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American Idol 7, Jan. 22nd – Not Many Artistses in South Carolina

We’re starting to see in the American Idol auditions a few contestants to be excited about, but still we haven’t seen anyone to jump up and down about. I wonder if it’s one of those things where they save the really good for the Hollywood auditions. It seems lately the ones we don’t see until final 24 fade away quickly, as if there was a reason we didn’t see much of them before. I’m guessing we’ll see more of the same tonight, though, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Oliver Highman has other things on his mind instead of his audition. Not only is it his and his wife’ anniversary, she’s pregnant and her water just broke, so he’s rushing her to the hospital with the hopes of making it back in time to audition. Yikes. I don’t know if it’s their first child or not, but that’s more important than Idol, dude.

Raysharde Henderson, 27, of Atlanta, Georgia tells us he’s always smiling and says people call him the black Clay Aiken. This is never a good sign, coming in comparing yourself to a past Idol or almost Idol. However, he thinks he’s a little different than Clay. Walking into his audition Paula is impressed with his afro. Randy is a little doubtful about the Clay impersonation as well. He sings I Can’t Make You Love Me, and does more screaming than anything else, but he does have a good voice buried somewhere in there. Simon jokes he did remind of him of Clay, and Randy tells him he’s a little over the top. Simon claims he wouldn’t have been surprised to see a magic trick in there. Randy tells him there was too much mimicking going on, and Simon brings up his first cruise ship reference of the year. It’s a no.

DeAnna Prevatte, 26, is also resurrecting a past almost Idol, Kellie Pickler. She is also from Albemarle, South Carolina, and is also a waitress. She’s hoping to be liked “almost as good” as Kellie. If she doesn’t sound better than her, though, she doesn’t want to be here. Unlike Kellie in her red high heels, she says if you don’t like her, she’s more likely come ate you with a baseball bat. Great. Asked who her worst customer is, she pinpoints a crowd, the Sunday crowd, especially with the All-You Can-Eat.

Singing Fancy, it’s more screaming. What is it with these South Carolina people imitating Idols with screams? Simon calls DeAnna a little tiger, and she says that’s why she spells her name with a capital A. Simon calls the song angry and wonders if that comes out of her feeling for the All-You-Can-Eat people. He tells her she has a great voice, and he likes her passion and anger, but he says no, and she looks shocked he said that. He also tells her if he comes to eat on Sunday, he promises to only have one helping. He was very kind to her when he normally wouldn’t have been.

A couple that fell in love on the americanidol.com message board has come here to audition together. This has the makings of a definite train-wreck. Crystal Ortiz, 26, of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Randy Stark, 27, of Abilene, Texas. She says something about Master Yoga taking you to Simon, and I have no idea what that refers to. While they officially met in person by the garbage can, they’re already all over each other.

They walk in to audition together. He goes first, and she is in complete awe and love while he sings She’s More. She then joins in on the chorus, and neither one are good. Simon is incredulous that this Randy gives out advice on how to audition on the message board, and tells him it’s a horrible audition. Yet, the good news for them Simon says, is that they found each other. Randy Jackson tells them as far as the singing “definitely not.” She asks if she shouldn’t sing at family stuff anymore, and Simon replies he would ask her not to sing if he was in her family, believing her parents are deaf. They kiss on the way out. I don’t hang out on that message board, but I’m guessing it’s lighting up with this news tonight, if they haven’t already been talking about this audition for several months.

It’s another couple auditioning together, but it’s siblings, Michelle and Jeffrey Lampkin, 26 and 24, of South Carolina. He’s actually sitting there singing “Boom chicka wah wow” with a neck tie tied around his head. He thinks he has that “ow” factor. He’s wearing hot pink for Paula, shoes for Randy, and dog tags for Simon. Great. They try to harmonize on their song together but it’s a big misfire. As it’s a love song, Simon calls it a little inappropriate at the end, and tells Jeffrey he’s a little better than his sister, but they’re funny and a breath of fresh air. Paula likes their chemistry, and likes Jeffrey’s voice. Randy says yes to Jeffrey only, and Paula and Simon actually put them both through, not wanting to split them up. Simon tells Jeffrey he has three months to get his sister into shape. I’m in shock they went through, but maybe that bad harmony was throwing me off. It’s making me long for the Malakars.

We check in with Oliver and his wife as they’re driving to the hospital. She tells us it’s their first baby, and they’re having a little girl. Oliver isn’t having much success driving to the hospital, though, as he can’t find it, although it looks like he’s got a google Maps sheet in his hand.

I wish Oliver would come back soon, as we’re stuck with the bad singer montage singing Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats, which includes a guy taking his shirt off, people forgetting their lyrics, and just so much bad. Simon is left to sit and play with his pen in his mouth. Now I get it why the judges liked the Lampkins so much.

Amy Catherine Flynn, 16, of Knoxville, Tennessee, is is the captain of her dance team. She likes being a leader because of the respect it brings her. She also does S.T.A.R.S., Students Teaching and Respecting Sexuality, a group that talks about abstaining from sex and alcohol. Randy thinks Simon needs a lecture, and vice versa. She offers them a speech on the matter, and they gladly accept it, listening to her talk about the importance of waiting. Simon tells her he likes the speech, and she in turn tells him he likes her. Amy sings Reflections, and sounds good, but I don’t think she has what it takes to cut it.


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