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The Amazing Race, January 20th – Winning Far More Than a Million Dollars

I’ve been saying all week I’ll be okay with whoever wins The Amazing Race, season 12. I think it would be nice for either of the multi-generational teams to win, and TK and Rachel have been so relaxed, it would be nice to see them with this great come from behind win. However, if I have met druthers, it will be Ron and Christina, as I like the way they worked on the relationship, fixed it, and then started doing really well. It just makes for a really great story.

Leaving first on the last leg of the race, from Taipei, Taiwan, are Ron and Christina at 9:47 A.M. Christina feels that while everyone still else in the Race is smart and strong, they’re smarter and stronger. They’ve seen how hard it is at the bottom, but feel they’ll keep their spot at #1. Their clue tells them to fly to their final destination, Anchorage, Alaska. Back in the good ole U.S.A., they’ll make their way to 6th Ave. Outfitters to pick up gear for this last leg, as well as another clue.

TK and Rachel leave at 10:30 A.M., and he feels every team has its own way to be successful. Theirs is obviously staying calm. She knows it’s been proven time and time again how important it is to slow down and do one task at a time.”It’s as simple as that.” Ron and Christina are already at the airport, searching for flights. They’re wasting no time at all.

Nick and Grandpa Don leave at 10:37 A.M., and Nick tells us he has newfound respect for his grandfather, watching him go through the Race. He doesn’t know of anyone else his age that could do this. He’s always wanted to go to Alaska and is looking forward to hunting and fishing challenges. Once again, fishing and hunting are yet more things Don has experience in.

Ron and Christina find the earliest flight to Anchorage and ask for seats closest to the front. Ron asks for a free upgrade to the lounge, as that way they’ll have access to the internet. TK and Rachel arrive, and he asks the ticket counter if they have seen others like them, which they say they have. “Like them,” I think is a relative term. He asks for the same tickets and they get them, surprising him, as it’s the first time they’ve been on a flight with another team in quite awhile.

Nick and Don arrive just after and get the same flight. Yet, they can’t figure out why they haven’t seen Ron and Christina. In the lounge, the father and daughter team do research on the 6th Ave. Outfitters. The other two teams freak out that maybe Ron and Christina have a different flight, but are definitely happy to see them walk into the waiting area with them, with TK saying he can start breathing again. What happened to Mr. Calm?

The plane touches down in Anchorage, and TK notes he’s seen Ron run like a Ninja before. They all run out to catch taxies, with Ron and Christina being the first ones out. Rachel doesn’t think the father and daughter will be in the lead for long. Don just wants to get to the first challenge, as it will make him feel better about everything.

Ron and Christina reach the Outfitters first and get their gear and a clue telling them to make their way to the waterfront to find the Ship Creek Boat Launch to receive another clue. They hop back in their cab to head to the boat launch, and as they go through their gear, Ron wants to make sure he won’t cut himself with the filet knife. Yet, he keeps playing with it. It’s a good thing this father’s children are grown. TK and Rachel arrive as well, and when asked if he knows where he’s going, their driver says, “I think so.” Nick and Grandpa Don feel they’re in good shape, only a few minutes behind the others, but they don’t realize they forgot their bag of gear behind.

Ron and Christina find a Detour at the boat launch – Cut the Cod, or Grab the Crab, although I thought it was Grab the Crap, which would have been kind of a funny challenge. Don’t you think?. In Cut the Cod, teams must cut through several 50 pound cod, searching for a clue hidden inside. In Grab the Crab, teams will jump into the hull of a boat, swarming with live crabs. They’ll search through the crustaceans to find one marked with the Race colors. Phil tells us teams could get caught in the pinch. Alright, Phil that was a bad one.

Ron’s understanding of crabs is that they could be clawing their way up their bodies, so he prefers to do the fish. One of them can use the knife, and he decides to do that, although he notes that it’s no easy task for a city slicker. TK and Rachel get taken to what their driver thinks is the boat launch, but it’s the wrong place, and they’re five minutes away still. Nick and Don ask their driver if he knows where the boat launch is, and he says. “I’m a cab driver. I know stuff like that.” Well, if he would watch the Race, he would know that on the Race, that is kind of a anomaly.

Going through all the guts of the fish, Ron says it’s a lot of fish. It’s a lot of cutting, and he’s afraid he’ll miss the clue, and he does, yet Christina doesn’t. This clue tells them to travel 60 miles by taxi to a boat landing where they’ll ride in a high-speed boat to 2o-Mile Glacier. Their next clue is on top of the glacier, and they’ll have to climb it to get it. Phil even shows us how it’s done. As Ron and Christina leave, they pass TK and Rachel who are still heading to the Detour. Nick and Don beat TK and Rachel there, and reading that they can use their rubber gloves from the bag, they realize they never got a bag. Oops!

Back in the cab, returning to the Outfitters, Grandpa Don chastises Nick some, saying Nick was the one to read the clue and should have understood it, as getting gear seems pretty simple to him, yet Nick didn’t do it. TK and Rachel reach the Detour finally – and decide to get crabs. Ron and Christina are feeling pretty good, and know they have made definite improvements since week one of the Race. This so true, but they really need to quit saying it.


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