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The Amazing Race, November 11th – Mr. Myagi Runs Like the Wind

Marianna and Julia decide to move quickly, knowing that “Mr. Myagi runs like the wind.” Just then father and daughter find the second bike, and he still won’t shut up. He says he won’t give her the rosy optimistic picture all the time, and she says temporarily she takes it back, but he continues with his “real truth.” She won’t continue until he stops shouting. He just keeps going, saying something about boogars in the hole, at least that’s all I could make out.

The next round off the bus get to the field, and while Hendekea fails miserably in the ditch, Rachel makes it easily. Nick and his grandpa decide to watch “Pinky,” aka Kynt, and Grandpa Don decides to try it. Ron and Christina get their clue and he still wants to go over what they did wrong as they wait for the bus alongside Marianna and Julia. He says she disappointed him, and you can see her wiping away the tears. He really needs to give it a rest. She asks to speak and says he’s too hard on her. When she cries fully, he pulls her in for a hug, and says at 58, it’s hard for him to change. She tells him he has to for this race. Kate and Pat finish and get their clue, and rush to catch the bus, but miss it.

Kynt finally makes it over the ditch, but Grandpa Don fails miserably. Kate and Pat have found the buses don’t run this late, so they’re allowed to take a mini bus. TK tells Rachel in the basket of the bike that she smells like poop, and Vyxsin can’t pedal Kynt on the bike, making him do this part as well. Grandpa Don strips down to try and make the vault, and Nick just utters he has no comment.

TK and Rachel literally pedal right past Phil, but the Goth Couple see him and run in for fourth place. Azaria and Hendekea get directions and run into TK and Rachel, and all head back the other direction for spots #5 and #6 on the mat. Grandpa Don begins making it further across the ditch, but still not across. As the last three teams arrive, Grandpa Don finally makes it across.

This is no trouble for Marianna, as pole vault was her main track and field event. Ron, of course, is starting in on Christina as she makes an attempt across, and she nearly makes it, but not quite. Kate and Pat are on their mini-bus, while Marianna and Julia arrive for team #7. Grandpa Don and Nick arrive just after, with Phil saying there has been some complaints from the locals that he went down to his underpants.

Ron is telling Christina to watch the locals do the vaulting, asking if she understands the principal of the thing, and she nearly makes it. He still questions everything she does, and she tells him she needs to concentrate. Great, he says, but he keeps going. She finally makes it and gets her clue. He thinks he could have done it better. Why did we not see this coming in? She gets in the basket of the bike, and he tells her she needs to lose some weight, then promptly tips the bike over tipping them both. He figures he shouldn’t have made that comment. Umm, yeah. You’re annoying.

This isn’t drawn out for us too long, and we seem them arriving on the mat right away. They are excited to hear they are still in the Race, and she says they’ve never worked together like this and they don’t know each other’s work styles yet. He admits he can be a little crass and says he’s like the Archie Bunker of the home. She says he should treat his family like gold. Words to the wise.

Kate finally makes it over the ditch, and Pat says what came out of this for them is the realization that they can still have fun with each other. Several times they have found themselves roaring with laughter. They finally make it on Phil’s mat and are Philiminated. They say they really wanted to make it a little longer to show people what they can do, but Pat says they proved again they’re meant to be together, and they balance each other really well.

I don’t know what any of this says for next week. The first week the most disliked couple left, and this week one of the more likable couples left. Ability wise, they were probably still at different areas of the spectrum, proving it’s anybody’s game. The people that should be careful are Nate and Jennifer, needing to not argue themselves to death, Marianna and Julia, needing to do better research, and Ron, needing to settle down, otherwise he might lose not just the game, but also his daughter.

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