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American Idol 7, Feb. 27th – Will the Real Rocker Please Stand Up?

There weren’t any huge surprises to the four singers voted out of American Idol last week. Amy clearly was either out of her league or just had a terrible week. Joanne seemed to be up and down with her talent, and as for the guys, Garrett had a not too bad day, but he was awfully cute, so I’m surprised he was eliminated this early. The same with Colton. I would have thought only one of the younger guys would have left. We’ll see how they do with 70s week. I don’t expect to be losing any more younger guys this week.

Before they start, Randy is looking for the nerves to be gone and wants the guys to bring it and be in it to win it. Paula thinks it’ll be better this week as they grow into their comfort level. With Simon’s remark last week that three guys were clearly in the lead, Ryan wonders what the remaining seven need to do, and he replies, “Do better.” Well, that’s helpful, isn’t it?

First up tonight is Michael Johns. Something we might not know about him is that he’s a bit of a jock and loves to play tennis, and has since he was 8 or 9. He did well in tournaments, always being in the finals, semifinals, or winning. He likes to play when he needs to get away from music for awhile, especially now in this crazy Idol world. Tonight he sings Go Your Own Way,and he’s polished as usual, yet sings a few rough notes. The problem is it doesn’t showcase a lot.

Randy calls it a nice one to start, but maybe not his best. It started slow for him, but he kind of got into it. It was a nice tone, but he wished he would have let go. Paula notes he got the whole crowd working. He’s charismatic and a seasoned performer as well as charming, and she thinks he’s already there. Simon calls it okay, and by far his weakest performance so far of the whole competition. He calls it coasting along with a very weak choice of song. This brings arguments from Paula, and Michael still calls it the right song, being that it was Fleetwood Mac.

A nice surprise last week was Jason Castro. One thing he thinks people will be surprised to know about him is that he hates doing interviews. It’s frustrating and awkward and he makes a lot of stupid faces. We even see him doing take after take. He just really likes to sing, and anything that has to do with music, and there’s been a lot more of not music stuff like pictures and talking on American Idol. And he’s not good at talking. But he’s sure good at singing. He comes out with his guitar again and sings I Just Wanna Be Your Everything.. Wow, I have a huge smile right now, as this is just … nice. He is just so natural. He could easily be the next Andy Gibb.

Randy calls this interesting, as with the guitar, it’s all cool, but as a vocalist, if he takes it away, the vocals weren’t that great and were just okay, almost a little karaoke. Paula doesn’t think it’s as bad as Randy heard it, and Randy says it’s cute and charming. Paula says Jason’s cute. and she thinks he made a clever choice of song. It was a nice song and she liked the way he interpreted it, pulling the band out and putting it back in. Next week, she’d like to see him without the guitar, allowing himself to be vulnerable. Simon thought the song was horrible and schmaltzy, as it didn’t suit his voice. He agrees with Randy on the weak vocals. He doesn’t think it went together with the guitar like it did last week. Plus, the choice of song was a very average song, and didn’t do himself any favors with that. Well, he did me some favors.

What we don’t know about Luke Menard is that he’s part of an a cappella group called Chapter 6. They’ve been on the road for six years, going to colleges, overseas, even Africa and Hong Kong. It’s not like having a band behind you, as you have to be flawless and can’t make mistakes. He feels it’s prepared him well for Idol. Tonight he sings a little Queen for us with Killer Queen, definitely showing off some vocal chops that he didn’t show off last week. I’d like to hear him sing a little lower though. It almost sounds like he’s always in a falsetto. His runs are terrible at the end.

Randy thinks as far as degree of difficulty, he chose a tough song, and he definitely likes him better this week. This seems to be more in his wheelhouse or vibe, a theatrical type of thing. There were a few pitch problems, but all in all he thought it was good. Paula is glad it was a great week for him and vocally he picked the right song. Performances like this are what make her fight to get people like him in the final 24.

Simon tells Paula she’s right that they owe a lot to her, and you can tell he’s being facetious. He thinks the performance was a mistake, though, as he’s always going to be judged with the original, and the singer of that song had charisma and personality, and Luke doesn’t. He agrees it was theatrical and thinks it was verging on whiny. Last week Luke figured he was 0 for 3, and this week 2 for 3, so he’ll take it. Randy’s a little ticked at Simon putting words in his mouth, as he didn’t say whiny and did say theatrical, but he meant it in a good way. Simon just looks totally pissed at having to sit here tonight.

Robbie Carrico rolls his eyes jokingly about Simon’s words to him about authenticity. He says he gets out there every time and is himself. There are so many different levels and styles of rock, and it’s just not what Simon has in his mind, but he wants him to get used to it. He thinks we’ll be surprised to know he drag races cars, as it’s quite a rush. It’s a heck of a ride. So is American Idol! He would recommend drag racing safely at a local race track and not on the street.

Tonight, Robbie is singing Hot Blooded, and he does Foreigner proud. I, for one, trust his authenticity and feel he really is a rocker. To me, this is the best performance so far of the night. Randy calls it interesting that Robbie said there were different styles of rock, but he has to agree with Simon about Robbie. This is one of his favorite songs, and it doesn’t have enough oomph in it for a rock voice. He was waiting to be wowed but nothing came out.


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