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American Idol 7, Jan. 30th – The Good News First

Okay. It’s time. That’s right. It’s time to finally get to some auditions that really knock our socks off, or that are so hideously, outrageously bad that we play them over and over. Since American Idol is in Miami tonight, I’m hoping maybe this is the night. One thing for sure, it has has to be warmer there than it is here tonight in the Chicago ‘burbs. Paula apparently isn’t very cold, as she’s wearing a cute little leopard print thing, making the guys go gaga. Even Simon called her slutty. That’s nice.

Shannon McGough, 18, works in a meat market, and while we had Paula hiccuping last night, tonight we have Shannon burping. She’s won some local Idol contests, so hopefully this one will be a good one. Didn’t Jordin Sparks win a local Idol contest? She sings CrybabyShinedown and has as great voice. He makes it through with an easy three yeses, while his family outside sillystrings him in celebration.

Ghaleb Emachah, 27, is now from Miami, but originally Venezuela, and considers himself a gypsy musician which I didn’t recall they had those anymore, other than on that one episode of Hannah Montana that my daughter seems to watch at least once a weekend. He chooses to sing a Marc Anthony tune, and it’s not the best, but I still can’t get the term “gypsy musician” out of my head. Simon says he would like him if he was drunk, and Paula talks about his strong accent. while Randy says yes, leaving Paula as the deciding vote, which is just never a good idea. She gives in and Ghaleb is through to Hollywood, while Simon asks someone to check the contents of Paula’s cup. Ghaleb is busy kissing everyone, and I mean everyone.

Corliss Smith and Brittany Wescott, both 20, from Jacksonville, Florida, say they’re sisters, and are indeed very like, but they have the same taste in men, one with heavy guys, the other with thinner guys. wants Randy, while wants Simon or Ryan. Corollas goes first, singing directly to Randy upon request, and sings an adequate jazz, while Brittany sings My Guy to Simon. They’re good, but don’t seem Idol good, but nonetheless the judges put them both through, which of course, leads to them gals kissing the judges, the male judges.

Suzanne Toon 21, of Clearwater, Florida, and hasn’t sung in three years since the birth of her daughter, despite going to a performing arts school. She wants to provide more for her daughter now and is sick of struggling. Tonight, she sings I Can’t Make You Love Me, and really has something, has some great flavor to her voice. Paula mentions her sexual sultriness, and Simon agrees that she became more sexy when she sang. She gets yeses a ross the board and is through. She picks up her daughter outside in celebration.

Ramiele Malubay, 19, from Miramar, Florida, wants to become the first Asian Idol, and thinks if Filipino Jasmine Tries can do it, so can she. Simon calls her cute with just her walking in the door. She sings Natural Woman, and it is never going to measure up to Kelly Clarkson’s version, but she’s not bad. Paula likes her, and Simon calls her more of a hotel singer. Randy thinks she has a big voice for a cute, smaller girl, and Simon questions whether he wants to put her through because she’s small. He feels he would. Simon still votes note, but the other two put Ramiele through nonetheless.

It’s day two in Miami, and while we seemed to put a lot of people through on day one, we didn’t have anyone absolutely outstanding. Syesha Mercado, 20, of Miami, is in a good place right now, with good things happening over and over. Her dad struggled for a long time as an addict, but most recently graduated rehab. She sings our second Arethra Franklin of the night, Think. She’s not bad, but gets a little screechy at the end. Randy and Paula like it, but Simon thinks it’ was a bit of an effort. Randy goes on to say she’s the best they’ve seen in Florida. With that, she’s moving on.


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