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The Amazing Race, December 9th – Hendekea Has a Party In Her Pants

The big question in my mind tonight is who is karma going to attack next?

Arriving first at the pit stop in Vilnius, Lithuania, TK and Rachel had won a Travelocity trip to Japan and get to check out the details online. He says he’s been wanting to go there for three years. They’re the first to leave from Vilnius at 1:00 AM, and TK claims they are cool and keeping level-headed, not in order to be successful, but because that’s who they are. She believes it’s healthy for their state of mind and relationship as well. Perhaps they should be whispering that in Nate and Jen’s ear. Their clue instructs them to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and travel to the base of the Fort of St. Lawrence to find their next clue. Rachel thinks it sounds like a place gymnasts come from. A fort?

Kynt and Vyxsin, The Goth Couple, are the next to leave, one minute later. He feels one thing they are doing well is encouraging each other to do their best, but sadly they haven’t had the pleasure of hearing they are team #1 yet. Ron and Christina leave at 1:15 AM, and he tells her to watch it, as he doesn’t want a broken ankle. She feels because they are working on their relationship, their progress in the Race reflects the progress in their relationship. I think that’s a dangerous way to look at it for if and when they’re eliminated. She wants to get in a taxi, but he thinks it’s useless, which she calls criticizing. Inside a hotel to call and make reservations, he’s very nice to the front desk clerk, and Christina wonders why he can’t do the same for her.

Azaria and Hendekea leave at 1:20 AM, with her calling him a bit of a control freak. She thinks he can convince anyone what he wants, and since he’s her brother, she trusts him. The Goth Couple and TK and Rachel end up at the airport researching for their flight, and they find that Czech Airlines is the earliest and opens at 4:30 AM. Ron and Christina book a flight leaving on Polish Air at 6:25 AM and arriving at 11:20 AM. They haven’t bought the tickets yet, but they are reserved.

Nate and Jennifer leave at 1:29 AM, and she’s disappointed to be halfway through, as while it’s been incredible, she has regrets due to them arguing so much. She thinks the rest of the Race will be the test and deciding point on if they stick together or not. Hendekea has a friend in Bosnia and knows how to speak some thinks in Bosnia, such as how to say she has a party in her pants. I am quite positive she’ll find use for that phrase while on this race. Nick and Grandpa Don leave at 1:42 AM in last place, and Grandpa Don says it’s not a place they wanted to be in, but it’s motivated him to give his all. Nick feels they can no longer play just to not make big mistakes, but must play more aggressively, now that they’re down to just six teams left.

When Ron and Christina arrive at the airport, they have an edge, since they already have a reservation. Nonetheless they doubt themselves some, so they line up with the others and are third in line. Everyone else all goes into the same pile of people. Kynt wonders why everyone is congregating in the same place, and Vyxsin remarks it’s because they’re all sheep. Christina whispers in Hendekea’s ear about the Polish Air flight, and the Goth Couple then goes into an office to book tickets. Nate and Jennifer decide to be sheep and follow them, losing their place in line.

Ron and Christina lean in to ask when the office next door opens, and for some reason the Goth Couple and Nate and Jennifer get upset with them. Azaria and Hendekea try to book the Polish Air flight, and find they can’t get it, after losing their spot in line. As someone comes to finally open up that office next door, everyone is now gathered in front of one of the two offices to get tickets. Azaria and Hendekea are fighting over their decision to leave and try Polish Air.

TK and Rachel and Nick and Grandpa Don are next in line. The flight they’re getting tickets to leaves at 6 AM, so they aren’t sure if they’ll make it or not. Ron and Christina go to the office to pick up their reserved tickets, but the office doesn’t open until 5:30 AM. The Goth Couple book the Polish Air flight, as it will give them a few more minutes to get to the gate. Ron and Christina pick up their tickets, and Azaria and Hendekea succeed this time in getting tickets on the Polish Air flight. Grandpa Don and Nick get tickets the 6:00 flight, but Nate and Jennifer are too late. They run to the other office to see if they can get tickets to the Polish Air flight.

The 6:00 flight takes off with TK and Rachel and Grandpa Don and Nick. For the next flight, when everyone is boarding, Hendekea asks for seats close to the front of the airplane, and finds she can’t because they were given business class seats, which is of course a no-no on The Amazing Race. They tear back to see if they can be changed and have to wait. Nate and Jennifer book their seats while Azaria and Hendekea are waiting. Brother and sister are told there are no more seats available in Economy Class, and the flight takes off without them.

Everyone else has made one of the other two flights. Hendekea is still bemoaning not staying in line, and book a flight via Frankfurt. They are told their competitors were flying via Prague, but will be late as well, as there are all kinds of delays. Hendekea asks her to cross her fingers for them. Indeed, Nick and Grandpa Don and TK and Rachel arrive at Prague to find they missed their connecting flight. TK and Rachel get on the first flight out and get tickets via Vienna. Nick and Grandpa Don try the same flight, but find it’s full. They get a flight via Zagreb. Why are so many people flying to Croatia this day?


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