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The Amazing Race, November 25th – Dancing World Aghast at Jennifer's Lack of Creativity

As Lorena and Jason work on their gold mining, Christina works on loading the bike, and Ron issues orders, then stops, saying he should “shut his trap.” Look at that; you can teach an old dog new tricks. Vyxsin knocks her bike over, and Christina and Nick take off. TK and RAchel and Shana and Jennifer both arrive at the Roadblock. Rachel and Shana will be doing it. Vyxsin still struggles with her bike, with Kynt telling her to use the kick stand. Lorena and Jason get their gold and move on, with Jennifer regretting her and Shana’s decision to U-Turn them.

As Vyxsin still struggles, Rachel does now as well. Vyxsin finally gets her bike off, then asks local children to help her find the right vendor. Shana struggles to ride her bike with the goat, as she’s afraid he’s going to bite her. Azaria and Hendekea and Nate and Jennifer all bolt for the mat and Phil, with a very close finish. Jennifer tells the other team to let them have it, since they’ve already had first place once. Yet, it goes to Azaria and Hendekea again, and they each win a motor scooter. Jennifer cries a little and admits it’s frustrating as she just wants to come in first. She feels everyone should have their time, and the others have already gotten it twice. Hendekea defends herself, saying she loves them, but she didn’t feel comfortable letting someone else get first, when she knew they could do it.

Shana is still working on getting her bike going, as Nick and Christina finish the task. Vyxsin is struggling to deliver her load, but makes it. Lorena and Jason are still in the taxi on the way to the market, as Rachel is now leaving for her delivery. Shana still can’t get started. Vyxsin finally finishes and cries a little telling Kynt how emotionally hard that was for her. They’ve been in Africa a few days, and she says at first she was taking it all in, but these people are all so wonderful, and they just grow up, and that’s it for them. She cries on Kynt’s shoulder, still having a hard time with it.

Rachel is working on her delivery, and Shana is struggling to ask for the merchant she’s looking for. Jason still says they aren’t giving up, while Jennifer knows they’ll come around the corner any minute. Nick and Grandpa Don and Ron and Christina get out of their taxis and run, and Ron and Christina are first to the mat, as team #3. Nick and Grandpa Don are team #4, saying they’re slowly climbing up the ladder. Christina says they feel the same, and you have to admit they’re doing really well for an old guy with a hernia.

Rachel makes her delivery and takes off to find TK, but can’t find him. Shana makes her delivery, finds Jennifer, and they take off. She sees TK and tells him she saw Rachel, but lost her. Lorena and Jason are still full of hope. The Goth Couple arrive on the mat for team #5. He asks what reaction they get with their look here, and Kynt says it’s amazing how open and tolerant these people are. Vyxsin states again how some of the things they’ve seen are heartbreaking. While it’s a Race, they’re not blind. She can’t get over how such wonderful people have so little.

Shana and Jennifer arrive on the mat as team #6. Rachel finally finds her way back to TK, as Lorena and Jason are arriving at the Roadblock. Jason takes off to make the deliveries, and she says she can’t believe how he always stays positive and doesn’t stop going. TK and Rachel arrive on the mat for team #7, and on the way to the pit stop, Lorena cries, saying she doesn’t want to go home, as Jason tells her it’s okay, they’ll make the million another way. This would be a great time for a non-elimination round.

Lorena and Jason wind up on the mat, and are indeed eliminated. Phil asks what the future is for them, and she says she wants to stay together and make that million dollars somehow. Marriage is definitely important to her, but coming to the Race and seeing what else is valuable, she realizes she can take it slower and not be in such a rush all the time. He says he loves her no matter what, but there’s confinement to a marriage, that you don’t have when you’re just free. When two are both free, he thinks it’s a deeper love, as they’re there because they want to be.

They’re such a sweet couple, that it’s a little sad to see them go. I’m really surprised that everyone, even though the Roadblock was so hard, remembered to bring their chickens. I thought for sure someone would accidentally deliver it with the goats. Regardless, that karma thing is bound to have some effect on the blondes. It’ll be interesting to see how it impacts them, since the only other team that knew about it, TK and Rachel, were so against it. From the previews for next week, it sure looks like the karma thing comes up to bite them in the ass, as a bus heads straight for them in their car.

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