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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 17th – Proving It's Thicker Than Water

Now it’s time for Funny Mannerisms. For Kail it would be not talking or smiling, Jameka “Mmm Hmm,” Eric the crazy eye thing, Carol her walk, Amber the duck walk, Joe t he lobster claws, Jen the eye flutter, Dustin the way he moves his mouth, Mike the look he had when he was surprised, and Zach raising his eyebrows. Please be done with this game.

Not yet! Here’s the crazy ways they would kill all the HGs, and this proves to me they have been in the house far too long. Kail would get talked to death, and Jameka would get sound with magic ping pong balls. Okay, this list is much more interesting. Nick would be stoned with the tether ball or would be drowned in the hot tub. They would dance on Carol’s face to her death, and Amber would drown in her own tears. Joe would go nuts when they sewed his mouth shut, and Jen would have to eat slop for Th. rest of her life. Dustin would get hung with his cape, and Jess would die in her sleep. Mike would die of too much protein, and Zach asphyxiated with panties. Can you imagine the CSI checking out some of the these?

Dani goes to bed around 6 AM, and we get the last Dick at Nite show. He says he’s been having a great time here with his daughter, and her mood is better now. He admits to being mean to people, and thinks it’s great to make it to final 2 despite that. The best part was winning the last comp. He knows he’ll have fun on the messages boards. Come visit us at RS, Dick! We’d love to have you! He wonders, though, if he’s the biggest asshole on TV since Richard Hatch, and acknowledges the biggest part of his and Dani’s game was trust. Dick still says he had the hardest game. He finally signs off and goes to bed.

And this is me signing off as well. What did we learn this year on the show? We learned blood is thicker than water, even the people haven’t been close for a couple of years. There was supposed to be a lesson, I’m sure, of good vs. evil, but I think that boils down to perspective. I see Dick as Evel, but not evil. I see the people that are mean to you behind your back as being more evil. And tonight, the other thirteen HGs will learn about America’s Player. I can’t wait to see how that goes down. Signing off for the winter. Check us out again next July for BB9. Or, stick around and read our recaps of other shows. It’s a long way to Tipperary …

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