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The Amazing Race, November 11th – A Freaking Nailbiter!

It will probably take a miracle, but TK and Rachel could stage a comeback here tonight on The Amazing Race, despite being three hours behind the other teams. They could get caught up with the help of an airline layover, and with enough snafus by other teams, they could make it past their speed bump. But The Goth Couple did the same and went through the speed bump quickly, making it to the next challenge ahead of Nate and Jen even, but in the end, they still came in last place. TK and Rachel seem to have even less advantages going into this.

Leaving first from Osaka, Japan, are Ron and Christina, leaving at 7:02 AM. She is very proud of her dad lately, as he’ll start off yelling, then stop and switch it up. She’s happy with the progress he’s made with this. It can’t be easy to work on such a thing in the public eye and under the presser of a race for a million dollars. They will need to travel by taxi across the city to find a building with a hole in it, then figure out that The Floating Garden they’re looking for is an observatory located on the roof, where they’ll find their next clue.

The next team to leave are Nate and Jen at 7:15 A.M. It’s Jen’s birthday today, and she’s insisting this is her birthday present. She also vows they aren’t playing nice, while he makes comparisons to them playing like The Incredible Hulk, ripping their shirts off and exploding. Perhaps a little maturity is in order here. Nicholas and Donald leave at 7:21 A.M., and Don is talking about not being able to keep up with the others like he wants to. Regardless, he’s in the final four, so the old guy’s doing pretty good.

Ron is having no problem, as he and Christina search for the observatory. They find a sign that says it opens at 10:00 A.M., meaning it will be a great equalizer, allowing TK and Rachel time to catch up. At 10:00, The first three teams race to the elevators. Nate and Jen think they’re in the lead because of her pushing ahead of the others, and he’s a little miffed that she even pushed past him. However, it’s Ron and Christina that get up there first. They find a clue telling them to fly to Taipei, Taiwan, where they’ll take a taxi to Taipei Main Station for their next clue. As Nate and Jen get their clue, they say they were hoping to stay in Osaka longer to get more of a lead on TK and Rachel.

Finally allowed to leave at 10:18 A.M., TK and Rachel discuss the upcoming speed bump. He vows there will be no quitting until they get to the pit stop. The others are on their way to the airport, and keeping even with Nate and Jen, Christina knows she and her father have their competition cut out for them. Nick and Grandpa Don are the last to leave, and Nick thinks they’re all playing the game like pansies, with no competitors left in the game, but I think Jen and Christina might have a problem with that statement.

TK and Rachel can’t figure out what the floating garden is, as they look outside on the grounds. Ron admits his fear lies with getting eliminated, but Christina thinks they’re a stronger team than the others. While they’re calling the others smart, Nate is saying the only thing he knows about Taiwan is that Thai food is good. Great, that should be a big bonus for you here. TK and Rachel tire of looking for the garden and finally make their way inside the building.

The other three teams arrive at the airport, and while Ron and Christina secure a flight leaving at 1:00 P.M., Nate and Jen try their best to get on the same flight. Nick and Don get a flight leaving at 1:35 P.M., while TK and Rachel walk right by the clue box at the observatory. Christina tells the woman helping them to tell the others all seats are full, and she does. Jen calls her out on it, but Christina swears she didn’t say anything. This, of course, causes an argument between Nate and Jen, and she can’t believe he’s that mean to her on her birthday. How many more times do you think she’ll mention that today? The good news is that TK and Rachel finally find the clue box.

Nick and Don check for other airlines, and find another that leaves at 1:15, so they head in that direction to find those tickets. The ticket agent sends Nate and Jen in the same direction as Nick and Don, as Jen says she’s tired of Ron and Christina always being one step ahead of them. Christina knows they got the last tickets on that flight and doesn’t feel guilty at all. Ron is a little afraid to play dirty like this though, saying he’ll just play mum. Hey, it’s not like the other teams wouldn’t have done it to them.

Touching down at 2:51 P.M., Ron and Christina head to Main Station. When Nate and Jen land, they decide to exchange money and get caught up in the immigration line. TK and Rachel are ecstatic to run into Nate and Jen and Nick and Don in line. Jen is just sick about it, too. Ron and Christina reach Main Station and the clue box, and find they need to travel by high speed rail, then taxi, to Jiji, finding the Acrobatics Jump, to get their next clue.

The other three teams take off in taxis, and Jen is saying she has hatred in her blood right now, and wants to rip TK’s dreads right out of his head. Rachel points out it’s not like they’re doing anything personally to Jen. Ron and Christina board the high speed rail and take off right away, keeping their lead. The others board their own high speed rail not too long after, but not until TK gets detailed instructions on how to buy tickets at the self-serve kiosk. All three of those teams catch the same rail.

Ron and Christina catch their taxi and take off right away, and Jen bemoans the fact that they’re in last place as their three taxis take off. Ron and Christina reach the clue box and find a Roadblock. One person must become a passenger in a car which is on a giant teeter totter, rocking back and forth 25 feet above the ground. They will then board an amphibious vehicle, and be driven underwater for 17 seconds, holding their breath. Phil jokes, I think jokes, that if they’re still alive after this, they’ll receive their next clue.


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