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Big Brother 9, February 26th – Seizures, Allergies, and Pyschotic Breaks! Oh My!

As in all reality shows since the beginning of time we begin with a recap of last week. Which I won’t reprint here since I have more faith in your powers of retention than the show’s editors do of their audience.

They flashback to the Nomination Ceremony and Amanda trots out the tired line about being targeted for being strong, wanting to keep the weakest players, etc. Yawn. Alex is sure that 75% of the reason he’s on the block is Amanda. That proves he is either bad at math or quite generous as I would say the percentage is probably a lot higher.

Matt reiterates that James is a double crosser and must go down. He feels he made a deal with the devil and the devil double crossed him. Why oh why couldn’t he make the Faustian analogy last week when I was shoving Goethe down everyone’s throats? Also, lot of credit to James there…since I don’t think for all his cunning wiles he is up there with Satan himself.

James and Chelsia interview that he doesn’t feel bad about his decision as it’s within the context of the game. She knows it’s time to stop worrying about friendships and focus on winning. Much as I hate that these two are making sense, that’s an outlook I respect. Sure, bonds are formed when any group of people spend a great deal of time together – particularly in stressful circumstances. But your obligation is to yourself and your own game play.

Matt and Natalie are making their bed while marinating in bitterness over being betrayed. Matt isn’t going to go into the challenge cocky, he and Natalie will give it their all as they need this win.

Irrelevant aside: He does look like a young Jonathan Penner but also a little like Peter McNeeley. The more he talks the more I like this guy.

Alex is out by the pool when Amanda comes out. He asks for some space as he’s angry and doesn’t want to lash out at her. She says she understands but just wants to say one thing. Oh, Amanda…respect his need for a few minutes to collect himself before he can pretend he can stand the sight of you again. He’s not asking for much. She tells him to stay positive. Well, that was profound and helpful. I hate when people feel their need to express themselves supersedes the needs of others not to hear it.

She leaves Alex to his thoughts about James. It’s interesting that no one is outwardly blaming Chelsia for their current position. She played this well in that James is bearing the brunt of their joint decision.

Cut to a sequence that needs to be seen to be believed. Natalie and Allison in the living room wearing bikinis with belts. The belts are there to holster their weapons…weapons being bottles of Windex and all purpose cleaner. With which they are…dueling? Because they are bored. I pray I never reach that level of boredom.

Allison is happy to be safe for the week. She may be safe from the block but not from the drama, as we see foreshadowed in Shelia’s interview where she tells us she always goes with her gut instincts and they are never wrong. She feels betrayed by Allison. So when her gut instinct told her previously to trust Allison does that mean it was wrong? I won’t even attempt to apply logic to her ramblings, as I am sure it would result in nothing but frustration and a migraine.

James, Matt, and Adam are discussing James’ betrayal of Matt. He reminds Matt that it’s a game and it’s called Big Brother. James interviews that he knows Alex and Matt are friends and he knows he will have been instrumental in breaking that alliance. Alex says that if he doesn’t go home, he will exact his revenge on James and Chelsia.

Ah, another framed wall hanging of a quote. I’ve missed those. “Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing, unlike love in dreams.” – Dostoyevsky. Someone is either showing off their degree in Literature or their access to Wikiquote.com.

Sheila is confronting Allison with Sheila’s deep seeded abandonment issues under the guise of “WHY AREN’T YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO ME! STOP TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLE AND ONLY LOVE ME!” Okay, that may not have been her exact words, but it is totally her exact meaning.

This is what happens when people don’t have anything to do, they think too much. And when the person doing the thinking is nacrssistic and crazy that always leads down a bad road. Thankfully, like pre-schoolers, they are given a distraction to break up the squirrelly mental wanderings. The POV Challenge Meeting. 4 couples will be competing: Amanda and Alex, Matt and Natalie, James and Chelsia (as HOH), and a randomly selected couple which turns out to be Joshuah and Sharon. Adam will be the moderator.

Matt and Alex both know they need to win the POV to save themselves and then send Chelsia and James home.

James walks in on Matt and Alex in the kitchen and there’s some petty gibes on both sides too boring to quote. Then James tells them they are in a shitty place, and (to paraphrase) Matt: At least he’s just in a shitty place in the game and not his life. So he feels that he’s in a better position, overall, than someone with no job, no money, and who has confessed to never having had a real relationship? It’s not that hard to beat if you’re using James as your standard-bearer.

On to the POV challenge. It’s called “Communication Breakdown” complete with fake electric generators and power lines. Whichever couple solves the puzzle first will win the POV and enable them to receive information from the outside world. Loud cheering indicates they believe the communication will be more significant than what is actually in store.

There are cables buried in peanuts (what?) and they have to find their own cables, adjust the power line poles and hook up the cables to they span one end of the course to the other. Once completed they will hit a button and if a red light flashes they have solved the puzzle correctly.

Matt is excited to see the generators because even though he isn’t an electrician he is a roofer, so he thinks he will have an advantage. That isn’t quite as stupid as it appears since of course CBS isn’t going to incur the liability of having any of the knuckleheads on this game working with live current, and he does work with his hands. And although he didn’t say it, there’s a certain amount of spatial awareness required in roofing which should lend itself well to this type of puzzle.

Chelsia is also excited because her dad is a lineman so she knows what she’s doing. I bet her dad was thrilled to hear her equate his job, which requires a fair degree of skill and element of danger, to clipping bungee cords to pieces of wood.

Alex interviews that the cables are all different lengths so there is only one correct solution. “Like a puzzle.” Exactly like a puzzle, in that it’s a puzzle.

Sharon sees that it’s more mental than physical. I have now watched 2 episodes of this show and she’s yet to be irritating, stupid, or crazy. How did she slip through casting?

After much digging through peanuts and clipping cables to wood (which was even less exciting to watch than it was to type) Joshuah and Sharon win. In an effort to hit the button he falls on his ass – quite hard – which was my laugh out loud moment of the night.

Matt and Alex are both naturally disappointed as they needed the win.

The information pay-off comes through a scrolling marquee where they are informed John McCain is still the front runner in the Republican primaries. This news causes Amanda to cheer loudly surprising both James and myself. James says he wouldn’t have thought Amanda was a Republican. He didn’t think she was much of anything.

I found it terrifying to hear my thoughts telegraphed on television through James.


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