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American Idol 7, January 16th – In Kelly's House

I’m ready for night number two of the American Idol auditions. Last night was good, but it could have been better. The good talent we saw was good, but it wasn’t knock your socks off good, and the bad talent we saw was bad, but it wasn’t ROTFLMAO bad. I’m kind of hungry for a little bit more, a little more good, and and little more bad. I’m not sure if we can get a little more crazy than we saw last night though.

Tonight we’re in Dallas, the city where Kelly Clarkson was found. It could be interesting. The people in line waiting to audition call it “Texas hot” there. Ryan Seacrest tells us we had our first Idol baby, making the new mom miss her audition. She mentions something about wanting to name the baby “Idol.”

The first auditioner is Jessica Brown, 24, of Longview, Texas, a stay-at-home mom. She talks about being in college and experimenting with drugs, including a time when she was using meth every day. Wait, is this Jessica Sierra? In public for the first time, she sang Jesus Take the Wheel, as she felt it was such an emotional song and meant for her. Her mom feels that now that she’s off drugs, she’s finally back to her old self. Jessica feels that if she could stop one person from using, this whole journey would be worth it for her.

Walking into her audition, she sings I’ll Stand By You, and she’s amazing. For someone that likes the emotion in songs, she knows how to put it in there. Simon tells her she made the song interesting, and that it was a good audition. Randy heard a few pitchy things, but thought it wasn’t bad. She gets through, and her whole waiting family is very happy for her. She could be a great contestant, with a good back story and a nice voice.

Paul Stamford, 25, of Crosby, Texas is a park attendant, doing mowing, wedding, picking up garbage, and making the sports fields look pretty. He’s been dancing all morning for everyone, but now he goes in to sing for the judges. Paul tells them he’s a member of the American Roller Coaster Enthusiasts, and when asked, agrees that American Idol is a scary road like a real roller coaster. He’s going to sing Elliott Yamin’s Wait For You, and he’s horrendous. Simon looks like he just can’t believe it. Paula calls it joyful, and Simon asks if he has ever sung in public, which he hasn’t. He’s sung in front of his family, and they have told him two thumbs up. Simon calls him a nice guy, but … Randy tells him he’s not right for this, but was fun, and Paula agrees. Simon calls him enthusiastic, and informs Paul it’s three noes. Simon does a perfect impression of him after he leaves, and I’m sure we’ll see this more at some point during the season.

Beth Maddocks, 18, Coppell, TX, is a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, and would love to be like her. She’s a singing waitress in a fondue restaurant. She’s gong to be singing Beautiful Disaster, and says people compare her to Kelly Clarkson. I can’t believe Texas would let down their favorite daughter, though, as singing, Kelly’s a bit too screechy, and for giggles, they show Kelly’s picture on the wall while Beth sings. Simon wonders what kind of tips she got as a singing waitress, and she claims to get $30 to $90 a table, with Simon suggesting it must be monthly. Paula passes, as do the other two, and Beth’s out.

Elaine Whitaker, 16, Tulsa, OK, admits to being told she looks like Carrie Underwood, but she thinks she’s cuter and likes to thick Carrie looks like her. Tonight she’s singing <>Stronger, and while it had the makings of a bad audition, she’s quite good. Another great girl showing some emotion. Simon calls it a good audition, but he doesn’t think she’s as good as she thinks she is. She offers to sing Celling Dion instead, but Simon explains she was good, but he didn’t like the “latter” part of the song, confusing her, as perhaps she’s more like Kelly Pickler than anyone else. Paula talks of a heaviness in her voice that has great power to it. Wrapping it up, Elaine gets three yeses to go to Hollywood.

It’s time for bad auditions. It’s Gregory and Mia Tobias, 18 and 16, of Ennis, Texas. They think they’re harmonizing, but it’s terrible, like a bad car wreck. No one says a thing after, and they just walk right out. It’s probably the best for everyone.

Next up is Bruce Dickson, 19, of Bastrop, Texaas, whose father is far too involved in his life. Bruce has never even kissed a girl, let alone anything else. His father gave him a key on a chain, and his father wears the heart. When he meets his future wife, his father will give her the heart necklace, so his son will then have the key to his fiance’s heart. Ryan tells the dad that if he meets a girl out in Hollywood, he’s in big trouble. He tells the judges about this whole thing, and Simon is dumbfounded. He sings Ain’t No Sunshine for them, and it’s rough, but good. Randy tells him he has a good voice, but … and Simon feels it’s a voice that sounds good in the room, but won’t be good when they see him back on TV. Paula doesn’t hear an R&B singer and feels he needs to find who he is first. Everyone votes no, and when he asks for advice, he’s told to kiss some girls, or even Ryan on the way out. Stay away from your dad, though, as that whole thing gives me the creeps. Then team up with the gal that doesn’t watch R rated movies from yesterday.

Pia “Zpia” Easely, 24, of Chicago, Illinois, is a model and musician and also sings background. She sings I’ve Got to Use My Imagination for the judges and she has quite the unique look and sound, with a close cropped bleached blonde faux hawk. Simon smiles slightly and calls it a great audition, saying she’s interesting. He thinks she doesn’t have the demeanor of a backup singer, as they’re usually like whipped donkeys, and Randy suggests they all have welts on their back. Simon likes Zpia because she’s stylish and confident. Paula likes her too and would like to see what her range is. Randy loves her “three,” and that right there is her ticket to Hollywood.


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