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The Amazing Race, November 11th – Mr. Myagi Runs Like the Wind

While Kynt explains they’re really happy to make that first flight to Amsterdam, Nick and Ron explains both of them are still waiting, despite their chances being slim. Nick and Grandpa Don make the flight, while Marianna and Julia run into Kate and Pat, and Ron and Christina, and all make the next flight.

As the first flight arrives, Azaria and Hendekea decide to run onto the train first and try to buy tickets that way, while the others get tickets in the station and miss that first train. Azaria and Hendeka find the right bridge and clue, as the other teams are getting off the next train. The clue on the bridge is a Detour – Hoist It or Hunt It. In Hoist, teams teams use a traditional rope and pulley system to raise five pieces of furniture up a residence. Once moved inside, they get their next clue. The buildings are close, but it will take muscle. In Hunt It, several blocks away, teams will search through a parking garage for two bikes that match the colors on their clue. They’ll then ride them five miles to get their next clue.

Azaria and Hendekea seem to blow their lead deciding to Hunt It. Lorena and Jason Hoist It, as do the Goth Couple. Vyxsin elects to stay on the ground as she used to do macrame, so feels comfortable with the knots. Jason is the one on the ground, while Lorena hoists it. Azaria and Hendekea are shocked to find the amount of bikes they have to search through. Vyxsin gets confused with a knot, as apparently these aren’t the same as macrame.

Shana thinks her muscles are the strongest part of her body (Duh!), so she and Jennifer decide to Hoist It, as do Nathan and Jennifer and TK and Rachel. Vyxsin still struggles with her knots, and Nick and Don decide to Hunt It. Lorena and Jason have four items hoisted, and she calls it one of their best moments, as they worked together really well. They finish first, and reeve a clue to travel to the village of Ransdorp to look for the next clue in a field.

Vyxsin still works on her knots, as Azaria finds the first of their two bikes. Just then, Nick and Grandpa Don arrive. Vyxsin finally gets her knot, but says the whole scene was a little like Bugs Bunny, as hoisting the huge television is lifting her off the ground. Lorena and Jason miss their bus, as Jennifer tries to give directions to Nate through the window. She feels he’s a guy and should be good at such things.

Vyxsin and Kynt switch places, and TK is struggling with the TV, just as Vyxsin was. The Goth Couple finish and take off to find their bus. Hendekea finds the second bike, and she and her brother are off on their five mile trek. Nate and Jennifer swap places, with her saying he just can’t figure out how to tie a knot. Shana and Jennifer complete the task, and she collapses on the ground, saying she needs a chiropractor. However, Jennifer points out Shana finished it sooner than most of the men.

The Goth Couple go into the train station to find out which bus to catch, and Jennifer gets the task completed for her and Nate. All the teams that have completed he Detour are waiting for the same bus together, but no one can figure out why the Goth Couple aren’t with them. The bus slips away without them, as the goth Couple comes running up. Nick and Grandpa Don find their bikes and are on their way, as Azaria and Hendekea are finishing their task.

TK is still trying to hoist his TV, and the last three teams are getting off the plane and jumping on the train, with Pat acknowledging things could have gone wrong for the other teams. Right then, TK is saying he hit a wall, proverbially, and Rachel is saying she doesn’t know what to do. They switch places, like others have done, and she knows her dad would be proud of her for doing this one. She gets it right, as the other three teams are arriving off the train. Rachel finishes the whole task for her and TK.

The teams on that first bus reach the field in Ransdorf, and find a Roadblock. One person on each team must complete a ditch vault, successfully making it over, then return across the ditch, whichever way they can. Jason just vaults right over like nothing, and Jennifer mistakenly thinks this means it’s easy. Jason’s clue says they will now choose a Dutch cargo bike and ride to the Durgerdam Yacht Club, the next pit stop. He rides the bike part, while she rides in the basket in front.

Jennifer wipes out big time, as Nick and Don are looking for the bus. Ron and Christina decide to Hoist It while Kate and Pat decide to Hunt It. Ron says he’s already confused by the knot they’re shown, but Christina says she’s not. Shana makes it over the ditch, and Nate has to point it out to Jennifer. Ron and Christina decide to do the bikes, but then he wants to argue and question which way to go. Marianna and Julia get one of their bikes right away, and Ron is still questioning their choices.

On the way back over after getting the clue, Shana wipes out big time. Jennifer offers to ride the bike. The other Jennifer makes it over as well, and Nate admits to being proud of her, as she’s tough. As they bike back, and she’s in the basket, she spits on the side of the road. The first to jump on the pit stop mat is by no surprise, Lorena and Jason. She says they feel more confident with each other and their decision, and he says they want this to be a stepping stone for their relationship. They each win a sport bike made for all terrain.

Marianna and Julia find their second bike, and Ron and Christina arrive and see that Kate and Pat are still searching for their matching bikes, so they know they have a chance. Shana and Jennifer and Nate and the other Jennifer arrive at the pit stop at the same time, with Nate and Jennifer making it just before the others. Jennifer doesn’t want to hug Shana, though, because of all the mud.

Ron and Christina find one bike and search for the other. Kate complains she may have lost her focus, and Marianna and Julia find the second bike. Ron complains, saying he told Christina it would be an ocean of things, and Kate and Pat find their first bike. Ron complains that they’re both looking on the left and no one is looking on the right. Pat laughs, saying the bad in her is coming out, as she seems someone else so frustrated.


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