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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Ghost Hunters Live

While you man that door watching the cute little trick-or-treaters come by, watch the special Ghost Hunters Live on Syfy. It’s bound to give you some chills! Catch up on other TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. The Talk. The hosts dress up like Wizard of Oz characters, and Paula Deen, Clorris Leachman, and Tom Stalf are the guests today. 1:00 PM CT CBS.

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Neil Patrick Harris and Bethenny Frankel are today’s guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. Ghost Hunters Halloween Live. 6:00 PM CT Syfy

4. How I Met Your Mother. Ted connects again with the pumpkin costume girl, Barney finds out he is party Canadian, and Lily is consumed with pregnancy. 7:00 PM CT CBS

5. Sing Off. A special Halloween-themed episode. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Scared Shrekless. Shrek challenges his friends to come up with scary stories in this Halloween special. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. Terra Nova. Jim and Taylor are on the case of a murder in the colony, and Skye helps Josh with a plan to bring his girlfriend to the present time from 2149. 7:00 PM CT Fox

8. Oprah’s Lifeclass. A quarter century of lessons in lifesaving, and using intuition. 7:00 PM CT OWN

9. Basketball Wives LA. In Hawaii, the wives find that Jackie is causing trouble. 7:00 PM CT VH1

10. 2 Broke Girls. Caroline brings Max to a cake-decorating class for her to learn how to make more attractive cupcakes. 7:30 PM CT CBS

11. Dancing with the Stars. Halloween-themed with costumes and music. 7:30 PM CT ABC

12. NFL Football. San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs 7:30 PM CT ESPN

13. Two and a Half Men. While Jake develops feelings for his chemistry tutor, she’s crushing on Walden, and Alan gains an obsession with the journal left to him in his brother’s will. 8:00 PM CT CBS

14. House. A businessman gets sick before signing a contract that would move his company to China, and Park gets ready for her hearing with he disciplinary committee. 8:00 PM CT Fox

15. American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Senior and Junior show off their favorite bikes, the first client build for PJD, and a favorite moment between father and son. 8:00 PM CT Discovery

16. Hoarders. A home with mor than 30 cats within the walls and ceilings, and a husband who rarely visits his wife who is a hoarder. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

17. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa’s daughter’s engagement party becomes the social event of the season. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

18. Lottery Changed My Life. A retired town sheriff who won $70 million with Powerball. 8:00 PM CT TLC

19. The Bad Girls Club. Nastasia and Shelly settle a score, Tiara wants to get rid of Cheyenne, and Shelly shocks Judi with a truth. 8:00 PM CT Oxygen

20. Bored to Death. While showing Emily a “youthful” time, Jonathan discovers a classified ad for a detective impersonating himself. On a night out with Bernard, George learns that Richard Antrem has opened a restaurant aimed at hurting George’s restaurant. In hot water with Leah, Ray finds himself drawn to Belinda, a lonely older woman 8:00 PM CT HBO

21. Mike & Molly. Mike doesn’t like Halloween, and he and Molly are invited to her boss’s Halloween party. 8:30 PM CT CBS

22. Enlightened. LEvi is convinced by Amy to go river-rafting. 8:30 PM CT HBO

23. Hawaii Five-0. While filming a documentary about a burial site, two young people are murdered, and a drifter puts a curse on Danny. Robert Englund guest stars. 9:00 PM CT CBS

24. Rock Center with Brian Williams. A look at pregnant Chinese women looking for citizenship in the U.S., Syrian anti-government activists, an unusual unemployment rate, and a new airline boarding process. 9:00 PM CT NBC

25. Castle. Bank robbers wearing hospital scrubs hold Martha and Castle hostage, and Beckett’s efforts at a rescue are hindered by a hostage negotiator. 9:00 PM CT ABC

26. Monster In-Laws. In the first half hour, a man bribes his mother-in-law with $100,000 to stay out of his life. In the second half hour, a mother try to tear apart her daughter’s relationship. 9:00 PM CT A&E

27. The Joy Behar Show. Eva Longoria and John Edward are the guests tonight. 9:00 PM CT HLN

28. Cake Boss A self-proclaimed vampire wants a life-sized cake resembling a coffin, and a man wants to propose while in an operating room.. 9:00 PM CT TLC

29. Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas. A rowdy group of Texans fight it out for maid of honor title. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

30. How Do I Look? Bethany’s gothic style if called into question because of her age. 9:00 PM CT Style

31. Conan. Jimmy Fallon and Reggie Watts are the guests tonight. 10:00 PM CT TBS

32. Clean House New York. Social worker Susan needs to practice what she preaches! A single mother who works 80 hour weeks, she lives with her 23-year-old daughter Carly and two dogs in a relatively cramped condo in Brooklyn. Susan has a problem with collecting things and has a bigger problem with throwing things out. Years of this habitual behavior have produced an 1800 square foot condo that is dirty and cluttered. Carly feels like the mountains of junk are symbolic of the lack of positive movement in their live. Furthermore, Carly believes they work too hard and too many hours not to have a peaceful home. 10:00 PM CT Style

33. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight include Justin Bieber, Ernie Brown Jr., and Lloyd. 10:00 PM CT NBC


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