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The Amazing Race, December 30th – Mixing Up Pachyderms and People

Last week on The Amazing Race, we got to see the newest version of what happens to a team during a non-elimination week. Unfortunately for the Goth Couple, Kynt and Vyxsin, they’ll be witnessing it first hand as they will have a surprise challenge, called a speed bump, sprung on them that only they will need to complete in order to move on. If they stay at the back of the pack, they don’t have much of a chance, but if we get a great equalizer in the way of a flight or challenge that doesn’t open until a certain time the following morning, and they can get back in the pack, they might just stick around if someone else has a particularly hard time.

Newly tattooed Nick and Grandpa Don are the first to leave Florence, Italy, at 10:12 P.M. Nick mentions that he knows if he is running a race with a 70 year old man, he knows he has to look out for him somewhat. He does realize that his grandpa is very driven, but he thinks that prevents him from seeing his limits. They will need to fly to Mumbai, India, and ride a rickshaw to a newspaper stand where they will search a newspaper for their next clue. They head to an internet café to get a flight. They get tickets, leaving at 6:50 A.M., and getting them to India at 10:35 P.M.

Nate and Jen leave next at 11:55 P.M., with him thinking that their relationship is on the way up. She believes the key is remembering how disgusting their behavior was before. Well, that would work for me, but I just don’t see this ending for them. Ron and Christina leave at 1:06 A.M., and he is hoping that the City of Renaissance will lead to a new renaissance for him as a father, to make his daughter proud of him. They call around for flights and wind up with the same flight as Nick and Grandpa Don.

Leaving at 2:11 A.M., TK and Rachel feel like they have been racing for second to last place the last few legs. She knows they’re keeping their strategy of keeping mellow, but she’s still feeling something is hovering over them. The Goth Couple leave last at 3:23 A.M., and she feels like she’s waking up from a bad dream, as it happens so rarely when the two of them aren’t in sync. He talks about the speed bump they’ll be facing, and doesn’t seem very excited.

Nate and Jen reach the airport, but don’t arrange for tickets first. They find it closed, and later on when Ron and Christina arrive, they mention they haven’t even seen Nick and his grandpa yet. TK and Rachel arrive, only to find the place closed as well, and much later, The Goth Couple arrive. The airport opens at 4:30 A.M., and everyone makes a dash to the ticket counter to find it doesn’t open until 5:30.

Nick and Don awake from a hotel room, feeling pretty refreshed. Ron and Christina get in line wanting to pick up their tickets they reserved, and Jen wonders what’s up with The Goth Couple, or The Pinks as she calls them, as she watches them flit from counter to counter trying to get tickets. They wind up at a counter and are told the fastest flight leaves at 10:00 AM, arriving at 1:00 A.M. the following morning. Nick and Don arrive, and while everyone knows they have already gotten their tickets, no one figured on Ron and Christina getting theirs earlier as well.

Once the ticket counter opens up, Nate and Rachel are able to get tickets on the same flight with the other two teams, and TK and Rachel try to get the same, but find the flight full. The Goth Couple try to find a flight that will get them out sooner than 10:00. They find one that will get them in at 10:50 P.M., not too much later than the others. TK and Rachel are given the information about the 1:00 A.M. flight, and they book the flight. The Goth Couple do “performance art” pretending that they’re stuck with the 1:00 flight so that TK and Rachel don’t catch on. They know with the speed bump they need the few hour advantage on them.

Those on the first flight find their connecting flight out of Paris delayed, while The Goth Couple ends up landing in Mambai first getting their rickshaw, as Vyxsin is in awe of being in India. The others arrive at 11:05 P.M. and get their rickshaws as well. The Goth Couple arrive at the newspaper stand to find it doesn’t open until 6:00 A.M, while Christina is completely jazzed to be on the rickshaw on the highway, and everyone from this flight joins The Goth Couple and a stray dog waiting around for the newspaper stand to open up. Jen feels her and Nate’s nerves are up in a big way, getting them pumped up. TK and Rachel arrive in time to make everyone equal once again, which is exactly what Kynt and Vyxsin didn’t need.

The stand opens up, and everyone grabs papers, pouring through them, looking for the clue. Nick makes sure they stand by the other teams so that when they find it, he can get a better idea of exactly where the clue is. Vyxsin ends up finding the clue first, which tells them to ride the rickshaw to a tailor to get their next clue. Ron and Christina find it it next, while Jen is screaming when the dog comes up to her. TK and Rachel find it and take off, and Nick’s plan of being next to someone as they find it was foiled, but once they do, it leaves just Jen and Nate searching the paper.

