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The Amazing Race, December 23rd – Prego, Not Just a Spaghetti Sauce

It’s been so long since we last saw The Amazing Race, I almost couldn’t remember who was eliminated last time. I had to rack my brain for a little bit before remembering it was Azaria and Hendekea. Is it the final four or final five? It must be the final five teams left. I know Survivor likes its Sunday three hour extravaganza finales, but with The Amazing Race on Sundays now, it makes it hard to bounce back and forth after last week’s Survivor China finale.

Ron and Christina are the first to leave Dubrovnik, Croatia at 2:19 A.M. She believes that coming in first place was a testament to their relationship and how far they’ve come. Now that it’s becoming more heated in the race, the question is if their relationship will still stay cohesive and strong. They must travel by bus to Split, Croatia, then catch a ferry across the Adriatic Sea to Ancona, Italy. He’s trying to recollect any Italian he knows. He comes up with Prego, thinking it means please, but she thinks it’s just a spaghetti sauce. Well, that’s what I thought.

The Goth Couple, Kynt and Vyxsin, leave at 2:55 A.M., and she refers to them as the pink and black attack, thinking they’ll never let each other be anything less than their very best. Vyxsin believes that’s been an asset for them and a reason to their success. Kynt’s excited about going to Italy, since it’s a place known for fashion, style, and grace. Nate and Jen leave at 3:45 A.M., and he knows they had some problems on the boat on the last leg. She doesn’t think they can stop once they start breaking down and having problems.

Ron and Christina get to the bus station and complain about the cats walking all around. They lose their good lead, as the first bus won’t leave until 5:00 A.M. The Goth Couple show up, and Christina refers to seeing them as a “performance” every time. Nate and Jen are pretty excited to show up and find the others still waiting, making it a three way tie.

TK and Rachel leave at 5:37 A.M., and we know it’s much later, as it’s now light out. He knows they were pretty much racing by themselves the last few legs of the race, not ever really seeing the other teams, so he feels it adds more tension for them. They make it to the bus station and catch a bus by themselves. Nick and Grandpa Don are the last to leave at 7:06 A.M., as Nick calls it tough. They’re hoping to catch up someplace.

Amazingly, all five teams end up on the ferry together, as Kynt sits there fixing his eye liner and lip gloss. Vyxsin, knows they may all be playing cards together now, but they’ll soon be hitting Italy running … literally. And they are. The clue once they get to Italy has them driving themselves to the town of Empoli. They will need to travel to an airfield to find the next clue. Along with the clue, they’ve been given a Blackberry, as they’ll get a message on this device during the drive, but they have been given strict instructions not to use the Blackberry for any other reason.

TK decides to follow behind Nick and Grandpa Don who are stopping to ask for directions. Kynt and Vyxsin switch positions, since she’s better with a stick shift. Nate and Jennifer stop for directions as well, and get someone telling them to go to Bologna, even thought it’s out of the way. Ron and Christina decide to do the same. Everyone is getting the same instructions, except for TK and Rachel who will be headed through Rome, as someone told them this is the fastest, making her not want to share the information. The problem is, they forgot the clue behind, and once she can’t find it, they get out to look for it. He knows if they have to go back for it, they could be out of the race. They make the decision to go back and start to argue about it.

Nate and Jen know they’re headed in the right direction, but they haven’t seen anyone else, despite the fact we know everyone is headed to Bologna, except for TK and Rachel who are still on their way back. They pull over and get out where they got directions, looking for the clue. Someone finds it for them, and they take off again. Rachel thinks it feels like gold in her hand. They’re hoping since they have this faster way to get there, that it will now just make them all equal.

The blackberry with Nate and Jen goes off. It’s Nate’s mom and dad, telling him they should win, or not bother coming home. There’s no mention on how the dancing world is affected by Jill’s bad routine a few weeks back. Ron and Christina’s blackberry goes off, and it’s Ron’s other daughter, Steph, She tells them to use the experience to grow deeper together, and it makes him tear up a little. He says later it makes him feel immense joy to hear the message. The Goth Couple get a message from her parents, and she calls it the best timing, as she hasn’t been able to see them lately. Nick and his grandfather get a message from who I think is Don’s son/Nick’s dad. TK gets a message from his mom, telling him to reach down and grab the strength, making it pretty good timing for them as well. Maybe they should grab the clue as well while they’re down there.

Ron and Christina hit traffic, as do The Goth Couple and Nick and Don. They all get Detoured, and look for another way. They get out to decide what to do. Nate and Jen somehow don’t hit the Detour and end up in Empoli, picking the #1. Ron and Christina map out an alternate route, which he feels will be all night driving. The Goth Couple end up taking the same route. TK and Rachel make it to Empoli and are able to pull #2. They are shocked. Ron and Christina and The Goth Couple are driving around still, with the Goth Couple thinking they are going the wrong way, as Vyxsin says she is getting a sinking sickening feeling.


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