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The Amazing Race, January 20th – Winning Far More Than a Million Dollars

In the crab tank, Rachel is getting pinched. Nick and Don get their bag of gear, and head back to the boat launch. As they do, they pour over their choices for the Detour, as Nick asks how long it takes to gut a fish. Feeling it won’t be that long, they decide to go with that. Rachel is still getting pinched, even when she goes into a separate tank than TK to get more room. She wants to stop and go gut the fish, as this is taking too long. Just then, TK finds the right crab. They get their clue as Nick and Don begin gutting the fish. Nick is totally repulsed he has to search the fish with his hands. Nevertheless, they find the clue pretty quickly.

Don doesn’t like being third out of three, but knows they’re only three or four minutes behind TK and RAchel. TK figures they’re probably twenty to twenty-five minutes behind Ron and Christina, and Rachel hopes to catch up to where it will shake them so much, they’ll be able to take the lead. Ron and Christina arrive, and tell the cab driver to say a prayer for them. Going across the water in the high speed boat, Christina calls this an amazing experience that has allowed she and her dad to grow closer together. And it’s mentioned yet again.

TK and Rachel’s driver asks for directions from his dispatcher, and TK starts to loose his cool, saying they either need another taxi or to get there. The driver thinks he’s got the right directions now, though. TK and Rachel arrive at the next boat launch, and head out on the high speed boat. She says she loves TK so much and what has amazed her the most is how much fun they have had together. As Nick and Don finally reach the high speed boat, he says this Race has been great for them to do many things they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

As Ron and Christina arrive at the glacier, they’re told they’ll both be climbing the glacier. Ron is afraid of heights, so he’s a little frightened. Asked if he’s excited, he says yes … and full of fear. It’s nearly a 90 degree angle going up the glacier, making it very intimidating. Christina has a hard time holding on with her spikes, and while her father finally makes it up, she struggles below. He encourages her, another testament to the great changes he has made. Later, she says this is what pulled her through, knowing he was encouraging her. Not to mention the fact that TK and Rachel are just below, and Nick and Don are on their way.

TK starts his ascent while Ron and Christina finally make it to the clue box. Their clue tells them to take a helicopter ride to Merrill Field, where they’ll take a taxi to Goose Lake Park for another clue. Rachel struggles to make it up the glacier the same way Christina did. As they reach the top, Don starts his climb, and he also struggles, but does make it. As Nick makes his way up, Ron and Christina are reaching their taxi. They arrive at Goose Lake Park and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must face a field of objects they have encountered throughout the Race. They must place on the stage ten specific items, and there must be only one item from each leg of the race, three must be animals or byproducts, one must be a u-turn, two must be objects brought to a pit stop, two must be an item of transportation with wheels, and the other must resemble the shape of a stick. There is only one correct way to place the items to meet all these requirements.

Ron is counting on Christina to do this, saying that she has the better memory. He fears he’d get nervous and blow it easily. After we see clips of them dong all the challenges that represent these challenges, she starts gathering things, trying to work out which challenges were during the same race, meaning she can’t use both items. TK and Rachel are still on their way there, hoping that Ron and Christina will get held up. Sure enough, she’s stuck.

TK and Rachel arrive, and she thinks she could do this task and takes off. TK knows she’s really smart, so he thinks she’ll get it. Nick and Don arrive as well, and it will be Nick doing this Roadblock, as Don says he knows his grandson has the better memory. Christina makes changes to her lineup, as the others are moving their item around as well. She says she’s done, but when it doesn’t open, she knows she’s wrong. Rachel thinks she has finished as well, but of course she hasn’t either. Nick has the same problem. Christina knows what is messing her up is the three animals or byproducts. She wonders if the man wearing gear is an animal or not. She thinks she’s done, but is still not quite right yet.

Ron sits by calmly, saying it’s anybody’s race. He knows whoever finishes first will probably be in the winners’ circle. Christina continues to go over it location by location, and says it doesn’t make sense. Rachel goes through it all out loud as well, and Nick sits by and says he’s stumped. Christina asks God for help, as Rachel can’t remember where the pole vault was. She finally thinks she has it and does. She runs off, and TK is jumping up and down. Their clue tells them to travel by taxi to Captain Cook STatue, but they have to figure out the clue first, which their driver conveniently does for them.

Christina finally gets it right, while Nick continues to sit and stare at this puzzle. If this is how he figures things out, I’m not sure I want him flying my plane. TK and Rachel’s driver turns out to have gone in the wrong direction, and Ron sits by and says it’s never over until they’re at the finish line. The first team to make it to the statue, though, are TK and Rachel. They now must find the Salmon Hooker. That sounds interesting. Ron and Christina arrive just after. They end up running right behind TK and Rachel.


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