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American Idol 7, Feb. 6th – The Best? The Worst?

Last year we seemed to really get the best and worst of the auditions when they promised it. I can’t remember the worst, but if memory serves, it brought us Lakisha Jones and Gina Glocksen last year, two that went on to being eventual top 10. Hopefully we’ll get more of the same tonight.

Luke Reeder, 26, of Hollywood, Florida, is the first unfortunate auditioner up labeled as the worst. And indeed, he could be considered the worst. I’m not even sure what he’s singing, but by the end, he is screaming. Simon tells him everything about it was absolutely mad, from the hat with flaps over the ears, to the t-shirt that came down to his knees. Also in the category is Victor Villegas, 18, of Grand Prairie, Texas. Randy compares him to a sheep. There’s the meanness we’ve been missing the past few weeks!

Amy Davis, 25, of Lowell, Indiana, admits to being in a class lower than lower class, and grew up watching her mom work two jobs and raise six kids, being a single parent most of the time. She wants to pay her back somehow. Randy likes her glistening shoes, and Amy admits to Paula that her grandmother is Japanese when asked her ethnic background. She sings Blue Bayou, and she’s no Linda Rondstadt, but she’s not bad. Simon says yes, point blank, and Randy likes the possibilities he hears with the vocals, and thinks if she gets over the nerves, maybe she can improve in Hollywood. She promises to work hard and she’s through to Hollywood.

Tiffany Campbell believes her voice is a gift from God, and thinks a voice from above has been encouraging her to addition. Her pastor, on the other hand, has told her her voice is still “maturing.” Uh-oh. Warming up, she sounds like the siren that goes off the first Tuesday of every month around here to test the emergency system. Randy gives her an “Amen, Sister” upon hearing her voice is a gift of God. She sings Hallelujah, and I’m thinking this gift needs some better gift wrapping, as Simon asks if God has a returns policy. He then apologizes for being rude, saying she can’t sing, and she leaves to entertain those outside who tell her to ssssh. Honestly, right after, my husband came upstairs and asked if I was yelling. No, that was just Tiffany.

We’ve already been introduced to many pairs auditioning this time around, but tonight, we have a love triangle, Corey and Chris Lane, 22, of Kernersville, North Carolina, and Ashley Lawing, 18, Maiden, North Carolina. The guys are twins, driving the same car, having the same friends, and even having the same girlfriend for the most part. Ashley met Chris first, then Corey, and started calling him behind Chris’ back. They argue over who gets the other’s leftovers. Ryan asks which one she’s in love with, and she says it’s Chris.

The guys walk in to audition first, doing a rap tune, and they want to show up the Brittenum twins. Wow, how did I forget about those guys? Their creative rap tune even says how much better than the Brittenums they are. It’s a tough comparison, as the Brittenums didn’t do rap, but musically, I hate to say it, but I’d give it to the felons. Simon calls it amateurish, and Paula tells them to work on not falling apart when they forget something. They both receive noes, and Simon can only think of how much fun they have with the chicks. Wait until he meets Ashley.

Ashley walks in with a tiny little puppy, a six week Pomeranian named Panda. Simon tells her he’s going to steal the puppy, and she says if he puts her through to Hollywood, he can have whatever he wants. She knows she can be the next American Idol and sings Kellie Pickler’s Red High Heels, even though she’s wearing black heels. Ashley is no Pickler. Simon asks to be honest and says it’s excruciating and torture. She thinks he’s lying. The twins admit to telling her she sang good just to get her to audition with them. Ashley asks if it’s opposite day, and Simon says even Panda is struggling to get out of the room. Yet, he also tells her she’s one of those girls that throughout her life will always get her own way, and she wonders what’s wrong with that. Randy wants to put the dog through, and Simon warns her to be nice to the dog as she leaves. Ashley’s parting comments is telling Simon he’s gorgeous.

Cardin Lee McKinney 20, of Nashville, believe she has what it takes. She walks in to the auditions and sings, One Night Only, from Dreamgirls, sounding very good. Simon thinks she sounds very theatrical and not contemporary, while Paula notes she can sing, yet has a very mature voice. Randy votes yes, Simon votes no, but Paula puts her through. Cardin walks out with her golden ticket, calling it the biggest moment of her life. I think she’s better than some of the others they’ve put through.

A plus size model, Joanne Borgella, 25, of Hoboken, New Jersey, comes in to audition, and says she finds her job amazing. When she was growing up, she never saw plus size models, and wants others to be proud of the way they look. She’s always heard she would be a great singer if she’d lose a little weight, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She tells the judges she sang the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden for a college basketball game, and everyone is impressed. She sings Celine Dion’s I Love You, and she is definitely good, with an interesting R&B/country mix in her voice. Paula tells her she’s stunning with a beautiful quality to her voice, and she recognizes her size has always been an issue for her. Simon seems incredulous that Paula loves Joanne’s voice. Randy thinks she can definitely sing, but finds it got smaller when she got to her upper register. Paula votes yes, Simon vetoes her, but Randy puts her through, not surprisingly.


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