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X-Factor, Nov. 3 – Will the Show Suck Without Them?

This is one of the fun parts of watching the X-Factor. It’s new to us, so we really don’t know what to think. It has Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul as judges, so we really want to make comparisons to American Idol, but it doesn’t really work the same way. For results shows, we know what to expect on Idol, a lot of fluff and a lot of drama and fakeouts, and only about seven minutes of actual results. What will we have tonight on the first X-Factor elimination show?

As if he heard my questions, host Steve Jones explains how it will work tonight. We’ll find out who the top ten acts are. The bottom two acts will perform again tonight, and the judges will decide who will stay and who will leave. That figures. I suppose that way they make sure we don’t eliminate the weakest group in the first three weeks.

Just like Idol, we get a group number to start out the night. They sing David Guetta’s Without You, and the first thing I notice that’s different about this is there is no cheesy choreography. I have to say it’s a great collaboration, this Super Group of the nine single acts and three groups. 

Along with a big money contract, the winner of this season of X-Factor will also appear in a Pepsi commercial. The current act featured in a Pepsi commercial, Outasight, takes the stage and performs Tonight Is the Night. I have to say I think most of the current 12 are better than this. Just sayin’.

The twelve finalists take the stage along with their mentors. Steve reveals who the top ten are, and after this is announced, it leaves Stereo Hoggz and Intensity as the bottom two. If you may, please indulge me. I predicted that one of the groups would be going home after last night’s show. To have two of Paula’s groups be in the bottom two must be devastating for her.

First up to sing tonight are the Stereo Hoggz, the only group still in it that wasn’t created by the show. They come out tonight and sing Emotion, and even through their desperation, they still seem to be a very solid and smooth group. I’m not sure, though, why the guy singing lead vocals tonight is wearing knickers. It’s an interesting fashion choice.

This leaves Intensity to sing next. They perform My Life Would Suck Without You, and you have to give it up to Paula for giving this group a Kelly Clarkson song. The guy that takes over the lead vocal at one part can’t hold a tune. He’s probably nervous, but I think he just killed it right there. If I don’t say it, someone else will. I think my life will be okay without them.

The judges individually place their votes live. If it’s deadlocked at two and two, the group that had the lowest number of viewer votes will go home. Simon votes to send Stereo Hoggz home, even though last night he thought they were the best group out there, meaning all over, not just in this competition. He thinks they were the weaker of the two groups performing tonight. 

Paula has to make a little bit of a Sophie’s Choice and tells both groups they are all winners, as in winning fans and not money. She chooses to send Intensity home. Nicole has seen so much growth in the Stereo Hoggz, and while she’s proud of both, she’s sending Intensity home. L.A. can either tie it up or send Intensity home. He wants to explain, but is rushed. He sends Intensity home. They’re done. They are out and out sobbing onstage.

The groups category is just the weaker one. The fact that both of the bottom two were from this same category just wasn’t a surprise. It’s kind of like the last few years on American Idol that sees the girls heading home before the guys. For this competition, much of the vote depends on the connection, and a group is never going to connect as well as a soloist. 

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