The Goth Couple gets out of their rickshaw to look for the tailor, but are in the wrong spot. Nick and Grandpa Don get to the tailor first and find The Goth Couple’s speed bump as well. They also find a Detour – Paste ’em or Thread ’em. In Paste ’em, teams will go to an underpass and use supplies to plaster a movie poster to the wall, but they have to paste several panels just right, or might have to restart. In thread ’em, teams will make their way to a flower market, and make a wedding garland, threading flowers onto a garland the right way, then deliver it to the bride and groom.

Nick and Don decide to do the Paste ’em, as Grandpa Don used to work in the print industry where they did billboard panels like that. Ron and Christina arrive and decide to do Paste ’em as well. Meanwhile, Nate and Jen are still searching, knowing they’re wasting time. The Goth Couple are still searching for the tailor while TK and Rachel arrive, deciding to do Thread ’em, as Rachel works in the flower business. Too bad no one works in the airline business.

The Goth Couple finally find their speed bump. They need to perform yoga, following a master, then go back to the Detour. If any one was going to have to do this, I would think they’re a good choice, although Nate and Jen could use a little stress relief as they have finally just found the clue. He calls the stress they are now experiencing the last thing they needed. Nick and Grandpa Don aren’t finding the underpass, but Ron and Christina reach it with seemingly no problems, as TK and Rachel begin their garland making. Ron has a hard time hanging the poster, as he complains Christina was too cheap with the paste. Plus, he’s too short to reach the targeted area, and when he stands on a crate, he breaks it. It’s all slightly comical in a way.

Relieving some stress, The Goth Couple do their yoga, with him saying the moves are getting harder and harder. However, he enjoys the chance to see Vyxsin twisting and contorting her body. Nick and Grandpa Don meet up with Ron and Christina and watch them to see how it’s done. Nate and Jen are searching for the tailor, knowing they are in last place. Jen figures The Goth Couple is probably already done with the speed bump, as they have “supernatural powers.” Sure, they could be the newest super power.

The Goth Couple finish, and head back to the Detour, as Ron finds the poster is up too high, so they have to try and fix it, forcing him and Christina to argue about whose fault it is. TK and Rachel wonder why they don’t see the other teams around … once again, but The Goth Couple have decided that this will be the Detour they do. They like the interior of the cab they’re riding in, thinking the darkness reminds them of a coffin. The question is how much of it do they mean, and how much of it is an act.

Christina tries to fix the poster, but her father tells her she’s going to mess everything up. She asks him to please encourage her, but I somehow don’t see that happening. Nick and Grandpa Don finish, and get a clue to go to Kabutar Khana, where they willface the second of only two U-Turns on the race. They can force another team to go back and do the other part of the Detour they didn’t do. Ron and Christina make another attempt and find the eye now meets up right on the panels, but a different part is now off.

Nate and Jen are threading the flowers and arguing as they go along. He can’t understand why she can’t do it since she’s a girl, and she points out he couldn’t row a boat, but was a guy. He argues he doesn’t row every day, and she says she doesn’t thread flowers every day either. TK and Rachel finish and head to the U-Turn. Nate and Jen see The Goth Couple arrive, and Jen can’t believe they are done with their speed bump already. They can’t believe it either. Nate and Jen continue to argue, as The Goth Couple are focused and calm after their yoga session. Ron and Christina are still arguing, and fixing their poster, arguing not just with each other, but with the guy in charge of the challenge as well.

Back at the garland making, Jen is upset that she feels Nate is attacking her sexuality, and I’m assuming she’s talking about him thinking she should be able to do it since she’s a girl. In addition, his voice is making her sick. Ron and Christina take the whole poster down with Christina saying she’ll just restart and redo it, not making her father happy at all. He felt demoralized that she redid everything and doesn’t want to admit defeat as she takes charge; however, she does a great job and they finally pass this, heading to the U-turn. They’re worried they will be targeted.

TK and Rachel arrive first at the U-turn, and decide not to use it, as he says in the front of the pack, you shouldn’t, as you’ll make certain enemies. They will now travel by taxi to Bharatgas Colaba, a propane gas depot, to find the next clue. Nick and Grandpa Don arrive at the U-turn, surprisingly at the same time as Ron and Christina. Nick and Don don’t U-turn anyone, and Christina says they would have U-turned Nick and Don, but The Goth Couple are already on their speed bump anyway, so they won’t U-turn anyone.

The garland making is still proceeding, and Nick and Grandpa Don are the first to arrive at the gas depot, a Roadblock. One person from each team will load a cart with six tanks of propane, then deliver three tanks to each of two home addresses and take receipts left on the door as proof of delivery. They need to hand a person at the end the receipts and original orders to get the next clue. Nick knows navigating and delivering is his forte, so he’ll do the task.

