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The Amazing Race, November 11th – A Freaking Nailbiter!

It’s Ron with a fear of heights doing this task, and he’s not too happy about it. His daughter figures he’s peeing his pants. At least Hendekea isn’t still here, as she had that party thing going on in her pants, and it would short it out or something. Nick is disappointed that TK and Rachel made up all that time, and says he wants to shave his beard off. Jen and Nate’s driver is having a hard time with the directions. Ron finally finishes his teetering, and he’s plunged underwater, but emerges in one piece, calling himself “refreshed.” Their clue has them taking a taxi back to the rail, then to the GK tea house where they’ll drink a cup of tea. At the bottom of the cup is their next clue. They’re hoping to get the 7:16 rail.

The other three teams arrive at the roadblock, and it will be Rachel doing it first, laughing the whole time. As she plunges underwater, Nate goes up on the teeter totter, with Jen wishing she was doing it. Rachel now done, she and TK have to do their speed bump. They’ll need to drive a mile away and take part in a lantern festival. Donning safety suits, they’ll dash through a gauntlet (you just know that was one of Phil’s words that I stole) of fireworks, then will be doused with water. When they’re done, they may go back to where they left off in the race. It’s Don that goes up on the teeter totter while Nate is plunged underwater. Both teams finish and make their way back.

TK and Rachel do their speed bump, running through the fireworks, with TK feeling like he’s running through a war zone. They finish and make their way back, with TK joking that if they get eliminated, at least they went out with a bang. Ooh, that was a bad one, TK. As Jen and Nate reach the rail, they hope to beat not just TK and Rachel, but also Nick and Don. She wants the 7:36 rail, but is told the earliest is 8:00. She begs from the bottom of her heart (pretty shallow anyway), but is told the machine can’t do it. Nick and Don arrive and get the same 8:00 spiel.

TK hopes to reach the others waiting for the rail, knowing that if they don’t make the train, they could be completely out of the race. Sure enough, using that self-self kiosk, a machine that can do the tickets quicker apparently, they make the same rail as the others, and Jen is distraught, saying she can’t handle it anymore.

Ron and Christina get off their rail and find a taxi driver to take them to the tea house. Nick and Don joke around with TK and Rachel about Nate and Jen being so pissed off. Jen is busy bitching, saying it bothers her as they work so hard, but TK and Rachel are just so mellow all the time. TK figures she’s just pissy because they aren’t fighting all the time like her and Nate. Ron and Christina get their tea and start drinking, while the others are getting off the rail and catching cabs.

Jen is still griping about it being her birthday, as those three teams make their way to the tea house. Nate calls it a “freaking nailbiter.” Ron and Christina finish their tea and get a clue that has them going to the Gong Guan Night Market, where they need to get the next clue from a clown. Reaching the clown, Ron and Christina get a clue, a Detour – Fire or Earth. In Fire, teams will make their way to a park, and participate in a ritual, writing messages on lanterns, burning spirit money under the lanterns, filling them with hot air and lifting them into the sky. They need to do this with 20 lanterns to get the next clue. In Earth, teams will walk on a jagged path for 220 feet. Ron and Christina decide on this one, since it would be faster, even though it will hurt.

Nick and Don drink their tea, while the other two teams are still searching for it. They finally find it, just as Nick and Don are finishing. TK and Rachel take the tea with them and walk, as she doesn’t want to drink it now and burn herself, and the rules say they can walk with it. Jen finishes her tea and gets a local to lead them to the market. Ron and Christina make their way down the jagged rock path, and she says it feels like her feet are being eaten alive. He just keeps repeating, “Pressure on. Pressure off.” It has to be said … Wax on. Wax off.

The other three teams find out from locals they need to find a clown and search for him. Ron and Christina finish their walk and receive a clue, sending them to the pit stop by taxi through the busy streets, to Chiang Kai-Shek Plaza, a monument to the late president of the Republic of China. Ron and Chresitina know they have finally merged into one team and they also figure they have to end up in first place.

Nick and Don get the clue from the clown followed by TK and Rachel, and finally Nate and Jen do as well. They decide to do Earth, as do the others. The others take taxis, but Nate and Jen take a bus, as she insists it will be faster. They take the tram to the bus, and he’s still complaining. She tells him to step up and make the decisions because he’s the man, and they argue about it. He tells her honestly, he can’t stand her, as she was the one that got them into that mess, as she insisted they get on the subway. They take a bus anyway, and he calls her a poor teammate, as she tells him thanks for ruining her “fricking birthday.”

Ron and Christina find the Plaza, say they love each other, and jump onto Phil’s mat, where he pronounces them team #1. As the winners of this leg, they have won a trip for two on behalf of Travelocity to Curacao. Phil tells them he’s never seen them looking happier. Ron feels blessed to have his daughter there to teach him to be a better person, while she admits just the fact that he’s changed, he’s never been so proud of her, his daughter.


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