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The Amazing Race, December 9th – Hendekea Has a Party In Her Pants

The 11:20 flight arrives in Croatia, and everyone catches cabs to St. Lawrence. Jen says she’s never seen a view like this and calls it stunning. My daughter makes an easy comparison to Acapulco. Everyone runs around the Fort looking for the clue box. The first ones to arrive are Ron and Christina, finding a Roadblock. One person from each team must help out with the renovation of city walls, damaged by repeated bombings during the Yugoslav’s Civil War of the 1990s. They will search for one of eight stones that will fit in the wall. Ron does the Roadblock, calling it a jigsaw puzzle, and she tells him to take their time since they have an easy lead on everyone else. He gets the right stone, and they’re on their way. Their next clue has them riding a tandem zip line to receive the next clue.

Nate and Jennifer and The Goth Couple are searching for the clue box still, while Ron is saying he just ate and is in fear of throwing up his lunch on the zip line. Christina warns him to not close his eyes, as he’ll never see this view again. They make it and receive the next clue, a Detour – Short and Long or Long and Short. In Short and Long, teams will repel down from the roof a the fort, then follow a marked path to the wall. Scaling the wall to the top, they’ll make their way on foot through the Old Town to reach the next clue. In Long and Short, teams will use the zip line again to the water below. swim to a platform, and choose a small fishing boat to row around the harbor, getting to the same clue box as the other Detour.

Ron and Christina decide to do the rowing, as it’s the easiest. Kynt and Nate do the Roadblock, and Vyxsin tells them it’s just like Tetris, fitting those bricks in. Nate gets it after a few tries, and he and Jennifer are on their way. Ron and Christina zip down and choose a boat. He argues a little on the right way to row a boat, but they seem to get it in gear. At the Detour, Nate and Jennifer decide to do the rowing. Ron and Christina struggle with the rowing, and she suggests they do the way he had originally wanted to do it. Kynt finally gets the right brick and the two zip down to the Detour. Nate has no idea how to row the boat, and she tells him there are other teams in front of them. He gets extremely agitated with her for saying that and gets mad at her for not trying. Ron and Christina work it out, and she’s happy for them to be doing it together, working it out. Ron says he isn’t so sure the other teams all recognize that the partnership is a key to the Race.

The Goth Couple decide to repel, as it seems quicker. Nate and Jennifer continue to argue, as she says she hates him, saying she’s never going to be with him again. Kynt thinks the repelling straps look hot on Vyxsin, as he points out she’s done it before, as she has a military father, and he’s taken her out camping and climbing. Ron and Christina make it to shore first, and Nate and Jennifer are right on their tail, still arguing. Kynt and Vyxsin climb the ladders to the roof of the building, and she tells him he looks like a little Goth action figure. Nate and Jennifer are the first to make it to the next clue box, which has them heading to the Stone Cross by taxi, the next pit stop of the Race. Ron and Christina are now tailing them.

Nate and Jennifer get a taxi, but the driver won’t take them because they’re wet. Meanwhile, Ron and Christina catch a cab. Jennifer calls it pathetic and unfair as she whines, and I mean whines. Remember, she thinks she’s owed a first place finish at some point. She screams that she’s miserable, and when he tells her it’s okay, she says it’s not and their relationship is so miserable. They flag down a regular car instead of a taxi, but I’m not sure that’s okay within the rules.

TK and Rachel finally arrive in Croatia, just as Ron and Christina are running up to the pit stop. They’re the first to arrive, team #1. Phil asks Chris who her daddy is now. They have won a catamaran. Nate and Jennifer arrive after, with her still complaining. Told they’re team #2, she exclaims, “What?” And Phil tells them because they didn’t take legal transportation, they have to go back to that spot and take the legal transportation to make their way back there, before they can formally be pronounced as team #2. She, of course, says it sucks. He calls this the cherry on top of the sundae that’s already melted.

Kynt and Vyxsin are hopping in a cab to the pit stop as Rachel works on the Roadblock. Jennifer mockingly reads the clue on their second time through. Rachel finishes the roadblock, as Jennifer hyperventilates in the taxi, saying she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Team #2 are Kynt and Vyxsin, as TK and Rachel tandem down the zip line. Nate and Jen arrive to become team #3, and Phil notes there isn’t a lot of affection in their handshakes with each other. Yes, this dating couple handshook with each other on hearing they were team #3. She admits to not being happy with him and says she’s tired of the up and down in their relationship.

Nick and Grandpa Don arrive in Croatia and say it’s the first time they haven’t had any idea where anyone else is. TK and Rachel work on the repelling Detour as Azaria and Hendeka arrive, asking for directions to the Fort. Grandpa Don works on picking the right brick for the wall, as TK watches Rachel scale the wall. Nick is upset about his grandfather being too methodical to choose the right stone. They don’t know how many teams are behind or ahead of them.

Grandpa Don finally finishes the Roadblock, and they move on. Hendekea and Azaria are making their way to the Roadblock as TK and Rachel are heading to the pit stop in a cab. Nick and Grandpa Don decide to do the boats at the Detour so that Don can rest, and Azaria works on the stone wall. Hendekea says they aren’t out of it, as she can see Nick and Don right there. He finishes right away, as TK and Rachel wind up on Phil’s mat for team #4. Azaria and Hendekea decide on the rowing as well.


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