunches and get their clothes out for school the next day.

With So You Think You Can Dance now beginning it’s fourth season, I equate summer with watching this show. Before we even start, though, I just have to say I love Cat Deeley. That’s it. She is just always so gracious of a host. Tonight she starts off the auditions in Los Angeles, welcoming the potential dancers with a megaphone. The judges tonight are Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Mary Murphy. They’ll let each dancer perform for a minute before deciding they get to go straight to Las Vegas for the next round, stay until the end of the day to show their merit learning choreography, or leave outright with nothing.

First up is Devon Oshiro, 18, Diamond Bar, Californima, and she doesn’t move as they give her Barracuda to dance to, but that’s not her music. Another much slower song starts for her, and it’s much better for her contemporary style of dance. She does need to hold off on frosting her hair too much. Nigel calls her absolutely sensational, noticing how she feels it with her body. He knows the choreographers will want to get her their hands on her. Mary can’t believe it, and is happy, appreciating her very much. Mia can’t imagine how good she’ll be by the end of the show, saying it will be stupid. Nigel tells her she’s stupid if she doesn’t take the ticket to Las Vegas they’re handing her.

Jonathan Anzalone, 21, from Italy, and transported to L.A, is a professional dancer. He’s also a bit of a contortionist. He tells Cat the difference between Italian men and American Men is Italians are hairy. She points out he’s not, as he shaves his chest. It’s one of those things that’s hard not to notice, as he has his shirt and jacket open down to there. He thinks he’ll do good here, and he isn’t nervous, as he likes himself and likes to show it to people. He tells Cat he knows the cameras are looking at him, but he’s thinking of something else he can’t say. Then he gets it front of the cameras and proceeds to strip down, covered up by a Dance logo. He predicts this will change his life. You know what? So would Chippendales.

Walking in for his audition, Jonathan is very dramatic, doing more drama than dancing. Again, it’s more like Chippendales. Mary and Mia look like they don’t know what to think. He takes off his shirt and does some breakdancing, but stops before taking off his pants again. Nigel asks him about being a professional dancer, then asks Mia how successful Jonathan will be as a professional in America. Mia tells him he won’t be very suc-sex …. then stops and turns around, very embarrassed. Mary and Mia just can’t contain themselves, as Nigel explains to Jonathan in America we call that a Freudian Slip.

Mia collects herself , telling him he won’t be successful, but it’s just her opinion. His ability isn’t up to par with most working American dancers. His floor work is great as a B boy, Jonathan is astounded that that’s all they like. Mary tells him it’s very weak, and it’s not enough to make people pick up a telephone, although he is very handsome. He doesn’t want to wait for Nigel’s opinion, feeling outvoted, and Nigel calls him arrogant and smug. Nigel calls him out, saying arrogance isn’t a bad thing, and he wants to see him in the choreography round. Mary agrees, and Mia tells him she would want to throw him out the window choreographing a routine for him, yet, she also would like to see some choreography from him.

Oh my God, look who’s back. It’s Sex, aka David Soller, “21+,” Smithtown, New York. His mom is with him once again, after getting thrown out by Nigel last season. Sex calls his mom his number one fan and tells Cat it’s his third year, and he thinks he got very close to Vegas in his first year. He thinks he did very well in season three as well. He’s back again, but can’t give Cat a reason why.

Dancing to Livin’ La Vida Loca, Sex hasn’t improved much, but at least his routine is different. Interestingly, he’s even more arrogant than Jonathan. He disappears backstage, for several minutes, then comes out done. Mia tells him there has been no growth in his performance. She wasn’t here last year for his performance, but saw it on TV, and thought he had grown so much, saying this over Mary’s cackling. She also admits to an unknown number of glasses of wine before she saw him then, but she would miss him if he wasn’t auditioning every season. Mary gets real and agrees there’s a few different moves, but she sees no dancing and feels it’s a joke. For her, it’s not anywhere close.

Mia asks Sex if he ever took a ballet class, and he admits to many years of extensive formal training, workshops, and competitions. She wants him to know if he had a good teacher, he would be growing. Nigel thinks he just enjoys watching himself on television, as he continues to do it on this show and other programs as well. He’s not going to bother calling him Sex anymore. He will only call him David, as there’s nothing sexy about him. David still believes his fans feel he and his moves are sexy. Nigel asks if he wants to do this the rest of his life, and he says he’s still dancing here, right now, Plant California. Okay. See ya next year!

Laura Garcia, 25, Tucson, Arizona is visually impaired, saying in her early teens she hated herself for being different. It was a huge thing for her. She only had a few good friends through high school as she wouldn’t open up to anyone. This is huge for her today, as she knows she could be inspiring other people. She has to be led to the stage by someone else, but once there, she does well. I’m tot sure it’s good enough for this show though. Nigel admits it’s difficult to critique her, as she is no doubt an inpsiration to many. He’s not sure how difficult it would be for her to follow choreography, but aside from that, her technique is not strong enough, and that’s the only thing holding her back. Mary agrees, blaming the technique, and asks how she would follow choreography. Laura says she stands next to the choreographer to learn and asks a lot of questions.


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