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The Amazing Race, December 2nd – Karma Is Still a Bitch

Shana tells Jennifer they need seats closest to the front of the plane, and wants her to stand against the door and not let anyone in, so no one will find out what they’re doing. The other Jennifer calls it the turning point, while the one with Shana is saying they burnt bridges by doing the U-Turn. Shana tells her had they not done that, it would be Lorena and Jason there and not them, so she feels they did the right thing. TK tells Nathan that the teams that stress out and waste too much energy are the ones that don’t make it to the end. Jennifer is still annoyed with Shana, and they decide not to talk to each other, but keep arguing. Shana exclaims she’s feisty and if something pisses her off, she’s going to say something. Good luck with that.

Ron and Christina find out the others have earlier flights and decide to just stick with the one they have. They all take the same flight to Paris, but Azaria and Hendekea, Nate and Jennifer, and Shana and Jennifer are flying through Amsterdam, and the Goth Couple, TK and Rachel, and Nick and Grandpa Don are flying through Frankfort. The only ones flying through Prague are Ron and Christina. Anything could happen with delayed flights.

The Amsterdam flight is the first to arrive, and everyone heads for their marked cars. Nate warns Jennifer to not stress out and they decide to make a left turn, which sounds somewhat ominous. The Frankfort flight arrives, and TK and Rachel notice the Goth Couple who are asking for directions, then see Shana and Jennifer, and are happy to have caught up with some from the earlier flight. Nate is getting confused while he drives, saying they can’t go this way. Nick and Don think they know where they’re going, but no one else seems to.

Ron and Christina arrive and know they’re in last place. They follow a taxi driver upon her request, and he calls it a great idea, saying he never would have thought of it. Has he never watched the show? Nick and Grandpa Don are the first to arrive at the church, and find a Roadblock. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. Asking who’s a good listener, one person from each team must become a Lithuanian messenger, choosing one of the local women working outdoors. She will give them a package and tell them where to deliver it, one of four places to go, where they will find their next clue. Nick is off to play messenger.

The next to arrive at the church are the Goth Couple, following by Azaria and Hendekea. Kynt and Hendekea feel they are the better listeners and will be doing the challenge. Nate and Jennifer are lost and stop to ask for directions being told they’re twenty minutes away still. TK and Rachel ask for directions as well, while Shana and Jennifer decide to turn around, as they don’t know where they are. They’re nearly hit by a bus, as Jennifer had the car stalled out. Shana bitches at Jennifer from the back seat, saying a bus nearly killed her.

Despite the fact that Christina thought she was a good listener, Ron is the one doing the challenge, while he tries to stabilize the pain in his side. He probably figures on doing the Roadblocks that won’t be too hard on his injury. Kynt reaches the first delivery, as Nick is searching for his second. Nate and Jennifer are running through town to the church, and she claims they once again look like idiots. Well, it’s not anyone else making you look that way. He says he can’t believe what kind of a person she’s turned into, as it’s the ugliest thing he’s seen in his life, and she replies, “Same with you.” Well, they were wanting to test their relationship on the Race.

Kynt makes his second delivery, and receives a clue that tells him and Vyxsin to drive themselves to the town of Rumsiskes to find a Lithuanian outdoor ethnographic museum to get their next clue. TK and Rachel arrive at the Roadblock with him deciding to do it. Shana and Jennifer are still driving around, and Shana refuses to allow Jennifer to stop and ask for directions. Nate and Jennifer finally arrive at the church, and he knows she’s the better listener. Hendekea is still lost, as is Nick. TK gets a local to take him to his first delivery, while Ron looks for his first delivery as well.

Jennifer looks for her first delivery, as Ron finally finds his. Shana and Jennifer are still driving around and ask a local if they can follow. Finally, Jennifer is allowed to ask. Christina tells Ron other teams are here and that he can do it, while he shouts to not give him any pressure. TK finishes in second place, and they take off for the museum. Ron makes his second delivery, and he and Christina leave in third place while she says she loves him very much. Hendekea and Nick still struggle to find their second delivery while Jennifer makes her second delivery. Hendekea finally talks a local into taking her to the second delivery, and finds it, putting her and Azaria in fifth place.

Shana and Jennifer arrive at the church finally, and Grandpa Don is bemoaning the fact that they were the first ones there, and are now no further ahead than Shana and Jennifer, the last to arrive. He’s already predicting they will be eliminated, but Nick finally finds someone to help him find the second delivery spot.

The Goth couple are the first to arrive at the museum, and it’s a Travelocity gnome challenge. Teams will need to find a Travelocity gnome, but need to make sure they don’t find a regular Lithuanian gnome. They need to them bring it with them to the pit stop. Maybe he can hang out with the chickens. Nick finally finds his second delivery, just before Shana does. Nick still thinks they can beat the blondes, while Jennifer is saying she needs the prize money really badly.

The Goth Couple find a Travelocity gnome, and also find a clue telling them to travel along a marked path to the next clue. Vyxsin exclaims it’s easier to carry than a chicken. They find a Detour at the end of the path – Count Down or Step Up. In Count Down, teams will make their way through the festivities to a marked section of picket fence. They’ll count every picket, then give their guess to a local. If they’re right, they’ll get the next clue. In Step Up, teams will stilt walk along a marked course. If they fall off, they must go back to the beginning and start again. They receive the next clue at the end. The Goth Couple decide to stilt walk.


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