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The Amazing Race, November 18th – Milking It

Julia finally catches on that she has to be a little more tender with the camel and gets enough milk to drink it. Lorena continues to struggle, and sits down in the middle of the field crying. Julia yells over to try the ones that have babies with them. Duh. She finally gets it, and Jason hugs her as she cries. She asks if he still loves her, and he says of course. Ron and Christina’s student takes her test and passes easily. They’re confused looking for the pit stop. TK and Rachel’s student passes as well, and Nathan and Jennifer pass their own test and move on. Nick and Grandpa Don’s student passes, and the Goth Couple pass their own test.

Ron stops to put a coat on in the rain, saying he’s not a spring chicken. The teams begin to get a glimpse of Phil and take off. Christina warns her dad to not kill himself running, and he says not to worry about him. The Goth Couple, TK and Rachel, and Nate and Jennifer are teams #2, #3, and #4. Ron and Christina make it seconds later for team #5, and Nick and Grandpa Don make it in for team #6. Phil can’t believe after all those miles these teams came in that close.

Shana and Jennifer work to teach a student ten words, as the other teams are still leading their camels. Lorena and Jason are running, figuring they have nothing to lose. Shana and Jennifer’s student passes his test, and they look for the pit stop. Lorena and Jason make it to the Detour first, and he tells her she knows language, so he thinks it will be easier for them to learn. Shana and Jennifer make it to the pit stop for team #7 and Jennifer cries, saying she wants so badly to move on, and it means so much to her.

Both of the remaining teams work to learn the words, and Jason and Lorena take their test first, while the sisters walk in to begin their test. Lorena and Jason finish first, but the sisters are right after them. They drop their packs and race for it. Lorena and Jason are the first to arrive on the mat, and Phil asks Lorena what is happening as she cries. She cries more, saying she couldn’t milk the camel. Jason says the reason she is so emotional is because she’s so passionate. Isn’t he the one that earlier was calling her the Exorcist?

The sisters make it onto the mat in 9th place and are eliminated. Marianna feels they had a black cloud following them, but she’s glad for the Race, as she got to travel the world with her sister. Julia couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else other than Marianna. She loves her. I think that’s even the case with Ron and Christina.

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