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The Amazing Race, November 4th – Unliked by Other Teams and Donkeys

It was a joyful day when they announced The Amazing Race would be starting up again tonight. Originally, it wasn’t on the fall schedule, leaving me very perplexed, then I read it wasn’t due to be on again until 2008. Luckily, the other CBS programming didn’t fare so well, leaving a gap for The Amazing Race to fit into perfectly. Hopefully CBS has learned their lesson and won’t mess with The Amazing Race and their fans again, seeing that we’ve been so faithful to follow our show to nearly every different day of the week. We’ll watch it whenever it’s on. Just put it on.

Just to make it the most different season of the show so far, tonight the teams are starting from the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California, being driven there in classic convertible cars. They eleven teams are:

Marianna and Julia, sisters from Miami, Florida. Julia believes she and her sister have the heart and soul of a soldier. They’ll use every advantage of having the good looks of a woman and the competitiveness and aggressiveness of a man.

Ronald and Christina, father and daughter from Tacoma, Washington. When she was growing up, he was traveling a lot, and she is excited now to get to know her dad better. With him being 60 years old, she wants to treasure every day they have left together.

Kynt and Vyxsin, a dating goth couple from Louisville, Kentucky. He says goth is a celebration of beauty and art, along with a darker edge. She calls it hot, as he says they’re like real-life cartoon characters, with every day being Halloween.

Nicolas and Donald, an airline pilot grandson and his grandpa. Donald feels it’s a tremendous accomplishment for Nick to be an airline pilot at the young age of 23. Nick says Don’s not the typical grandfather, swearing a lot and talking about girls inappropriately, but that’s why he loves him.

Nathan and Jennifer, dating two years from Huntington Beach, California. She says they’ve had trust issues with him being unfaithful and breaking her heart. He admits it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life, and he will be trying to prove to her how much he loves her.

Azaria and Hendekea, siblings from New Orleans, Louisiana. Both are engineers, and he feels they have an advantage, being that they are both more intelligent and physically fit. She knows he’s going to want to dominate, and she makes good decisions. She just needs to listen to her own decisions.

Lorena and Jason, dating from Los Angeles, California. She’s waiting for a larger commitment than just living together, after being together for three years. He doesn’t know if marriage is the way for him to go and always feels like he has a foot out the door.

Kate and Pat, lesbian ministers. Kate says first being a lesbian couple, then also being clergy, it definitely causes people’s eyebrows to raise. Pat doesn’t feel they’re wimps for Jesus, and we shouldn’t be waiting for them to stand back and open doors for people, allowing the others to take the first cab to come along.

Ari and Stealla, best friends and coworkers. He feels she’s more of a goody-two-shoes, but he’ll do absolutely anything to win. He’ll backstab you one hundred different ways. Karma’s a bitch, but he feels he’s an even bigger bitch.

Shana and Jennifer, friends from Los Angeles, California. Shana says they will flirt their way through their competition, using their bodies any way they need to. If someone is standing between them and a million dollar shopping spree, they’ll knock them down.

TK and Rachel, newly dating from Southern California. He says for him it’s been love at first sight, being completely enamored with her. She feels she already knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. This one spells trouble.

The teams are promised eleven legs of the race with eight elimination points. They’re no longer taking personal belongings away or making them marked for elimination, supposedly, so I wonder what they’re doing now. Phil says go, and the teams run to their backpacks and clues. Do you think Phil will now head into the Playboy mansion for awhile?

The teams are all headed for Shannon, Ireland, and need to grab the marked SUVs lined up in Hef’s driveway. For some reason, Marianna and Julia are more intent on getting the silver SUV than anything else. All SUVs are parallel parked, so they sit and honk at whichever team is in front, while it’s not clear who’s holding them up. It turns out it’s Nick and David that they’re all waiting for. Perhaps Nick was waiting for the air traffic controller to give him the go-ahead.

Nick mentions not being from California, so he doesn’t know where he’s going. His grandpa says he’s always watched the Race and would shoot off his mouth about what everyone should be doing. Azaria and Hendekea are in second placed and argue over left and right. They go left, although the others are going right. Ari and Staella go right as well as TK and Rachel. Staella thinks they won’t be making a lot of friends because of Ari, always telling it like it is. Kynt and Vyxsin, the goth couple go to the right as well, and Lorena and Jason are having no problems, being from Los Angeles, with her admitting he’s much more calm than she is. Julia, driving, says they’re gong the wrong way, and says she can be loud, but she loves her, because she’s her sister. Nathan and Jennifer are one of the few teams to make a left turn.

Azaria fears most Hendekea not being ready and causing him to blow a gasket. Lorena tells Jason as he makes the turn that she loves him and is so grateful. Great. Nathan and Jennifer are following them, and Kate and Pat are following Lorena and Jason. With Ron and Christina, in fourth place, she says she’s her dad’s youngest child, and with him always treating her like the little one, she’s looking forward to getting to know him as an equal. This is said while he is being a back seat driver. Shana is just excited to go to Ireland, being Irish. Nick and Grandpa Don stop to get directions, and when they turn around, Marianna and Julia decide to follow them, while Staella decides they should get in front of them. Donald says they’re shooting for British Airway, although there isn’t many seats. Azaria and Hendekea stop and ask for directions while he makes a comment about women and directions. They went the wrong way and have to turn around.


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