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The Amazing Race, November 11th – Mr. Myagi Runs Like the Wind

As far as reality shows go, last week’s premiere episode of The Amazing Race, season 12, was a shocker. This was because the couple that we were already hating, and that were destined to become “the team we love to hate,” were eliminated right off the bat after looking like jackasses screaming at a donkey. Nate and Jennifer suffered similarly, but made it in ahead of the other two, to save from being eliminated. They could become the new team we love to hate, as they weren’t exactly pleasant to be around. The other surprise was that the Goth couple were many people’s favorites and did better than anyone would have given them credit for beforehand.

Leaving first from Connemara Heritage Center in Ireland will be siblings Azaria and Hendekea, at 12 AM. They receive a clue to fly to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where they will travel by train to Amsterdam Central Station. The teams will then search through canals to find a bridge with their next clue. Hendekea wants to prove something to Azaria, as he’s always pushing her, and already he’s questioning her directions.

The Goth Couple, Kynt and Vyxsin, leave at 12:08 AM, and he says he can’t wait to get to Amsterdam, as he knows they’ll love him and Vyxsin. He knows that playing this game, nine times out of ten you’re in the dark, and usually, the dark is he and Vyxsin’s favorite place to be. TK and Rachel leave seven minutes later, with him saying his relationship with her is way more important than the Race is going to be. They’ll be going to places they’ve never been before so why not enjoy it at the same time? She thinks it’s going to “be bitchin’.”

Leaving exactly an hour later are Lorena and Jason. She says they’re calm and composed, then asks why he’s laughing. He explains he’s waiting until they make a wrong turn, and explains the challenges are designed to get them connecting, and he hopes they do. Grandpa Don and Nick leave at 1:35 AM, and Nick says he’d never yell at his grandpa. But … he has an attitude sometimes of going slowly, and that drives Nick insane, as he’s mad at him now for driving under the speed limit.

Shana and Jennifer leave at 1:57 AM, and complain about not being able to see at night, and Shana says the Race is a shock to her system, as she clearly hasn’t had a facial or manicure, but it’s even tougher than that! Jennifer can’t figure out how to make her brights stay on, saying she’s going to have to hold onto them the whole way. She wonders if she’s just an idiot, and Shana points out she asks that question a lot.

As Nick and Grandpa Don are getting a flat tire, Ron and his daughter, Christina, are leaving at 2:46 AM. She thinks they’re learning to work out the kinks in their relationship, and when she forgets her fanny pack, he warns her not to do it again. Following behind them are Kate and Pat, just one minute later. They are religious people, but Kate says they have no illusions that God cares whether or not they win. At least they have it in perspective.

Shana and Jennifer pass by Nick and Grandpa Don working on the flat tire. Shana explains if they looked injured, they’d stop, but they don’t want them to win the Race. Marianna and Julia leave at 2:59 AM, and Nathan and Jennifer leave last at 3:00 AM. He calls them very competitive, saying he loves that she keeps him on his A game all the time. She knows it’s a wakeup call for them being last and says it’s all like Donkey Kong from here. That’s right; watch out for that barrel.

Marianna and Julia make a turn, but Nate and Jennifer don’t turn, saying they researched it, and know they’re okay going straight. The sisters decide just to go the trusted route, not being extremely worried that they’re not finding what they expected. Azaria and Hendekea arrive at the airport, and the Goth Couple are right behind them. Hendekea says Kynt runs around like he’s on speed, with some serious adrenalin, so she knows she needs to keep her eye on them.

These two teams make it into the airport, and hope the lines to buy tickets will open up before the other teams get there. Lorena and Jason, and TK and Rachel join them waiting, while Kate and Pat see Ronald and Christina go into a hotel, and follow them in there. It turns out the father and daughter team are booking tickets on the internet. Ron hurries his daughter to leave and asks if she has her fanny pack. Pat thinks he was a little hard on Christina. Nate and Jennifer arrive at the airport, hoping to catch up to the others, and also hope to find out that they beat the sisters there.

While Nate and Jennifer are last in line, they’re right behind everyone else. Azaria and Hendekea get their tickets to the preferred flight, and find lots of seats on the first flight to Dublin, but only 12 seats left from Dublin to Amsterdam. The Goth couple, Lorena and Jason, and TK and Rachel all get tickets. They see Ron and Christina show up, and Kate and Pat are arriving right behind them. Kate says Pat has survived cancer, and is very solid in her being. They may not be the fastest, but they will be the smartest.

Shane and Jennifer get the same tickets as the other teams, and there are only two seats remaining. Nate and Jennifer get tickets on the flight as well, but Nick and Grandpa Don miss out, because of their flat tire. Ron and Christina and Kate and Pat miss out as well Those three couples will be on standby for that second flight. The only team to not make it on the first flight are Marianna and Julia who arrive at 6:50 for the 7:00 flight.

That first flight arrives in Dublin, and there’s a race to the standby counter. Nick and Grandpa Don arrive first but are told to wait. Ron and Christmas make it next, and the two teams go back and forth. Christina overhears the ticketing agent say that Nick and his grandpa are rude.

Ron wants to attack them for it, and Christina tries to stop him. He starts talking bout bad energy, and she interrupts, saying the agents will want to help them more if they are nice. Ron explains Grandpa Don is the good cop, and Nick is the bad cop. Nick asks “Sir,” if he can explain, and Ron says he understood perfectly, as he cleaned the wax out of his ears the day before. Nick thinks Ron snaps, so he decides just to let it go. He is a little high strung today.


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