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The Amazing Race, November 25th – Dancing World Aghast at Jennifer's Lack of Creativity

It was good to see last week that Ron was only mean to Christina during that one episode of The Amazing Race, and that he wasn’t always going to always be a Mr. Cranky Pants. I’m certainly hoping he continues the newer behavior. His hernia didn’t seem to be slowing him down any either. We also had a finish last week with many of the teams getting to the pit stop within minutes of each other. It ought to make for an exciting beginning to this leg of the race.

The first team to leave from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is Azaria and Hendekea at 7:58 AM. He doesn’t think there’s anything stopping them from getting first place every time, yet he also mentions her “physical limitations,” and I think he doesn’t mean any type of disability, but her not being as quick as he wants. They will be following a marked path to a nearby village, searching for a tribal chief that will give them the next clue and a “special gift of generosity.”

Azaria and Hendekea make it to the tribal chief and are given the clue and chicken … live. Their next clue has them taking a taxi to Bouda Pelegtanga, where they will search for another clue. They must keep the chicken with them during this entire leg of the Race as a show of respect to the tribal chief. This could make for some great sound bites. Azaria bitches at her that she’s not going quickly enough. Perhaps he needs to be stuffed instead of the chicken.

TK and Rachel are the next team to leave, at 8:12 AM. He says the more pressure they put on themselves, the more chance they have at messing up, so he wants to just stay as calm as possible. Nathan and Jennifer leave one minute later, with her saying the last three legs they finished in the top three. One of these times, though, she feels they’ll make it to top three, if they just stay steady. That would require the two of you not bitching at each other then.

Kynt and Vyxsin, The Goth Couple, leave at 8:14 AM, and he says typically when you see gothic people, they seem really distant on the surface, but he feels they are both very sincere and genuine, which has gone to their advantage so far. Ron and Christina leave one minute later, and he feels their relationship is improving, and it’s the reason behind them moving up from last to fifth place. She vows to be more patient, as he tells her he will let her know when he needs her help because his hernia is acting up, and she tells him to stop talking, as it’s wasting energy.

Nick and Grandpa Don leave at 8:16 AM, and Nick says he likes having Nick for a grandfather as he has many years of experiences to draw from. Grandpa Don can’t run with the young people in the race, he’s got some forty years on them, so he figures he must have learned something during that time. TK and Rachel get their chicken, as do Nate and Jennifer, who drop theirs and struggle to put him in the bag. She’s excited they get to keep a pet with them. TK teases Rachel, asking if she wants a kiss from the chicken.

Azaria and Hendekea talk about how different it is here, but agree it isn’t very different from Ethiopia where they have also visited. She finds the people here friendly, happy, and warm, and I’m wondering if she’ll still feel like that after babysitting their “gift.” The Goth Couple looks for a pretty chicken, and Ron is starting to become a little abrupt with Christina already, while they get their chicken. Old habits die hard. Maybe this only comes out of him when he’s dealing with animals.

Next to leave are Shane and Jennifer, at 8:38 AM. Shana talks about them being great friends that speak their minds. They’re excited about their “present,” until they find out it’s a chicken. The blondes explain to their present that he will be plucked and cooked. Riding in the taxi, they decide to name the chicken Phil, as he has hair like him and is cute like him as well. They do have a point.

Azaria and Hendekea stop at Bouda Pelegtanga, but she takes off right away, as she has to go to the bathroom. While he waits for her, other teams arrive. Nate and Jennifer are the first to find the next clue, and find a Detour – Shake Your Pan or Shake Your Booty. In Shake Your Pan, the teams will find a gold mining pit and use local methods to find one ounce of gold to trade for their next clue. In Shake Your Booty, the teams will learn a local dance and perform it for local celebrities, along with a little of their own choreography. If the judges aren’t impressed, they get a ten minute penalty.

Jennifer decides on Shake Your Booty, as she just finished dancing for the Los Angeles Clippers. Rachel decides on that one as well, as Azaria is cursing about being behind them. Once they get there, they decide to dance as well. Lorena and Jason are finally leaving the pit stop at 10:07 AM, and she talks about yesterday being a bad day, but says she’s trying to keep the cool. He says the Race is about not giving up and having a heart, and that they just need to keep going.

Nick and Grandpa Don are trying to pass The Goth Couple and accomplish the task, prompting Nick to say maybe the taxi driver thinks he’s the one racing for the million dollars. Lorena and Jason get their chicken, and head to the Detour. Ron and Christina pass The Goth Couple as well, and Kynt isn’t very happy about it. Nate and Jennifer learn their dance together and perform it for the judges, as Azaria laughs, and watches them to help himself learn the moves. The judges tell them it’s no good, as they have no creativity. They get a ten minute penalty, and she’s not happy about it, as I guess it’s running her dancing reputation.

Nick and Grandpa Don decide to do the mining since Don has done a little bit of it before in his lifetime of experiences, and Ron and Christina decide to do the dancing, as she tells him he’s really good at shaking his booty. She advises him to smile the whole time in front of the judges. TK and Rachel work on learning the dance, then decide it’s too hard, and move on to the gold mining. Grandpa Don and Nick are working on it.


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