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The Amazing Race, January 20th – Winning Far More Than a Million Dollars

TK and Rachel make it there first, and get a clue saying to take a taxi to the airport and run to the finish line. This is one of the most exciting finishes I remember in a long time. Finally, TK and Rachel aren’t calm anymore. Ron, however, is surprisingly calm. Ron says he won’t be disappointed to come in second, though, as they learned a lot, so they’ll be number one in his eye.

Sure enough, it’s TK and Rachel that arrive first, for a great comeback from nearly being eliminated. All the other teams are there waiting for them, as Phil pronounces them the official winners. TK is speechless and says it doesn’t seem real. Phil asks how their relationship has changed on the Race, and TK feels it’s been a roller coaster, but their relationship has only grown during this. He’s proud of Rachel. She’s petite, but went out and beat all these people.

Ron and Christina come running in, and hug TK and Rachel, as they’re pronounced team #2. Phil brings up Chris saying she wasn’t sure “the old man could change,” and she laughs and cries, as she says he knows it’s her dream, but to run it with him, there is no one else in the whole world she’d rather do it with. He is grateful that though he didn’t come out with first place, he came out with first place in his daughter’s heart, and he changed for the better He says for the first time when he says “I love you,” he means it. He has the elation of bonding with her, and he’s a new man. The deepening of their relationship is worth far more than a million dollars to Christina.

Nick and Grandpa Don run in for third place, and Phil tells Don he’s officially the oldest person to make it this far in The Amazing Race. He thought he’d get this far, he says, but not in third. Nick is asked if he got what he wanted, and he replies aside from winning, his main goal was to be on the mat and race around the world with his Grandpa. He got all he wanted and more. He’ll remember this his whole life. As everyone chants “Grandpa,” Don says he always says he could do it, and did. Now he knows he can do it all the way.

Rachel’s feelings for TK are real, as he’s her best friend and her rock. He’s her favorite person, and she’s glad she got to do it with him. Being able to do the entire race and not compromising their relationship at all, as well as making other great relationships, has proved to TK that nice guys can fiinish first after all.

I said I would be happy with whoever won, and I am. There’s just a teensy bit of disappointment that it wasn’t Ron and Christina, especially after they led so much of the last couple of legs. Rachel’s calmness came about tonight just when she needed it, and that proved to be Christina’s undoing, as she just couldn’t relax enough to think it through. They may have been stronger and smarter, but they weren’t calmer. And this time, that made the difference.

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