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The Amazing Race, January 6th – He's Like a Bitch to Me

I really hated seeing The Goth Couple, Kynt and Vyxsin, definitely one of the most interesting teams ever to play The Amazing Race, leave last week. It’s hard to to fathom that the guy that entered with his grandpa (Nick and Don) and the gal that entered with her dad (Christina and Ron) are still hanging in there. We expected the two younger couples, Nate and Jen, and TK and Rachel, to be there, but not the older ones. It would be a complete shock for one of those teams to leave this week. Personally, though, I’m thinking it will be the second nom-elimination week tonight, as we’re running out of time to have it.

First to leave Mumbai, India, are TK and Rachel at 1:25 P.M. Self-confidence is a problem for Rachel normally, but with TK, she just doesn’t have those fears, so it’s been a lot better for her during the Race. The first clue for this leg has them flying to Osaka, Japan, then traveling by taxi to a castle where they’ll search the grounds for a clue. TK and Rachel head to a hotel to check for airline tickets.

Next to leave are Nick and Grandpa Don. Nick calls it a big responsibility for him to be leading the team, and Don thinks he’s done well, but says it’s difficult to keep up with his grandson. For his part, Nick thinks his grandpa is doing well, yet he’s not 23. When he was that young, though, he wanted to go to Japan when he was in the service, so now with the the aid of his grandson, he’ll finally get there.

Ron and Christina, leaving at 1:44 PM, are really stoked to be going to Japan. She spent six months in Japan learning Japanese once. They head to a travel agency to look for airline tickets, and while doing this, Ron is keeping in mind that he needs to keep his explosive temper under wraps. At least he’s aware and working on it, I guess. Nick and Don find their way to the airport, while Ron and Christina are at a travel agency.

Nate and Jen are the last to leave at 2:38 P.M. She talks about how they always say they need to stop arguing, but never do. Their last obstacle is to finally accomplish this. He agrees they need to pull together as a team, saying he had a fantasy the other night that they were running for the finish line, and it’s hard to hear what he says, but it sounds like he was talking about tripping people. Nice guy. I guess as long as they pull together as a team, it will be okay.

TK and Rachel are still at the hotel and they find a 6:55 flight, but they want to make sure it’s the earliest. Nick and Don are at the airport, but their tickets are for 8:30. TK makes doubly sure their flight is the earliest, and he is assured of that. Ron and Christina are still at the travel agency and they get tickets as well, but we aren’t allowed to see the flight time. She’s busy making sure their flight is direct, but her dad wants her to realize she needs to ask for non-stop, as there is a difference. Ron bitches as they get to the airport, because he has to walk to find the entrance to the airport. He then says he’d like to change overnight, but it’s not that easy. Again, at least he’s trying.

Nate and Jen get tickets on the 8:30 flight. Nate and Jen see Ron and Christina and Nick and Don, so they figure that’s good, but they can’t figure out what happened to TK and Rachel. They have two stopovers on the way to Japan, but the other three teams only have one stopover, Hong Kong. TK and Rachel can’t find the others on their stopovers, and have no idea what it means for them. Remember that earlier they had that problem of racing alone and never seeing the other teams, not being sure if they were in the back or the front.

The first ones to actually land in Osaka, Japan, are indeed the other three teams. Don compares his grandson to a bitch, the way he carries his bags for him all the time. That’s nice. Nate and Jen make it out of the airport first, and she says it’s about time they started kicking the old teams’ asses. Ron and Christina hop in a cab, and she gets a chance to try out her language skills, telling the driver to go faster in Japanese. She laughs at the thought Nate and Jen think they can beat them and Nick and his grandpa. Nick again talks about wanting to come to Japan, saying it looks so clean. Ron starts to wonder where TK and Rachel are, and he suspects they’re behind them. Nick is wondering if they went to Osaka, India.

Nate and Jen arrive at the castle, but can’t find the clue box. The spot it on the other side of the water, and getting it, it tells them to travel by taxi to Noda Station, where they need to find the cleaning man to get the next clue. Ron and Christina make a big mistake, not seeing where Jen and Nate came from, and head inside, until she realizes it says search the grounds. They get the clue as Nick and Grandpa Don arrive, also starting from the inside of the castle. They use this as a vantage point to find the clue quicker. Don is getting very out of breath, unhealthily out of breath. Ron and Christina notice that their driver is using a GPS. All the way to Japan to find they don’t know where they’re going either.

First to find the cleaning man, Nate and Jen receive their clue, a Roadblock, asking which team member is a backrest driver. Jen knows it’s her. Yeah, I’ll bet. She will have to find out first hand what it takes to navigate the streets of Osaka by becoming a taxi driver. She’ll need to put on a hat and gloves and transport a local couple through some confusing streets. The couple is not allowed to help with directions. I’m guessing they won’t have the benefit of that GPS either.

Ron and Christina arrive and get their clue as well. Christina decides to do the task, since she speaks the language. The problem is that she isn’t a good driver, as her father says she doesn’t have a good sense of direction. Jen has no clue and is asking directions from the only English speaking people she can find. Christina is just trying to figure out how to work the car. She admits to not even owning a car, as she takes public transportation.

Nick and Don arrive, and after Don begrudgingly admits to being tired, Nick decides to do the task. He walks around looking for English speakers as well. Christina has the only advantage here in that she can speak the language at least. However, she’s thinking driving skills would have helped more here. Nick asks the couple he’s driving if they’re hot, saying he needs to keep the customers happy. Ron is busily sharing his water and peanuts with Don while they wait.

Jen went past her stop and has to figure out how to go back around, as do Christina and Nick. Christina takes the smart option to follow the post office truck. Yet, Jen is the first to make the drop. Now, though, she needs to find her way back. Christina drops her couple and is also making her way back. Nick drops his load, and gets back into it as well. Jen finds her way back, but can’t get across. Christina finds it and yells out, “Daddy!” throughout, hoping her father will hear her, but he doesn’t, just asking the others if they hear someone yelling, “Daddy.”

Jen opens up her clue with Nate, and it tells them to take a taxi to Kita-Mido Temple where they’ll find the next clue. Getting back in a cab, on the other side of the partition, Jen tries to pantomime to her driver what race means. Christina gets her car parked finally and runs in to get her dad, since he didn’t respond to, “Daddy.” Nick meanwhile is lost, as the pilot says it’s easier to land a plane than it is to drive in Osaka.


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