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Interview With Sharon from Big Brother 9

Sharon didn’t leave the Big Brother 9 house with any cash, but she exited with something most of the other houseguests left behind: her integrity. Find out where she stands with Jacob, what happened to the guinea pigs after the show, and more!

When you watched the broadcasts were you happy about the way in which you were edited? What do you wish they’d have shown, but didn’t?

I was very happy on how I was portrayed on the show. They took the key things I said and showed them. I wish they would have shown how much Joshuah cared and looked out for me. They made it seem like I cared about him and he didn’t about me.

When watching the broadcasts what surprised you most about your fellow houseguests? Was there anyone that came off completely differently on TV than who they were in the house?

The houseguests came off almost exactly how I expected them to. I was a little shocked about the faces Josh made about me, but I thought they were funny. Jen talking bad about Ryan was the biggest thing that shocked me. I would never say something like that for a vote. I wouldn’t do that to Jacob and he was my ex-boyfriend.

You were clearly stunned to see Jacob was also cast. When they paired you with him did you ever consider quitting, given how awkward that must’ve been?

Yes, it was very difficult and I felt like I had the hardest situation than anyone else in the house because of how much he hurt me. Of course, it ran through my mind to hit the panic button, but I’m a Marine brat. You never quit or give up. It’s not in your blood.

Even though you are probably sick of answering this, it‘s what people want to know… are you and Jacob back together?

Jacob and I are trying to be civil and work on things because of the animals, furniture, history, etc. He said being stuck in sequester really changed him and he was going to prove it to me. I will believe it when I see it, but I have to say that he did get all the bills paid and taken care of while I was gone so that was a good start. Plus, he offered my dad his friend pass to bring to the finale because he knew my mom was coming and he knows how important my family is to me. They wouldn’t let Jacob because that would be two guests for me but it was the thought that counted.

You played a very smart game, and you played with integrity. Do you feel this hurt you in the end? In retrospect is there anything you would have done differently?

I DEFINITELY do not regret playing the game that I did. I ALWAYS said in the house; this is only 3 months – what you do in here will haunt you the rest of your life. I was going to be me and not do or say anything that would disrespect my family or friends. I didn’t want to see my family and be scared like some other houseguests were. I would not have done anything different in the game because you have to lay low or you will be targeted every week like James. If I was my happy and loud self, I would have put a target on my back. If my alliance wasn’t getting picked off one by one, I wouldn’t have probably thrown some of the competitions.

You seemed to have a close friendship with Josh. Were you ever uncomfortable in regards to his hurtful comments directed at some of the other women in the house?

Yes, I am very close to Joshuah. I was very upset on how he reacted but there was nothing that I could do but try to calm him down and try to stop the outbursts. There was nothing that I could do because he was my partner and I had to stick by him. It was an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, but that was his strategy.

Many in the viewing audience felt you were robbed of the F4 HOH due to the trick question about the secret relationship still existing in the house. Were you angry and when did they tell you the secret relationship was that the guineas are sisters? Also needs to be asked – did you take them home?

I was very upset about the HOH question because I would have been in final three and would have won the whole game, I feel. I guess there were so many fans upset that they had to tell us that it was the guineas in a “Congratulations Final Four” card. No, I didn’t take them home. They already have owners. It was funny because the owner came up to me at the wrap party and told me that they don’t listen to him or his wife. They are used to me and my voice. I told him he could call me anytime and I will talk to the guineas.

If Ryan hadn’t so clearly telegraphed his betrayal of you at your eviction, would you have voted for him over Adam out of loyalty?

It could have potentially changed my vote, but at the same time, I wanted Adam to put his money where his mouth is and give $100,000 to his autism foundation. If I wasn’t going to win, I wanted it to go to a good cause.

How has your life changed in the aftermath of the show? Internet forums are overwhelmingly positive in regards to you, have you found the same response in your real life?

Yes, I have been stopped by everyone that wants to take a picture. Everyone has been surprised that I am as nice in person as I am on the show. I guess they thought it could have been an act. I have only gotten maybe two mean e-mails and it was because I am still friends with Josh when he acted like that.

Was your time on Big Brother a positive experience? Would you do it again if offered a spot on the next BB All-Stars?

My experience was a very positive one. I would never have 3 months to sit and read the entire Bible. That is the biggest accomplishment and I am so proud of myself for reading it completely through. I will never have another opportunity like that ever again. I have never been so physically alone but I have never felt so close to God in my entire life. It completely changed my relationship with him. Yes, if I don’t have kids, I would do it again if they asked me.

Thank you Sharon, for taking the time to answer our questions! Best of luck to you in the future.

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