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The Amazing Race, November 18th – Milking It

The next morning, everyone catches the train, and make comments about the smell of some of the other passengers. Jennifer (the one with Shana) jokes it’s her new perfume Salon d’Afrique. There’s flies all over the place, and Shana says it’s beyond dirty. They also look at the trash piled all over outside and say they couldn’t live that way. Hendekea doesn’t think the blondes are very comfortable in West Africa, and Azaria says it feels like home. Nate thinks it’s just incredible to see how other people live, as a guy with a bike and a group with a goat cross the tracks.

The stop of Bingo is called and everyone gets off, looking for the clue box. TK and Rachel make it there first, and find a Roadblock asking who has worked up a thirst. One member of each team has to milk a camel and fill a bowl up to a certain level, then drink it. If they spill it, they might not get enough. If their camel runs dry, they have to wait until another team finishes to switch camels.

TK does the milking, as does Lorena, Azaria, Vyxsin, Nate, Julia, Jennifer, Grandpa Don, and Christina. Grandpa Don has been around animals and feels this is where his wisdom comes in. Lorena has a hard time, as she is very afraid of the camel. He takes off on her. Azaria says it’s strange to grab a camel’s breast, and Nate yells out “Fudge” as he spills some of it. Jennifer tells him to be gentle as he’s handling nipples. TK feels if he stays calm, he’ll be successful, and Christina does what her dad didn’t do last week, telling the camel he’s doing a good job.

The other Jennifer is still complaining about it smelling, and Lorena starts working through her troubles, despite the camel kicking her repeatedly. TK finishes and says he can’t wait to “down this bad boy,” then gags while he’s drinking it. He says it’s grainy, sweet and warm, and I actually am gagging while I type this. He receives the next clue telling him to lead four camels along a marked path to a group of waiting nomads.

Grandpa Don finishes, as Nate says he’s not even close, and Lorena gets kicked yet again. Christina finishes, and is okayed, but Jennifer is told she needs more. Nick says he and his grandpa are just following the first place team, and he doesn’t feel real good about that. Ron plays with the camels as they walk, and his daughter tells him he’s good with animals. He thinks they love him because of his stench. Father and daughter also follow the teams in the lead. Vyxsin finishes, as TK and Rachel turn around the other way, realizing they’re headed in the wrong direction. This causes all the teams following them to turn around, and Ron is able to admit he should have listened to his daughter and not just followed everyone else. Wow, big change!

Nate finally finishes, and everyone is still in the same general area, so they really aren’t too far behind. He and Jennifer decide to follow TK and Rachel, thinking they’re in second place, without knowing a minute ago TK had no idea where he was headed. Ron starts singing It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, and when the camels react loudly, Christina says that’s camel talk for be quiet. You never know, maybe they were singing along.

Lorena screams, saying there’s no more milk. Azaria, Julia, and Jennifer are still working at it as well. Jason calls it sad to watch Lorena do this, saying it’s hard not to help his girlfriend. Azaria switches camels, as others do as well. One of the camels poops, certainly not making anyone want to stick their hands down there, or drink the milk. Azaria has to share his milk with a baby camel, but eventually gets enough, and they finish the task. Apparently none of the women here are mothers. Look for the engorged camels. You’ll get more than you need, and they’ll be happy to have you take it.

TK and Rachel finally reach the clue box and find a Detour – Teach It or Learn It. In Teach It, they need to teach local children that don’t know English ten words. In Learn It, it’s reversed with the teams needing to learn ten Morée words. TK and Rachel decide to teach. Nate and Jennifer are the next to arrive at the Detour, followed by the Goth Couple and Nick and Grandpa Don. Ron and Christina arrive as well, and Ron and Nick have the same idea, thinking the kids have probably had more sleep than them and will be able to learn better.

Jennifer finally finishes milking the camel, drinks it, and receives her clue. Shana is impressed, saying she did it without complaints. Azaria and Hendekea arrive at the Detour and say they lucked out, as they found a local boy to tell them where the village is. Many other teams do the same. TK, Ron, and Nick work to teach the kids the words skyscraper and motorcycle. Azaria and Hendeka and the Goth Couple are doing the learning instead of teaching. Hendekea and Azaria decide to split it up, five words each, with her saying it doesn’t take a brainiac to learn five words. Nate and Jennifer choose to learn as well.

Azaria and Hendeka are the first in to take their test to see if they learned correctly, and get it easily, landing them in first place. They now have to move to the outskirts of Bingo to the pit stop, following the marked path. A storm strikes up, makng it hard for Lorena and Julia to continue to milk their camels and for Shana and Jennifer to walk their camels to the Detour. Azaria and Hendekea make it to the pit stop, regardless, and win a trip for two from Travelocity to Bermuda. He says it feels good, but they feel the target that was already on their back has been made larger.


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