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Big Brother 9, February 27th – Words of Love, But None from Allison

Is it really necessary to begin the show with a detailed recap, since it’s been all of 23 hours since the last episode aired? I know attention spans are short, but are they almost non-existent?

And after recapping by footage, Julie Chen walks us through it one more time. In case anyone didn’t get the complexities of the situation, now hopefully everyone is up to speed. If anyone needs additional help perhaps CBS can send Katie Couric to people’s homes individually to do reenactments with sock puppets.

Trivial observation: Julie Chen needs to fire her stylist. From the waist up she looked like a schoolteacher with her pretty sweater combo and from the waist down like a reject from Rock of Love with the weird leggings and dominatrix boots. But on to the show…

Joshuah and Sharon explain their reasoning for not using their POV. They wanted to leave the strong couples in and thus break up their alliance.

Alex won’t campaign to stay since he’s running against Matt with whom he is good friends. Probably closer to the truth is he knows people will do what they will do and pandering won’t be effective anyway – he may as well attempt to leave with whatever dignity he has left.

Matt says that although Alex is his boy he will do whatever he has to do to give himself and Natalie the best chance at winning.

Amanda, when asked how she’s feeling after yesterday’s seizure, says she is doing well and needs to eat 5 times that day. She has hypoglycemia and she needs to eat to bring her blood sugar levels up. I question the wisdom and ethics of adding elements to game shows which can have hazardous health effects. She should have known she needs to be more careful about her food intake than most, to be sure. But CBS knows that even if the slop is nutritious if eaten in recommended portions that it’s so unpalatable that most will not consume enough. There have to better ways to keep things entertaining than starving people on TV.

Matt is campaigning to Adam about why he and Sheila should vote to keep Matt and Natalie. Adam is even twitchier than normal, so delighted does he appear with any personal attention from Matt. Matt is working too hard to close a sale that is already in the bag. Adam gives off an almost visible vibe of desperation to be liked by the cool guys. He should relax and do what they say so maybe they won’t shove him in a locker.

Although – if anyone deserves to be shoved in a locker it would be Adam for his derogatory comments in a previous episode regarding autistic children.

Because this show is nothing without the gratuitous sleaze – the camera cuts to Matt spotting Natalie as she lies on a weight lifting bench. She’s lifting, in a bikini, legs splayed to the camera. She’s a pretty girl, but that’s not a good look for anyone.

Meanwhile, Allison is pleading the case to get rid of Matt and Natalie to Adam, Sheila, Chelsia, and James. She feels since they are the stronger couple, and they’ve been on real food all week, they should get rid of them now and take out Allison and Alex next eviction.

Adam rallies to keep Matt because he wants Operation Condor to be a success. And he has delusions that the cool guy really likes him. It would be sad if I cared, but I don’t.

James is all for canceling Operation Condor in favor of Operation Bro-down. Bro-down? I hate him for making me type that. Especially since he doesn’t get to vote anyway. Allison knows she can convince Ryan to go along with her plan to get rid of Matt and Natalie – so if they can just get Joshuah and Sharon on board it won’t matter what the always irrelevant Adam and Sheila elect to do.

Matt coaches Natalie in preparation for her campaign to Joshuah and Sharon. She follows his lead and manages desperate begging while still being (dare I say it?) fairly charming. Sharon and Joshuah listen but are non-committal. She interviews that she thinks it went well as she has a strong bond with Joshuah and Sharon. Joshuah, for his part, draws his hand across his throat in the universal gesture of good will before death – so it would seem she wasn’t entirely effective. Clever, clever, editors.

Ryan, for his part, trusts Matt and Natalie more than Alex and Amanda. Allison, however, is afraid they won’t be able to beat Matt and Natalie in the end. Kind of blatantly telling Ryan he isn’t the man Matt is…if manhood could be measured on a game show. Which it cannot.

Sheila will miss Alex when he’s gone, but Adam is happy about saving Matt since he is his “closest ally”. I guess he is his closest ally in the way the guy who sold me my last car is my BFF since he sent me a Christmas card.

Oh great, more Julie Chen as she interviews the housemates. In my opinion a little of Julie Chen goes a very long way. She throws a couple of softballs at them asking if the relationships have changed in the house as a result of the medical emergencies (Yes, they are much closer…big group hug). She asks how things are between Sheila and Allison now (they are fine – Sheila has learned that you must keep some things to yourself and it’s not smart to let every manic thought flow from her head to her mouth unfiltered). A big round of applause as she lauds James on his assistance with Amanda’s medical emergency. Because helping is good! He says once again that he stepped in because it was the thing to do, and he thought she was going to die.

I would appreciate it if he would show concern for the well being of others by not using terms such as Operation Bro-down. That may be the death of me, I could drown in useless pithy statements, but he doesn’t seem to care about that.

Julie asks Alex his he felt to see Amanda come back and he says he was glad to see her back because he has to play as a couple and not by himself. See, every so often an honest statement will creep in.

Julie then turns to Matt and wants to know if the mood in the house has changed due to lack of drinking cups and hot water. He says that it indeed has changed, since people like drinking cups and hot water. They are miserable. Well, he’s always miserable…but the other’s have changed. Most people on this show only bring the funny unintentionally so seeing a deliberately amusing statement land was actually kind of surprising.

No it isn’t over…Julie is curious about how the slop diet is going. Shelia says it’s the best diet she’s ever been on as she’s lost 5 lbs. Applause all around. Way to go CBS, validating fasting and starvation diets. It isn’t as if this show attracts a lot of young viewers or that eating disorders are a huge societal problem for that demographic. So don’t feel bad about the message that you just sent.


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