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The Amazing Race, January 6th – He's Like a Bitch to Me

TK and Rachel are finally arriving, having no idea where anyone else is, and I nearly forgot about them here. Nick is still in the streets, asking for directions. Jen complains about her troubles to Nate, but he says he can’t listen to her, as he’s too distracted. Ron and Christina’s driver is having a hard time breathing, and Ron hopes he doesn’t croak on them.

Making it to the Temple, Nate and Jen find a Detour – Sense of Touch or Sense of Smell. In Sense of Touch, teams will make their way on foot and use miniature robots, controlled by cell phones, to play a game of soccer against robotic defenders. Once they each score a goal, the ref will give them their clue. In Sense of Smell, teams will make their way to a flower shop with artificial flowers. They’ll then use only their noses to find the only real flowers in the shop.

Nate and Jen decide to find the closest task and walk with a local to the nearest one. They settle on Sense of Smell, as she believes she has the nose of a bloodhound. Ron and Christina arrive, and she also thinks she has a good sense of smell, so they head to the flower shop. Nick is still driving around Osaka. He finally finds his grandpa and they make their way to the Temple.

Once in front of the flower shop, Nate and Jen think about asking inside the flower shop to see where it is. Hmm. Nick and Don decide to do Sense of Touch, thinking their smellers won’t work well. Ron and Christina get into the flower shop, and she has him clear his nose by blowing it right away. To not double up on their efforts, they decide to start on the second floor. Nick carries Grandpa Don’s bag for him as he’s starting to struggle, believing if he didn’t help him, he would be letting himself down. They try to figure out how to move the robots while they play the game. Don laughs that his 6 year old grandson can beat him at video games, so this is going to be hard for him.

Jen is sniffing way too many flowers and beginning to feel like she’s in a Pink Floyd video. Ron and Christina split the room up, and he says he’s working hard to give her encouragement, still working on that change thing. Meanwhile, Nate is doing everything he can to demoralize Jen, saying she needs to just be quiet and smell, as all he hears is talking. Don struggles with the robot, but his airline pilot grandson doesn’t have much of a problem.

Hey, here’s TK and Rachel; I nearly forgot about them again. He says for all they know they’re a half a day behind … well, it seems like it at this point. Jen and Nate head upstairs in the flower shop and she says it was a mistake not to do the other one. Don continues to struggle with the robots, falling instead of kicking, as he says he doesn’t even own a computer at home. Nate and Jen excitedly take the fake flowers downstairs as she does a celebratory dance. Let’s hop it won’t be embarrassing the entire World of Dance again. They receive a clue to travel by taxi to the next pit stop, Tempozan Park. She’s hellbent on finally being first place.

They ask drivers if they know where the park is, but can’t find any that know. Ron and Christina find the fake flowers and catch a taxi while Nate and Jen are still looking for a good taxi. Ron and Christina aren’t sure what happened to Nick and Don, saying for all they know they already finished the other Detour and are at the pit stop. Don’t forget, they also don’t know where TK and Rachel are.

Nate and Jen find a local that knows where the park is to tell a driver where it is. She gets mad at Nate getting in the car, believing he pushed her. Christina is proud of her dad, though, as she wants to make it the first official day where he didn’t lose his temper. Don is still working on making a goal, and finally gets it after setting himself up for the shot. As they make their way to a taxi, Don says his grandson is an intelligent headstrong guy, and he’s not sure if he could have done this with someone else.

Ron and Christina’s driver stops to ask for directions, which isn’t a good sign, yet they still jump on the mat first, for the second time in the race. They are definitely stoked and win an electric vehicle that seats four and is environmentally safe. Phil tells Christina to give her dad credit, and she does, saying he didn’t lose his temper once, and they got along great. He knows it’s a critical time, so they want to keep on being a cohesive team.

Nate and Jen run in for second place, and she is very pissy about it, saying “It is Awn.” He says they’re going to be finishing last … huh? Oops, major faux pax as he meant finishing the last leg first. Don and Nick run onto the mat in third place, and Don admits to being tired at almost 69 years old, being 45 years old than everyone … except Ron. He vows to be as physically aggressive as he can to keep up with everyone to try and win.

TK and Rachel go through the Roadblock, and are pretty sure they’re in last place by this point. They’re just going to hope for the best. She does the Roadblock, saying before TK was in her life, she was pretty miserable, but he appeared and set her right. They do the flower shop challenge, and he says they have concentrated on being themselves and the fact that they’re still together as strong as they were proves it was meant to be. They laugh in the cab out the last challenge, and I nearly forgot … she owns a flower shop!

Running onto the mat, TK and Rachel are as we all know the last to arrive, but they are SAVED! It’s, indeed, a non-elimination leg of the race, and being nearly three hours behind the other teams, they will have to face a speed bump on the next leg of the race, slowing them down even more. They don’t look thrilled and look very down, but TK says they’ll try their damnedest to catch those other teams and beat them. All they need to do is think of Uchenna and Joyce during their first season!

This is honestly and positively anybody’s race at this point, as you never know when one of those great Race equalizers will come along. And even if TK and Rachel have to complete an extra challenge, it could be before they end up somewhere waiting with all the other teams for something to open up. They could make their three hours up waiting for a flight. And each of those other three teams have proven they have what it takes. Don is starting to tire a little, but I think he has it in him to see this thing to the end. It’s really only a matter of days now. Ron seems to have solved the equation on how to treat his daughter with respect and work together, and Jen and Nate could easily be minutes ahead in first place instead of minutes behind in second place. It ought to make next week very interesting.

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