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The Amazing Race, December 2nd – Karma Is Still a Bitch

TK and Rachel arrive to look for a gnome, as do Ron and Christina. Father and daughter argue about the color they are looking for for the gnome. The Goth Couple finds a wild celebration, somewhat Marci Gras-ish, and even Kynt calls this his favorite moment, feeling like he and Vyxsin are among kindred souls, making them feel normal. They struggle at the stilt walking, as the others search for their gnomes. TK and Rachel find one, with Ron and Christina finding one just after. Vyxsin is almost done on the stilts, but Kynt falls off, making them start over. Rachel wants to do the stilts, and Ron and Christina think they should as well.

Nate and Jennifer arrive in 4th place and search for the gnome, but find a wrong one. They find another, the correct one, as Azaria and Hendekea arrive and start their search. Nick and Grandpa Don travel to the museum, with Nick being pretty sure they’re going the right way. Shana tells Jennifer to think positive. For once she’s not bitching at her. TK and Rachel try to catch up with the Goth Couple, but all four of them are falling. Ron and Christina arrive at the stilts, as Vyxsin is thinking they should try something else. Ron struggles, and says he doesn’t want his hernia to pop out.

Kynt and Vyxsin start counting pickets, as Nate and Jennifer arrive at the Detour and decide to count as well. She begs him to just let her do it, claiming she can do it so fast. The Goth Couple get screwed up and need to start again. Azaria and Hendekea decide on the stilts, as Christina finishes, encouraging her father who falls. TK and Rachel finish and receive their next clue, sending them on foot to the Aukstaitija Windmill, the next pit stop. The Goth Couple guess the correct number of pickets at 717, and take off for the windmill.

TK and Rachel arrive on the pit stop mat first, and having the correct gnome, they win a trip for two to Japan. They shout and scream and jump with every detail of the trip that Phil explains. TK felt, since they were alone most of the day, that they were going to be last, proving you never know what’s going to happen on this Race. It’s just hard to see, how he thought they were last, with everyone seeming to be at the challenges at the same time. Kynt and Vyxsin arrive and are team #2.

Christina continues to wait for her father who vows he’ll do it slow and steady, as Jennifer is getting confused with the picket counting. Azaria falls off the stilts, while a person wearing a gnome mask is taunting Jennifer while she tries to count. Just a few feet before the end of the stilt walk, Ron falls on his hands and knees, crying out in pain, and it can only be his hernia. Christina encourages him again, saying slow and steady. Nate and Jennifer guess 727, and she’s shocked when it isn’t right. Ron tries the stilts again, as Azaria and Hendekea move on to the picket counting. Ron finally makes it, and we’re shown his bloody feet coming off the stilts. This guy’s tough.

Shana and Jennifer stop for directions to the museum, as Nick and Grandpa Don arrive, and start looking for the gnome, finding it pretty quickly. Shana and Jennifer arrive and find one right away as well. The other Jennifer tells Nate not to let anyone distract him, while someone gets up in her face taunting her again. I’ve got people closeness issues, so that would drive me absolutely insane. Azaria and Hendekea guess 717 correctly, while Ron and Christina arrive on the mat for team #3. She says she is so proud of her dad, as he’s her Superman. He’s older and has his hernia, but he keeps going. She sees him changing key qualities in his personality for her and for the Race. She’s right.

Jennifer bitches at Nate, telling him to count in his head, but he refuses. Nick and Grandpa Don decide to count pickets, as Nate and Jennifer are wrong again. He calls her a bitch for telling him not to talk, but asking him a question. They continue to argue as they head to the stilts. Azaria and Hendekea arrive on the mat to take 4th place. The blondes decide to do the counting, saying they’re good at that. No comment. Nick and Grandpa Don start counting, as Jennifer falls off the stilts. She and Nate finally finish it and get their next clue. They didn’t fall nearly as much as the others, and he’s a volleyball coach, while she coaches gymnastics. Why didn’t they just do this challenge to begin with?

Nick and his grandpa count, as do Shana and Jennifer, and all are being interrupted by the locals and the masked gnome people. Nick and Grandpa Don get confused as to where they are with their counting, as Nate and Jennifer arrive on the mat. Shana tells Jennifer they should have split up sides of the fence and done it that way. They argue over how to do it, and Shana tells Jennifer to go ahead and count it, and if they’re wrong, it’s all on her. Nice. Nick and Grandpa Don finish, and make their way to the pit stop. Jennifer puts in her guess, but is wrong, as Nick and Grandpa Don arrive on the mat for 6th place.

Shana and Jennifer finally get the 717 pickets and run onto the mat. Phil confirms they have arrived in last place, and as Jennifer cries, he tells them they are eliminated. He questions her wanting it so badly, and she says it breaks her heart. It means so much to her, and she’s so disappointed and hurt to be eliminated. Shana explains they come from a comfortable life getting pedicures, manicures, and facials, but here all of that was out the window. She’s amazed at what they were able to accomplish. Jennifer recognizes their differences, but feels they’ll always be friends, and that they’ll always have this time together. It will never leave them. Something tells me they won’t be the best of friends forever.

The story CBS seems to be telling us so far is how “karma’s a bitch.” Every episode, someone mentions karma, and later on, and it ends up affecting the outcome of that leg of the race. Last week Shana and Jennifer U-Turned Lorena and Jason who were eliminated, but then this year they had a life-threatening near bus accident, then were finally eliminated. I always feel like everything happens for a reason, so I am absolutely loving the direction this Race is taking.

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