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The Amazing Race, November 18th – Milking It

I’m really interested to see what happens with father and daughter, Ron and Christina, on this week’s The Amazing Race. I certainly hope it’s a one time only thing last week with him belittling her so much, but I fear that’s where the problems in their relationship come from.

The first thing we hear at the beginning of the episode is that Ron developed a hernia because of riding Christina on the bike on the way to the pit stop on the last leg of the race. Remember him calling it a crotch-buster? He now describes it as more pain than he has ever had and says he’ll be slower than the rest, but he’ll do his best not to get himself and his daughter eliminated. Hopefully pain doesn’t make him even more terse.

Lorena and Jason are the first team to depart from the Yacht Club in The Netherlands at 4:19 AM. He notes again she gets stressed out a lot and compares her to The Exorcist with her head spinning. He knows that’s what they need to work out. Probably a good idea. Their clue has them flying to Ouagadougou, and it’s up to them to realize it’s a city in Burkina Faso. There they will take a cab to the train station to get the next clue.

Leaving at 4:30 AM are Nate and Jennifer, and he admits she stresses him out sometimes, as she’ll kick his butt if he says something wrong. She wants him to keep his cool and watch his mouth, and although she realizes she’s a little lippy sometimes too, she thinks she’s been working on it. This is said right when she bitches at him for looking at the coins she has out to pay the cab. Alrighty then. Shana and Jennifer leave one minute later and acknowledge they don’t look as good as they want to, but to win the million they can’t. Oh brother.

Kynt and Vyxsin, the Goth Couple, leave 5:21 AM, and she says she takes on the masculine roles, being chivalrous, as she opens doors for him. Lorena and Jason arrive at the airport and begin to look for Ouagadougou on the boards, to figure out where it is. Nate and Jennifer and Shana and Jennifer arrive as well. Azaria and Hendekea leave one minute later, and she says they’re from Ethiopia, so they’ll definitely feel comfortable in Africa. The others at the airport realize they’re headed to Burkina Faso and work on setting up the flight.

TK and Rachel leave at 5:23 AM, and he says they’re not allowing anything to freak them out too much. Because they’re having a good time, the success just comes along with it. Marianna and Julia are the next to leave at 5:46 AM, and Marianna says her sister gets excited a lot, and when that happens, she’s not able to think rationally. Nick and Grandpa Don leave at 5:47 AM, and Don says he’ll be 69 in a couple months, but he doesn’t consider himself old, and that’s why he’s going to let it all hang out on this thing. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to show what a guy his age can do. They, along with the sisters borrow the cab drivers’ cell phones to find flights.

The other teams are being told there is only one flight to Ouagadougou today, leaving at 8:00 AM, with a connection in Paris, so the others need to hurry. Ron and Christina take off at 6:26 AM, and he admits they’re in deep trouble. As a father, he knows he was not as his finest last week, as he was too harsh, demoralizing his daughter. Ron knows he needs to be more uplifting and not criticize her. Let’s hope so.

TK and Rachel, the Goth Couple, the sisters, and Grandpa Don and Nick all receive their tickets on the 8:00 flight. It appears, though, that Nate and Jennifer are on a 7:20 flight out of Amsterdam, so there was another flight, but only they caught it. The sisters wonder if Ron and Christina will make it, since they were an hour behind them. They do arrive, get tickets, and are told to hurry, as they don’t have much time. Remember, he’s running with a hernia. He says it hurts bad, and just when the others were thinking they weren’t going to make it, they do. Just like Brett Favre, never count this guy out.

Before the flight takes off for Paris, the pilot announces a problem with the airplane, causing a delay. If they miss that connection in Paris, it will be another day before they can make it to Ouagadougou. If that happens, Nate and Jennifer can be assured of arriving on the mat in first place, but at least all the other teams would still be on equal ground. The other teams finally take off and land, and Nate is looking around, hoping they don’t make it. Everyone is running through the airport as Nate and Jennifer are sitting comfortably on the plane. The other teams all make it and walk on the flight, much to Jennifer’s dismay. It’s equal playing ground for everyone, for the first time since the race started.

Shana and Jennifer give their cab driver $2000 and ask for chance, and he just repeats “change,” not giving them any money. Shana asks where they’re going, and Jennifer suggests to be sold to people. Well, isn’t she a Negative Nellie? The first to arrive at the clue box are Nathan and Jennifer, with a clue reading to take a train to Bingo. They’ll have to listen for their stop, as the “train will let them off in the middle of nowhere,” according to Phil. No train station in Bingo, Burkina Faso?

The sisters are in 2nd place, Azaria and Hendekea in 3rd, and Ron and Christina in 4th place. Shana and Jennifer are trying to get change from their driver as he is now saying the fare if $4,000. They give up on it. They’re in 5th place and arrive at the station to have Ron tell them that the train station is closed until 6:00 AM tomorrow morning, keeping them all on equal ground.

A local is playing exotic drum music during the night and the sisters start dancing, with Grandpa Don saying they’re “hot, no doubt about it.” One of them asks him to dance, and he says they’re feisty and hot, although a little bitchy, “but a guy could learn to live with that.” Maybe one of the sisters could become Nick’s new grandma.


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