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The Amazing Race, December 2nd – Karma Is Still a Bitch

I’m still wishing last week could have been a non-elimination week for Lorena and Jason, as their departure just seemed to be premature. It will be interesting to see how Shana and Jennifer using the U-Turn on them will affect them with the other teams. No one else seemed to see a reason for using it, so it could definitely work against them.

For the second week in a row, we’re facing a departure from Burkina Faso. First to leave are Azaria and Hendekea at 6:45 AM. He claims to not believe he has a quick temper most of the time. He sees it as he’s dealing with his sister, and he’s only telling her what he’s thinking to her face. Being the parent of a boy and a girl, yeah, I get that. They’re finally leaving this country, flying to Vilnius, Lithuania. There they’ll find marked cars and drive themselves to St. Anne’s Church for another clue.

Nathan and Jennifer are the next to leave at 6:46 AM. She says they’ve come so close to first place, and they want it so bad. I understand that, but thinking last week that Azaria and Hendekea should just give it up to them because they’ve had it before was just odd. Jennifer thinks they have a ball of fire right now inside of themselves that they’ll use to rage through. The clue also tells the teams they must use official airline ticketing offices, so these first two teams head to the airport. They find the ticketing offices won’t open until 9:00 AM, and head to do searches online at a nearby business, without purchasing.

Ron and Christina are leave at 7:17 AM, making him say “rock ‘n roll,” as he finds out they’re headed back to Europe. She wants it known they are woking out how to communicate better and says she tells him she loves him often, making him uncomfortable. He just wants to get to Lithuania for some great pastries. Nick and Grandpa Don leave one minute later, and while Grandpa Don hopes to reconstruct the Race experience for their families later, Nick says his grandfather can’t remember where he put two hats in two days, let alone what they’ve done during the Race.

Kynt and Vyxsin, the Goth Couple, leave at 7:22 AM, and catch a taxi before Nick and Grandpa Don. Kynt believes he’s a very controlled person, and while he doesn’t control Vyxsin, but he does “guide her.” He’s always wanted to go to Transylvania or Romania, something with a lot of spooky architecture. Ron and Christina wind up with the first two teams, searching the internet, as do the Goth Couple. Nick and Grandpa Don reach a different internet café to do their travel searching. The others find the earliest flight to Lithuania is at 10:45 PM, where they will go through Paris.

Shana and Jennifer take off at 7:44 PM, and they argue over whether the airport is called Ouagadougou Airport or Burkina Faso Airport. I’m not so sure it matters, as I think either way their driver will figure out what they want. Jennifer feels they need to be a unified team to win the race and feels guilty about U-Turning Lorena and Jason, saying she can’t stand behind things that she doesn’t feel 100%. TK and Rachel are the last to depart at 7:59 AM, and she calls it humbling to be with the “lower group” for the first time. He calls the competition fierce and knows they need to change their game accordingly.

Shana has the weirdest looking backpack that looks like a small orange pup tent on her back. They meet up with the others and get caught up on the information. Ron and Christina leave, to the puzzlement of the others, as TK and Rachel arrive, but also leave to find a different internet place. Ron and Christina find an Air France counter that is open, saying the others were wrong about no other agents being open. They look into a connecting flight in Paris that will get them to Lithuania the following evening. Being that late, she thinks they can keep asking in Paris for earlier flights. He doesn’t like this plan at all and pushes her to not wait to look for a good flight until then, seeing her as quite naive. He tells Christina the agent is “fossilizing” her brain on only Air France flights. If Myrna were here, she could talk to the agent n that weird accent of hers, and I’m sure she’d get the right information.

Nick and Grandpa Don find a flight arriving at 1:25 PM, and Ron and Christina find one at 2:10 PM. Those that stayed at the tiny place with the internet find the same 1:25 flight. They all take off to find the same Air France ticketing office as Ron and Christina. The Goth Couple stay to continue searching. Nick and Grandpa Don wind up at the Air France office, and Ron and Christina don’t want anyone to know about their great 2:10 flight which is actually later than all the others’. Nick tells the agent about 1:25 flight and asks to buy tickets, while the others stand behind them. Nick asks the agent to give all the others a later flight, which Hendekea calls him out on. Shana and Jennifer try to find out what flight they’re on, but he’s not talking.

Azaria and Hendekea book the 1:25 flight, and once the agent (the same one that was helping Ron and Christina) figures out what Nick and Grandpa Don want, there are no 1:25 PM seats left. She offers them the same flight Ron rejected, which they eventually book. Azaria calls it karma, for Nick and Grandpa Don being so unwilling to share information. Grandpa Don tells Nick “c’est la vie. Nathan and Jennifer book their flight on the 1:25 flight somehow, and TK and Rachel finally make it to the ticket office, being told there are no 1:25 flights left. It’s quite confusing. Nick and Grandpa Don wind up at another ticketing agency and make sure the agent speaks English this time. While TK and Rachel book a flight landing at 1:35, Grandpa Don and Nick find out from Nathan and Jennifer that they got the 1:25 flight, and Nick is quite upset. They, too, get the 1:35 flight.


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