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American Idol 7, Feb. 6th – Still Searching …

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready for the audition phase of this season’s American Idol to be over, and I”m glad this is the last week. I’m ready to stop watching them be overly nice to bad auditioners, for fear of getting a tongue-lashing. We have to admit as sick as it is, we like to see people made fun of. It was what the success of the audition phase of the show was built on. I don’t think I’ll be enjoying it as much tonight as I’ll be looking forward to the following week in Hollywood. Event the commercials are starting to hype that.

Here we go in Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Seacoast’s hometown. Josh Jones, 26, of Atlanta, works with glass. He class it a fun job, getting excited putting his gloves on. He thinks even if the music thing takes off, he’ll still want to do things involving gas, but if he makes it to Hollywood, he won’t feel bad about chucking the glass cutter as far as he can. Tonight he sings Don’t Stop Me Now, and Simon stops him right away from doing the weird “demonic” thing with his eyes, as Paula says it takes away from his good voice. He tries again, but Simon stops him right away. They make him sing facing the back wall, just so they can’t see it. Randy and Paula, though, start to dance in their seats behind him. Simon can’t stop thinking it goes back a little to Clay Aiken and finds it karaoke, not that Clay was. Paula says yes, Simon says no. That leaves it up to Randy, who puts him through. Honestly, Queen is a tough one to do without accompaniment.

J.P. Tjelmeland, 20, of Auburn, Alabama, auditioned in season 4, with Carrie Underwood two people behind him. He regrets not reaching out to her at that point, being just that close. People tell him all the time he’s going to be famous and that he has that star quality. He hopes some day people will be talking about being two people behind him in line. Wanting to do better this time, he sings Be My Gang, and if they didn’t like Josh’s theatrics, they’re not going to like J.P.’s. He then says he really, really wants this, as he can’t imagine doing four more years of school, and he’s a music major … in singing, as he insists he’s not that bad, but Simon insists he is. Randy votes no, as does Paula … kind of, as we launch into a clip of her not being able to vote nay on anyone.

Asia Epperson, 18, of Joplin, Missouri, says she’s a small town country girl who loves to sing. She comes from a family that doesn’t have a lot of money, so had to work her butt off to get here. She called her dad to tell him that she was on her way here, and right after, her brother called her to tell her there was a car accident with her father passing away, yet she feels he’s here with her today, and she knows it will be good. Simon thinks she has a lovely smile, and Paula likes the way she is dressed She mentions changing her song choice for her father, and sings How Do I Live.

A little raw, but there is definitely something there with Asia. I like the raspiness, and you can’t miss the emotions she’s pouring out here, and neither can Paula, through tears. Simon tells her he likes her, and he recognizes it was tough for her. Paula commends her and tells her she’s very brave, as her passion came through, but she thinks she deserves to go on. Randy agrees that she worked it out and sounded brilliant. She gets put through, and Simon tells her he thinks her dad will be proud of her. I don’t think Paula and I are the only ones with tears.

Brooke Helvie, 18, of West Palm Beach, is currently a sophomore at University of Florida, and is Miss South Florida Fair, even having to kiss a pig as one of those duties. She’s known she wanted to perform since she was 4. There is nothing else for her, other than her mom and dad and God. She wants to prove to Simon that pageant girls can sing, yet Paula has to note she even stands like a pageant girl. She sings Who’s Loving You and does pretty well, with Simon telling her it’s not bad. They all admit she can sing, and Randy likes her pop voice. She gets three yeses, and leaves jumping and screaming, after a hug for each the judges. She’s missing a little of the emotion of Asia, but I think everyone is. Simon calls Brooke possibly the most annoying person ever, as she leaves with a bouquet of flowers.

Our bad song montage tonight is Glamorous, and there are a few singers in there, that I can’t tell if they are male or female, and I’m not sure they know either.


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