Ron decides to do the task for him and Christina, and has a hard time pedaling the cart in the beginning. Nate and Jen finish their garland as The Goth Couple continue to work on theirs. However, Jen thinks the elephant in the street is the bride and groom. No wonder she hasn’t gotten married yet. The Goth Couple finish just after this and deliver to the correct people, not pachyderms. Nick has a hard time doing the navigating he was so sure of.

Nate hopes to get to the U-turn first, saying they’ll have to U-turn the Goth Couple, while Vyxsin is hoping they don’t find their picture already up there when they arrive. Nick has to deliver three of his tanks to the fifth floor … with no elevator. TK has to deliver to the third floor. TK brings up all three tanks at one time, prompting Nick to call him macho man as he does just one tank at a time. Ron picks up a local to help him find the addresses, and Jen complains yet again, asking the driver of their cab to go faster.

The Goth Couple arrive at the U-turn first and don’t know who is behind them, but figure it could be Nate and Jennifer. They exercise the U-turn which is smart game play at this point. However, they don’t know for sure who is behind them, so Kynt U-turns Nick and Don, who are long gone. Vyxsin gets upset that he didn’t U-turn Nate and Jen. Once there, Jen can only concentrate on how The Goth Couple got there before them.

As TK and Nick are finishing their deliveries, Ron is finally finding his. Nate decides he and Jen aren’t good at stressing out. Ya think? TK and Rachel are the first to complete the task, and get instructions to go to the pit stop, Bandra Fort. Nick and Grandpa Don finish the task as well, as Ron works on his deliveries. Why do I have a nasty feeling he won’t remember to save the receipts and orders? I’m wrong, though, as he finishes, with the right things, and they take off for the pit stop.

The Goth Couple reach the Roadblock first, and Kynt decides he’ll do the delivering. Vyxsin sees Nate and Jen show up and knows for sure they U-turned the wrong team. Jen decides she’ll do the Roadblock, as she may be small, but she can lift a a lot. Kynt has a hard time navigating the cart without brakes, but Nick is having worse troubles as he has the cab stop so he can puke on the side of the road. And he was only transporting one tank at a time!

TK and Rachel jump onto Phil’s mat to be in first place. As winners of this leg, they receive a trip to St. Martin, courtesy of Travelocity. It sets in to Rachel that they will now be one of four teams competing for the big money here. TK thinks winning the million would be “freaking awesome.” Totally. Fer sure.

Kynt gets help on finding the brakes on the cart, then gets help finding the addresses. Jen makes her delivery, but leaves the receipt on the door. While Nick and Grandpa Don step onto the mat for second place, Jen is finding it hard to find the brakes on the cart as well. Kynt reaches the same building and is in the elevator when needs to make her second delivery. She wants him to let her get in the elevator with him, but he refuses. He does it one better and won’t close the door to the elevator while he’s upstairs so that she can’t use the elevator-until he comes back. She makes the second delivery and realizes she forgot the other receipt and needs to go back.

Ron and Christina arrive in front of Phil to become team #3, as Kynt and Jen continue to race against each other. Jen finishes first, moments ahead of Kynt. Jen searches for someone that speaks English to drive them to the pit stop, and luckily this time she knows the difference between pachyderms and people. Kynt meanwhile has forgotten the orders and has to go back and get them. He’s got a little time as Jen and Nate go the wrong way and have to double back. Kynt gets back with the receipts, and they hop in a cab and go, just as Jen and Nate get their cab. Jen thinks The Goth Couple have witch powers now, with supernatural powers no longer being good enough.

Nate tells Jen she’s only making it worse that she keeps complaining, yet they end up on the mat for fourth place. She jumps up and down saying she’s so excited.Phil asks if they know who’s behind them, and they figure it’s Kynt and Vyxsin, but Nate says they beat them everywhere today, so he wouldn’t be surprised if they checked in ten minutes ago.

However, it is The Goth Couple ending up on the mat in last place, getting eliminated. Phil tells them he is sorry to see them go, but he does have to give them the award as the most fashionable team ever on the Race. As exotic as they look on the surface, Kynt knows they’re still just couple of kids from Kentucky. She wants it known that that although the Race is over for them, the adventure with Kynt will never end.

Phil’s right. Kynt and Vyxsin were the most fashionable, but not only that, they were different, bringing some definitely excitement to the Race. They did really well for themselves here, and o nay faltered last week when they had a squabble with each other, losing their focus. This week, they had an extra challenge, and still stayed even with everyone else. Without that, there’s no way they would have still been eliminated.

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