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The Amazing Race, November 11th – A Freaking Nailbiter!

Nick and Don reach the jagged path, and take off, with TK and Rachel literally on their heels, with TK passing them, screaming in pain. Nate and Jen arrive on the bus, complaining all the way. TK and Rachel catch a cab right away after, while Nick and Don wait for one. TK and Rachel get right back out of the cab, wanting someone that speaks English, as Jen and Nate walk the walk after all these weeks of talking the talk. TK and Rachel finally find a cab, while Nick and Don continue to wait. TK doesn’t wan to see them leave, but it s a competition. They finally find a taxi, just as Nate and Jen finish.

Jen repeats a mantra, “I don’t wait to get eliminated,” as TK and Rachel run in for second place, unbelievably. To anyone that says they didn’t try, Rachel answers they’ve been trying their hardest all day. The other two teams keep getting stuck by red lights, and see the plaza coming in the distance. The team that makes it in third place is Nick and Don. Don says they started out not wanting to go out first, as they’d be embarrassing their family, but then the goal became to make it to the final three, and here they are.

Jen and Nate step onto the mat, and Jen braces herself, hearing they are the last team. He says it sucks, and she echoes this, saying, “big time.” Nate knows they both wanted to win more than anything, and she talks about learning a lot about each other and their relationship, making it a huge learning experience for them. She’s not sure what is next for them, and thinks they killed their relationship during the race. They didn’t even focus on them, and only on the race. As he cries, he picks her up, and the show ends.

I think Jen’s onto something there. They were only concerned with where they were in the Race, and not where their relationship was going, and they were eliminated, despite being good players. Ron and Christina have worked on and talked about their relationship the whole time, and what were they most happy about tonight? About how great their relationship is right now. They saw the connect a long time ago and knew what they needed to do to get here. Next week when the Race ends, they’ll have won one thing for sure, with their healed relationship, and they have a one in three chance of winning a million dollars as well.

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