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The Amazing Race, December 23rd – Prego, Not Just a Spaghetti Sauce

The Goth Couple reach the Detour and choose the Intervention. Seeing the Invention, they decide to move on and do Tradition. Driving there they see TK and Rachel reaching the Detour, and they decide to do the Intervention as well. The Goth Couple start arguing about the way she is driving, and he screams at her, demanding she stop the car. She tells him no, and he wants to jump out. They eventually switch places, and he tells her she can’t throw her little temper tantrums. She feels their day has had a trend to it, and they’ll end up being eliminated this time. She demands they switch places back, since he can’t drive stick. The car won’t go into gear, and she blames him, prompting her just to shut up for once today. It just seems so uncharacteristic for them, so you can tell they’re really stressed.

TK and Rachel are working on the Invention, slowly but surely lifting the stone. The Goth Couple leave the car for dead, knowing their replacement car should be there when they get back. Ron and Christina jump onto the mat in third place.. Rachel pushes the mirror under the stone, and they receive their clue. They can’t believe it that while driving to the pit stop, they see The Goth Couple just arriving at the flag routine. Bad news befalls TK and Rachel as they blow their tire out, as The Goth Couple pass their flag routine.

The Goth Couple reach their replacement car and take off while TK is changing a tire. This one could go either way. The Goth Couple find Boboli Gardens, and TK and Rachel are back on the road again. It’s TK and Rachel that step onto the mat for fourth place. They’re overjoyed and call it unbelievable. The Goth Couple step on the mat for fifth place, the last to arrive, but are given a reprieve, as it’s the first of two non-elimination legs. Sometime during the next leg of the race they’ll get a “speed bump,” a task that only they need to compete while the other teams keep racing. They won’t know at what point it’s coming. Vyxsin starts to cry, saying it’s been such a hard day. She talks about their fighting, and they decide to do everything they can to beat the speed bump next week.

It went from bad to worse to worst for The Goth Couple today, as well as TK and Rachel. Neither one of them could catch a break. It was almost a race to see who could hit the most snags in their race. It was definitely a reversal of fortune as Nick and Don, before at the end of the pack, are now in the front of the pack. Perennially second place team Nate and Jen are once again coming up just short. And Ron is back to degrading Christina, and they’re back at the middle of the pack, their normal spot. It shows anything can happen on this Race, and from now on, there’s no expecting anything.

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