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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 17th – Proving It's Thicker Than Water

It’s definitely with a heavy heart today that I’m writing my last BB 8 recap. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve kind of been wishing for today for the last few weeks, but that’s only because it’s time to be done. I’m ready to get back to other things in my day, or so I think. I think I am, but then again, it’s hard not to have people in your life every day for three months, then not think about them every day when they’re gone just like that. Three months ago I didn’t know who the Donatos were, the Gonorrhea Boys were, the Ogre, Whamber, America’s Player, etc., but now I feel like I know them as well as I know my own children. Yet, it’s time to be say goodbye. It’s been a good season, and it also happens to be the first time that my favorite made it to the final 2, since I’ve had the live feeds. Yep, I’m singing the It’s a Long Way From Tipperary song right now, just like at the end of Mary Tyler Moore.

Dani is the first awake today and heads outside to lay out, because of lockdowns tomorrow, it could be the last day for it. After a few hours of laying out, she hits the showers. Dick wakes up and says something about it being the last day, and Dani says thank goodness, as they’ll actually get to see people the like, good people, again … like Amber. Ba-dum-ssssh! Dani can’t wait to see animals again, saying she likes to go to Peptic to pet them every week. Dick acknowledges she does love animals, and she adds they love her.

Since their lives have revolved around nothing but each other and the other 12 HGs, they can’t seem to think or talk about anything else. I know the feeling. Dani wonders what Joe thinks of Jess now after seeing her on the show after he left. Dani colors Dick’s hair for him, and I have to wonder why she isn’t taking care of those roots of hers. When Dani sees Amber’s boyfriend at the wrap party, she wants to tell him she’s glad he’s at the wrap party and that Amber hasn’t pooped all summer. I’m sure he won’t mind one way or another, but is probably just oh so thrilled with having that story told over and over this summer.

Dick can’t wait to talk to Vincent and find out when he wrote that coded letter for him. For some reason Dani mentions having to know 14 different kids of lettuce at one of the restaurants where she worked, and Dick says he had to know 20 types of teas at a place he worked. Has she ever realized that despite the fact she despises the fact that he’s her father he’s followed her career path? Dick talks about hating Amber referring to Dustin as Poppy, and Dani doesn’t remember this, but figures she was busy in the gym being “trained” by Zach, which of course makes both her and her dad nearly double over in laugher.

Dani heads to the SR and is very excited to find out they have new candy bars in there. Dick suggests they pull a Zach and try to steal things to take with them. Apparently Zach wanted to take the shower heads or something. They joke that maybe the coup de tat will be tomorrow, and Dani will be able to overthrow dick to win the game. He bemoans having to wear the plastic on his head, and Dani recalls Jameka using a tampon for the first time, and inserting the applicator part of it as well. She asked why the “penis” was sticking out of her. I’m sorry for including that disgusting tidbit, but it’s really funny!

The final two discuss their favorite comps and like the pasta one, butter me up, pong, and Janelle-o-vision. They agree Eric was a big over-exaggerator when it cameos to the comps. He complained after the fish bowl that his back was hurt, but was fine the next day. Dick asks if he should pour tea over Jen’s head at the wrap party. Now, that’s a storyline I’d love to see rehashed. Dick remembers being on the block in week 2, and Dani tells him Nick would have never voted him him, but Dick thinks it’s because of her that he wouldn’t. Dick remembers Kail talking about his picture with the “Rick Springfield look,” and this causes him to start name-dropping, as he’s prone to do. He mention Lindsay Lohan and her troubles, and wonders what stars have gone into jail since they went into the house. Let’s see. We’ve got Michael Vick and OJ.

Dani mentions Kail being in the same final cuts group for BB that she was, and Dick once again wonders what BB saw in her to cast her and hold onto her for three years to get her on. Maybe it was all a setup since they were also holding onto him, and knew those two were diabolical opposites. Dick and Dani also figure Eric has been trying for a number of times to get on as well. Dick calls Jen a skink and Dani brings up Jen’s memory wall pic and thinks it’s funny that one of her silicone boobs was hanging out a little bit.

If Julie comes on tomorrow and tells the final two that as a special surprise, the season is starting all over again, Dani says she will kill herself. Dick, probably right on the money, predicts they would get evicted first this time. Dick hops in the shower to rinse off the hair color, then remembers his clothes are in the dryer. Oops! Dani is looking a little too forward to tomorrow as she scream out, “Freedom!” Dick thanks the people in the walls for allowing him to do his hair one last time, then heads out to play some solitaire.

Dick and Dani both take naps, and are then ordered outside for a lockdown. Dani thinks she read somewhere that the people that get the live feeds have their paid time expire a week ahead. Huh? What kind of a crappy plan are they getting? Dick says he thought people just paid like $40 for the whole time, but Dani argues they get a certain amount of days, but then it expires. yeah, but not a week before, unless you signed up at a time that would make it expire then and you choose not to pay for the final month. If you choose to pay a little more, you can watch some bits of the wrap party then watch the season all over again.

Noting that it’s 7 o’clock, Dick says Vincent’s home, so tells him to bring his Mac and a phone charger. Ah, a guy after my own heart. That’s what I’d want too. Dani tells him to bring her gum, as she doesn’t have any money. Well, you’ll have at least $50,000 tomorrow. How much does gum go for there in California? Dick asks for his cheetah jacket, and tells Dani he has like $110 with his stuff, so he’ll buy her some gum. “Who wants gum?” “I do. I do.”


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