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Interview With Big Brother 9 Winner Adam Jasinski

After surviving the danger of almost being eliminated first, Adam walked away with the whole game. Here he talks about how he pulled that off and what he would have done differently.

Congratulations on winning Big Brother 9! The general consensus among viewers (judging by the message boards) was that you were a lock once you got to the final four because you played such a smart game. Were you as confident in the outcome as we were?

You know, you always worry. You have to. Ryan definitely played a great game, there’s no question. But I was pretty confident about the way I played the game. No matter what happened in the end, walking out of the house one of the last two, never getting evicted, I felt like I had already won regardless who the jury gave the money to.

Going in, did you have any idea they were going to spring the couples twist on you guys? And looking back – do you think the couples twist helped you or do you feel you’d have won regardless?

I think the couples twist probably helped me, when I look back. I was really able to take that initial negativity and turn it into a positive for myself. It was kind of the spark that set my game in motion. I don’t know what would have happened if the whole game was singles from the get.

Just to get this out of the way – I know you’ve expressed regret about your unfortunate word choice that was aired early in the season. Everyone misspeaks occasionally, but lucky for us we don’t have our every word recorded and dissected. Were you surprised at how controversial that became?

I was completely surprised. I never meant any disrespect to anyone. I love to help kids and the fact that one mistake pretty much destroyed all the good intent I had before entering the house is disappointing. I won’t stop trying to help kids though. I just hope by my future actions and words people will remember me for the good I’ve done and not the stupid mistake I made.

Have you had a chance to see the whole season yet, and are you happy with the way you were edited?

I haven’t had a chance yet, I’ve just been to busy.

Judging from the feeds both you and Ryan seemed surprised that there would be jury questions. How brutal did the questioning get?

Brutal isn’t the word but it’s hard to blind-side this playboy (laughing). I kinda knew going in what to expect from everyone though. I knew Sheila was going to be mad that she wasn’t in the final two, I knew Josh was going to try to be the salty center of attention with a hint of jealous rage, and I knew Matty and Natty were going to be reasonable and level headed about the whole thing – as well as James. I was surprised I got the votes from Chelsia and Sharon…

It appeared that you carried Sheila to the final three. Is that an accurate assessment and if so was it out of strategy, loyalty, or just the natural result of there being bigger threats to worry about?

I think it was actually a little bit of all three. Sheila was good to have around to take the heat and she’s a campaign machine, and she couldn’t win a comp unless it was thrown her way so she definitely had a strategic value. We were loyal enough to each other to catch each other’s backs until the end. And luckily there were bigger threats in the house that allowed her to ride under the radar like me. I think it was fortunate for Sheila that most of her anger was directed at me and not the other houseguests, so for the most part it was kinda just laughed off as Big She being mad at me again.

Julie had once asked you all who you wanted to sit next to at the end. Someone who was deserving or someone you could beat. You all gave the politically correct answer of “deserving” but do you really think anyone deserves to win except by game play? Does sympathy for circumstances outside the game have it’s place in competitive reality TV?

There’s no doubt winning competitions makes you deserving, but I think the game is won or lost in some cases by everything else that happens in the house. It’s the backyard, the kitchen, your stories, and what you bring to and take away from everyone you interact with in the house. So sure, if you want to play the sympathy card go right ahead, but I think we saw that it doesn’t always work.

I found it shocking that you would share cigarettes with Ryan when you were running low – that’s a very selfless gesture. I can’t imagine going through that experience and dealing with nicotine withdrawal at the same time. If you had it to do over again would you have packed more smokes? And were you surprised you couldn’t get any in your HOH basket?

Oh most definitely. I severely underestimated my smoking potential. If I had to do it again I’d for sure bring more. You have to take into account all the cigarettes you’ll be handing out as well as the ones you’re gonna smoke. I knew before hand that I wouldn’t get any more smokes AT ALL than the ones I brought….

I would imagine that being isolated with your cast mates had to be really difficult at times. How did you manage to deal with the drama without getting caught up in it yourself?

You know, I spent a lot of time reading the Bible and it really helped me focus and take my mind off of game play and get me pointed in the right direction. I tried to keep as low key as I could, not start any drama, and for sure not get involved in any drama going down unless I had too. When I had to handle bidness my hand came down heavy.

How has your life changed in the aftermath of the show?

Awww it’s crazy. It’s weird to go out in public and meet my fans. It’s crazy just having fans. My fans are the best though. I’m always willing to stop for a picture and a short convo, or a long one for my babies.

For all the good and bad – was your time on Big Brother a positive experience? Would you do it again if offered a spot on the next BB All-Stars?

It was definitely a positive experience. I think I learned a lot about myself as well as others. When you’re put in a fairly diverse group of personalities it’s impossible not to learn something. As for All-Stars? I’d definitely be down, of course I’d have to change my strategy.

Thanks so much for talking with us – best of luck and we hope we see you on the next BB All-Stars.

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