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The Amazing Race, December 9th – Hendekea Has a Party In Her Pants

Nick and Grandpa Don know Azaria and Hendekea are right behind them, so they try to maintain their lead. Don wants to discuss with Nick the proper w ay to row, and he tells him just to rest. Why do these older guys insist on knowing the right way to row? They make it to the clue box right away, and Don sends them back thorough town to get a cab, while Hendeka and Azaria are arriving. Azaria and Hendeka seem to get a cab minutes after Don and Nick, but there seems to be a real roadblock stopping the team in front. The next team to arrive on the mat are Nick and Grandpa Don, team #5.

Azaria and Hendekea arrive, and greeting the local, she does not tell him she has a party in her pants. Brother and sister are pronounced the last team to arrive and are eliminated. He says it sucks and really should get together with Jen. She says what sucks is that they beat themselves, not someone else beating them. He is definitely proud of her as she roughed it out and dealt with him the last few weeks. She knows that although he might be too hard on her, he just wants her to be the best she can, which will make their relationship stronger. He feels as a brother, part of his job is to challenge Hendekea, so to see a fire in her he’d never seen before made him proud. She knows it has definitely brought them closer together.

Karma didn’t seem to have any place in this leg of the race, unless of course you consider Jennifer bitching about the cab and bribing a private motorist, illegally, to take them. Other than that, this just came down to the team that fell behind in the order of flights, similar to Lorena and Jason falling behind badly in one leg because of the camel milking, and never being able to climb their way out the following week. There also doesn’t seem to be any great Race equalizers this time around. No one seems to be waiting around for several hours for something to open. This Race just seems to have a different flow to it, keeping it even more exciting.

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