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The Amazing Race, November 4th – Unliked by Other Teams and Donkeys

With more teams leading their donkeys now, some teams seem to struggle, while others do well. It seems the human/donkey teams that are struggling are the ones where we struggle to determine which one is the ass. Nathan and Jennifer’s donkey doesn’t seem to want to move at all, and Ari threatens his and Stealla’s donkey, saying if he makes them lose, he’ll cut the donkey up and eat him. Nathan begins yelling at his donkey as well, and Jennifer’s tells him not to get like that. Apparently donkeys are pretty good judges of character.

TK and Rachel retain their lead and bring their donkey back to the farm entrance first, receiving the next clue, which tells them to drive 13 miles to the Connemara Heritage Center, the first pit stop in this season’s race. Azaria and Hendekea aren’t too far behind, and neither are the Goth couple. Both of these teams take the lead as TK and Rachel take a wrong turn. It’s siblings Azaria and Hendekea that are first on the mat to greet Phil at the Heritage Center, winning a trip from Travelocity (nice to see they’re still a sponsor) to Alberta, Canada. Azaria gives a lot of credit to Hendekea, saying if you look at how small she is, you don’t see the “tiger within.”

The Goth couple reach the mat in second place, and TK and Rachel take third. Ari and Staella are still struggling with their donkey and try bribing it with some hay, which works as well as yelling at him. They’re passed up by Nick and Grandpa Don. Ron and Christina pass them as well, and she says she’s surprised to see how they’re treating the donkey, as they have souls too. Well, since they’ve already stolen your cab and high-fived each other; I’m pretty sure ethics aren’t big on their list to begin with. Everyone else passes Ari and Staella as well, who still have yet to move at all.

Lorena and Jason reach the pit stop and finish in fourth place, with Nick and Grandpa Don coming in fifth. Nathan and Jennifer still struggle with their donkey, and all the teams pass them as well. After Shana and Jennifer, Kate and Pat, Ron and Christina, and Marianna and Julia all reach the pit stop, Nathan and Jennifer try a last ditch effort, pushing the donkey to the entrance, which helps. Ari and Stealla try the same tactic, and it still it doesn’t work for them.

Eventually Nathan and Jennifer make it to the pit stop to claim tenth place, leaving the last place finish and the team eliminated Ari and Stealla. He has the quote of the night, going back to stealing the taxi from Ron and Christina, saying that “Karma came back and bit us in the ass.” Stealla says that he was great throughout the whole race (all two days?) and was her rock. He really pushed her along in the race to win it, and she recalls that as a good feeling. (Again, all in a matter of days?) She thinks it brought them even closer.

It’s kind of different to have the frontrunner for the most dislikable pair to be gone the first week. Usually they’re around for quite awhile as people say each week they sure hope so-and-so and so-and-so are gone this week, then watch the end of the show, frustrated they have to put up with them for another week. It has to make you wonder if that means we just have to have someone that’s unlikable, and we’ll find someone to dislike that isn’t really that bad, just because we have to have a team to root against. I can’t think of another team yet, though, that fits that bill that I’m wishing will lose next week. How could CBS have the audacity to put together such a likable cast?

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