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The Amazing Race, November 25th – Dancing World Aghast at Jennifer's Lack of Creativity

Azaria and Hendekea show the judges what they’ve got and are told it’s very good. They receive their next clue, to go to the Pelegtanga Market. Phil explains a new thing on The Amazing Race, the U-Turn. The teams can do that to another team, causing them to have to turn back and do the other part of the Detour that they didn’t already do. They can only do it one time on the Race, so they need to plan accordingly. Hmm. This could be interesting.

The Goth Couple decide to shake their booties, and Nate and Jennifer finish their penalty time and take off for the U-Turn, with her feeling like she’ll get “so much crap from the dancing world” when they return. Yes, I’m sure all of the dancing world right now is aghast at the thought that she couldn’t do this well. Azaria and Hendekea arrive at the U-Turn and choose not to use it, going on to the next clue. The teams will now travel by taxi to Tampuoy Goat Market to get their next clue.

TK and Rachel are still looking for the gold mining, and Nick and Grandpa Don are working on their mining still. Ron and Christina dance for the judges, and put in their creative moves. They do American shaking of booties, with the local kids watching them, giggling. They’re told their creativity isn’t very good, and they too have to wait it out for ten minutes. Nick and Grandpa Don make out better, getting their gold and their next clue. They show TK and RAchel where they should go, then aren’t sure if they’re going the right way, but decide to continue, and that’s usually not a good sign.

Nate and Jennifer reach the U-Turn and also decide not to use it, as she says they want to win the race like “frigging men.” Shana and Jennifer decide to do the dance, thinking it would take too long to get the gold. Jason acts as interpreter for the chicken, saying his clicking was meaning they should hurry. TK and Rachel aren’t having any success with the gold, and The Goth Couple dance for the judges, with him doing some great baton moves in here. They’re told they are wonderful, and move on, while Ron and Christina still wait.

Nick and Grandpa Don ask for directions, but come up empty. The Goth Couple choose not to U-Turn, deciding to save it for later. Kynt says in Africa they must look like aliens dropped from the sky or something, yet the locals were so warm and friendly to them during their dance. Ron and Christina’s ten minute penalty expires, and Ron talks to the local children while Christina admonishes him to not scare them. I think his booty shaking would probably scare them more. Shana and Jennifer decide to dance, since Jennifer used to be a dancer.

Nick and Grandpa Don still continue their search, while Ron and Christina decide not to U-Turn anyone since they’re not behind. Nick and Grandpa Don finally reach the U-Turn, making Ron and Christina happy that after all that, they’re still ahead of them. Nick and Grandpa Don also decide not to use the U-Turn. TK finally finds some gold, as Rachel tells him they should have done the dance. Shane and Jennifer perform their dance for the judges by first crawling on the ground, then doing a lot of booty shaking. The local men really seem to love the blondes doing this. TK and Rachel get enough gold and are allowed to move on, as are Shana and Jennifer.

Shana and Jennifer reach the U-turn first, and decide to use it on Jason and Lorena, because they think they see them behind them. As they walk away, one of them says it was a good picture of them they used to give the bad news to Lorena and Jason. TK and Rachel reach the U-Turn and are relieved that it’s not them but he thinks it’s a bad choice, as it will make the blondes targets now. Jennifer is just saying karma’s a bitch, and no one there is their friend right now when they’re going for a million dollars.

Jason and Lorena finally get to the Detour, and he wants to do the dance. Azaria and Hendekea see the baby goats on the way to the market on the back of bike, and she says they have reason to cry, since they’re on their way to market. They reach the Goat Market and find a Roadblock. One member from each team will have to load a bike with supplies and an uncooperative goat, then deliver the supplies to a different vendor. Azaria does the task, as does Jennifer, while Nate plays with raffia wreaths around his neck. Jennifer apologizes to the goat for tying him in too tight.

Lorena and Jason perform their dance for the judges, and she says she’s always loved to dance, as it’s part of her culture. He says that’s how he first fell in love with her, watching her dance. Jason looks at the three judges and compares them to Randy, Paula, and Simon in Ouagadougou Idol. Yo, Dawg they’re moving on to Hollywood, I mean the U-Turn. Little do they know they’re going to be forced into the gold mining as well, thanks to the U-turn.

TK and RAchel pass Shana and Jennifer, as the other Jennifer and Azaria work on loading their bikes. Jennifer tries asking a local for directions, while the baby goat eats her clue. Nate yells at her that she should be asking him to take her there (the local, not the goat). The Goth Couple arrive, and Vyxsin will be doing the Roadblock, as well as Christina and Nick, who have also arrived. It’s too bad the clue was termed “Who’s good at juggling,” otherwise Ron would have done this task for sure, since he has such a way with animals.

Lorena and Jason find themselves U-Turned, and he can’t believe the blondes did that to them. He hopes to finish as fast as they can, and catch up to them when they make a mistake. The other Jennifer is having a hard time on the Roadblock, as she doesn’t speak a “lick of French.” Azaria makes his delivery first, and gets a clue sending him to Hotel de Ville the next pit stop. Don’t forget, they still need to have their chicken. Jennifer finishes just after, and tells Nate not to touch her as she’s so hot.


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