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The Amazing Race, November 4th – Unliked by Other Teams and Donkeys

Nathan and Jennifer hit the Park ‘n Fly and see Lorena and Jason in front of them. They’re team numbers 1 and 2 right now. Ron and Christina are in third place, but Kate and Pat go the right way and pass by them. Shana and Jennifer are right behind as Ron and Christina fall further behind.

Lorena and Jason are the first to book tickets on the British Airways flight, while the sibling teams of Marianna and Julia and Azaria and Henna make it onto the shuttle together. Waiting for the next shuttle are Nick and Donald, while Nathan and Jennifer run in to book tickets right after Lorena and Jason, high fiving with them, but Shana and Jennifer swoop in in front of them acquiring the British Airways tickets, followed by Kate and Pat. Nathan and Jennifer find it’s booked, but do get tickets. Marianna and Julia get on the same flight, but Azaria and Hendekea are denied. Not good news for them or Donald and Nick who are right behind them in line.

Hendekea calls herself and Azaria over-achievers, and they aren’t happy to have missed the flight. They find someone with a laptop to search for the next route marker, and Ron and Christina join in. Christina says they have a family bond just like the brother and sister team, so it seems like there’s an alliance forming here. All the teams that missed the first flight catch the next flight headed to Ireland.

The teams on the first flight find that their connecting flight in London is delayed, but the second flight is on time, making the second flight actually arrive first. The family bond alliance had reserved two taxis, but Ari and Staella steal one and take off. The driver realizes he picked up the wrong team, while they high-five in the back. Yeah, she was right. They won’t be well-liked to be starting this stuff so early.

The teams are no on their way to a Ferry Port to take a ferry to Inishmore Island. They’ll need to find a 10th Century ruin, Teampall Bheanain, considered the smallest church in the world, and sign up for one of three ferries leaving he next morning. Christina thanks their new driver, while TK and Rachel wait for another. They find Marianna and Julia coming off the flight that would have been first, and Nathan and Jennifer, catching a taxi, say it sucks to know they landed after the other flight, meaning there are at least six teams in front of them. In one of those beautiful karma type of things, Ron and Christina’s taxi passes the stealers of their cab.

At the Ferry Port, the family bond alliance meet up, very happy, and Ron confronts Ari and Stealla for taking their cab. Hey, don’t mess with the old guy! All teams meet up here and end up catching the ferry at the same time. Kate calls The Amazing Race a love letter to the planet, saying the beauty of this art comes from God, and they get a chance to hopscotch around it. She considers it a gift, and I’m just hoping she’ll feel that same way after another three or four legs of this Race.

The teams quickly ask for directions to the Teampall Bheanain, and have to hike to it in the cold, dark, rain. Kynt and Vyxsin encourage themselves, saying when it comes to tenacity, they’re like little gothic Energizer bunnies. Things aren’t so sunny with Nathan and Jennifer, as he calls her the worst person he has ever met, with her struggling to sprint while carrying her pack. He compares her to the others girls there, and she gets upset asking if she wants to spend the rest of her life with someone like that. Put it this way … if it’s like that now before you even get married …

Ron and Christina make a wrong turn on their hike, but Lorena and Jason, are the first to make it there, followed by TK and Rachel and Kynt and Vyxsin, calling themselves the bitch-ass Goth kids. They all get the first ferry the next morning. Catching the second ferry will be Ari and Staella, Nathan and Jennifer, Azaria and Hendekea. Shana and Jennifer make the last ferry, but Donald slips on the slippery rocks and appears to twist his ankle. Shana and Jennifer stop to help him, while Kate and Pat, Marianna and Julia get the last ferry, followed by Nick and and a recovered Grandpa Don, and Ronald and Christina. Ron calls it a wakeup call that they need to do something better.

Staying in what appears to be a lodge for the evening, Christina says she’s impressed with other teams like the goth couple and Azaria and Hendekea who gave up a bed for them. Jennifer says she’s feeling awful and wants to cry about catching the last ferry with teammate Shana.

The next morning, the teams prepare to catch the three different ferries. They’ll head back to the mainland for another clue. Their clues give them marked cars to drive themselves 42 miles to Cleggan Farm where they’ll ride tandem bikes along muddy trails. Lorena and Jason take off in first place in their marked car, followed by the Goth couple, and TK and Rachel. Lorena gets upset, acknowledging her emotional state is her weakness, because they lose the other teams and she doesn’t think they have the right directions, although Jason does. They stop for directions, and she ends up being right that they were going the wrong way. She tells him she thinks they’re not communicating well.

TK and Rachel and the Goth couple arrive at the Cleggan Farm first, and begin riding their tandem bikes. The Goth couple’s chain breaks on their bike, allowing TK and Rachel to take quite a lead. Reaching the next clue, they find this season’s first Roadblock, telling them one member of each team will have to ride a bike on a high wire in a ravine on the North Atlantic. The other partner will get a ride from them eight feet below. It will be TK on the bike, and he seems to be really enjoying himself until fear sets in, saying the swaying bike is going to scare you no matter who you are.

As TK and Rachel finally arrive at the other end of the 200 feet wire, they receive another clue, telling them to choose a donkey and fill the baskets up with 15 pieces of peat, then walk with the donkey back to the entrance. Hopefully Staella won’t get confused when she gets there and choose the wrong ass. Once they finish filling up their basket, the Goth couple and Nathan and Jennifer reach the other end of the high wire as well, and the next group to arrive are Azaria and Hendekea.


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